Monday, December 31, 2007

Never Blog on an Empty Stomach

I know we have all heard the tip about not shopping on an empty stomach, after visiting Food Network Musings, I must now add never blog on an empty stomach to that rule. I have to say just visiting the site for a review had made me extremely hungry. It is full of delightful recipes complete with pictures of foods that would make Ghandi end his hunger strike. This one site will be the cause of me gaining ten pounds tonight alone. Thank God that tomorrow is January 1st and I can then make a resolution to diet, or at least one to never blog hungry again.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Guide to Web Hosting Sites

I was just checking out in the event that I do buy a domain name and I was very impressed with what they could do to make my search easier. Instead of having to visit many different sites and peruse what was being offered by each, I was able to simply input my requirements in a host and what I am willing to spend each month and then simply click on the search bar and up popped a list of web host providers with all the data I needed to know such as cost per year, amount of storage, and even a web host rating. Their web hosting directory is beneficial to myself and probably many of you so before you sign on with the first web host you find, why not try Web Hosting Choice and see what they can do for you.

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Win An Ipod and More

Lets face it, we all like to win. It is ingrained someplace in the human DNA to like to win and although I am not holding a contest myself, I am going to tell you about a blog that will lead you on your quest for prizes. Over at A.B.C., you can read about all the latest and greatest contests that enter the blogosphere. From Ipods to free domain hosting, this blog covers it all. The blog itself has a very good theme and looks really professional making it so easy to check out prizes, deadlines for entering the contests, and instruction on what steps you must take to enter each contest. I encourage everyone to go check it out and enter all of the available contests and remember, if you win and don't want the prize you could always send it my way for referring you to this great blog.

Monetize with PayPerPost

Just because I give free blog reviews does not mean that I too wouldn't like to make a little money from blogging so as of today I am signed up and approved for PayPerPost. For anyone that has been living in the dark ages and has no idea what PayPerPost is, I will attempt to explain. It is where bloggers can sign up for and get paid to post about certain affiliates and in exchange the blogger will be paid a pre-set price. I heard about PayPerPost when I asked other bloggers around the blogosphere what steps they were doing to monetize their sites. Almost ever one of them mentioned PayPerPost. I hope to be able to make a little extra money through these postings. I will still be providing free blog reviews but every so often you will see a post that is strictly designed to make me money. I will try to limit these to stay in the true sense of my blog. Maybe I will eventually use some of my earnings to get paid hosting and my own domain name, or I may let it accumulate and hold a contest for my RSS subscribers. Either way I recommend any other bloggers that want to monetize their sites to check out PayPerPost, after all you're gonna post anyway, you may as well get paid for your trouble.


Friday, December 28, 2007

Biker Babes

I was asked to review Biker Chickz Blog and as soon as I saw it I was impressed. This blog is well written and had some awesome pictures to compliment the posts. This blog really hit home for me as my brother works at Rt. 17 Motorcycle Accessories in Portsmouth,Va and I have seen the very birth of that shop. I have gotten to personally meet Dana Doench, a top female Bike Builder that is a tomboy at heart but a real lady in the class department. It wasn't until that day that I knew females even built bikes but as any reader of Biker Chickz Blog can easily see, being a Biker is no longer a male thing. Anyone that has ever ridden or wanted to ride will enjoy this blog, male or female.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas in Poland

I just read a very good post over at Himalman's Weblog that tells of what a Polish Christmas is like. I myself have never been to Poland but I did have the great fortune of working with many Polish people a few years back and I remember eating the traditional dish of bigos at Christmas time with them. It is made with Polish Sausage and saurkraut and is extremely good. Forget every Polish joke you have ever heard, I have met many Polish people and have yet to meet one that isn't fluent in at least 4 languages, that says a lot of the level of their intelligence and the ones I met were also some of the hardest workers I have ever seen. Just visiting this blog brought back many great memories for me. Jola, Kristoff, and Babishka...Happy Holidays wherever you are.

Politics and Blogging

The next blog I have been asked to review presents a challenge to me. It is and it is very political in my viewpoint. The blog is nicely laid out with interesting articles however it does not suit my personal choice as what I myself would want to blog about. The problem I see is that with politics as your niche, you end up alienating a large portion of your audience. I will not use this opportunity to voice my own personal political beliefs as I feel mine are no better than anyones. As I said there are interesting posts at the blog and I will allow you, my readers,to visit it and form your own opinions.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Optimize Your Adsense Revenue

I was over at arieshu and found a very well written post on Optimizing Your Adsense Revenue. Since I use Adsense in my own futile way to monetize this site, it caught my attention. After reading it I decided I should at least give some of this a try and hopefully I will start to see an increase in revenue coming from Adsense. Hey I gotta make extra money somehow, don't I? Anyone interested in reading the post should check it out and if anyone has any other useful ideas for me, please share.

Gadgets - You Gotta Love Them

I found this next blog to be one of those that I not only have to review, I have to subscribe too! It is and it is amazing from start to finish. From the interesting pictures of the portable helicopter to the retro look of the Pac Man hoodie to everything in between, this blog has something to interest everybody.The site is very easy to navigate with good link descriptions to help you find something to really catch your interest. I look forward to future posts coming out of this blog.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Add Captions to Normal Images

As anyone that views my blog can clearly see, I myself am not real big on adding images as they often play no part in a blog review however I do have friends with web sites that are what I refer to as image heavy. Recently, while visiting a friend I had noticed he had uploaded some pictures he had taken of his family on vacation that he had added cartoon like captions to. I was amazed because they really turned out great so I asked him to explain how he had done it. It was then that I first heard of The Bubblenator, a site that is designed to take all the work out of adding captions to your pictures. The site even allows you to choose whether to use speech bubbles or thought bubbles like you sometimes see in the comics section of the newspaper or even in comic books and it allows you to add up to three different bubbles to each picture. The possibilities are almost endless as you could use this for your own web site or with a little imagination, you could do as my wife did when I showed her the site. She added captions to our Christmas card photo and made really custom Christmas cards for all of our friends and family. I am sure she will think of many other uses as well and she has bookmarked The Bubblenator for future use.

Own or Buying a Laptop? Read This.

I have often thought of buying myself a laptop for the portability of it, my sister has one and loves hers of course the city she lives in provides free wireless internet to anyone living within range of the towers they recently erected.As with any purchase I make, I do my research beforehand to insure I will be buying quality. That is where comes in. This blog is a whole resource of knowledge on laptops and a must read for anyone that owns or is considering purchasing one. The blog is professionally laid out with many interesting posts about everything you could possibly want to know about Laptops and what some of the newer features are. I'm still not committed to buying mine just yet but I do know where to turn before I purchase.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Are You a Good Blogger?

The next blog up for review is The Interactive Blogger, one post in particular really grabbed my attention and make me think about whether or not I am a good blogger. That post is titled 16 Things You Need to be a good Blogger and as I read it I realized it could also be titled 16 Things You Need to be a Good Businessman as the same principles apply. I am sure these same 16 things could be applied to other things besides blogging and running a business as well. All in all, the site is very nice with informative articles and I do recommend bloggers and businessmen alike to visit it.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Find the Perfect Apartment or Home

As this year draws to a close, I am preparing to move from one city to the next due to wanting a bigger place. I started looking online at several different realty sites and was just running into brick walls everyplace. Then I found The Real Estate Hunters and within a day I had located a place my wife and myself could not only afford but had everything we were looking for. Whether you are looking to rent or to buy I would highly recommend The Real Estate Hunters as a way of taking all the work out of finding your next apartment or home.

Wall Street Dollars

Prince of Wall Street is a blog being posted by a junior investment banker. It deals with the day to day workings of the financial world and offers some very sound advice from an expert in the game. I have often thought about the stock market trade and I know that when the time comes for me to start buying and selling I will want to be as knowledgeable as possible so I will read everything I can find before making any decisions that could affect my money. I believe this blog to be an excellent source of information for both the people wishing to dabble in the market as well as the hardcore investors.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Free Business Education

The only thing I regret about being a small business owner is that I have no formal business education, does that stop me? No, however I am sure it does slow me down and gives me a disadvantage not shared by many of my competitors. At Education Portal I was able to find a very interesting post that told me of 10 Places to Get a Free Business Education Online. I not only find this information extremely useful but also found this site extremely professional and think anyone wanting to further their education,even in the non-business environment,should stop in for a visit.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Free Blog Reviews

I have been unable to post in the last few weeks as I had workers out with the flu and had to step in and get jobs done. I will resume posting free blog reviews tomorrow. Interested bloggers should comment below so that I may find your blogs.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Improve Your Business

I am always willing to listen to anyone that can give me tips on how to grow my small business larger so it was a delight to stumble upon this next blog offering me Ten Smart Moves to Improve Your Business. I read the list carefully and have to admit that they all seem to be very good advice and I will be institutionalizing these into my own business with hopes that they succeed. As it stands now, I'm not doing too shabby however I am willing to try new ideas to do even better. I welcome comments from anyone that can offer additional business advice as well and I will gladly help mentor anyone that might be considering starting their own business.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Cheap Scrub Set

Christmas is getting closer and I have decided to do most,if not all of my shopping this year online. I have been against doing this in the past due to wanting to protect my personal information however I just can not face standing in lines this year. I actually came to this decision when attempting to find a present for my niece who is currently in college studying to become a nurse. I wanted to get her something useful so I found scrubs at a very cheap price, something that won't break my wallet yet shows I put some thought into her gift.

These scrubs are the perfect gift and prices are really low compared to what she has been having to pay. Starting at just $9.99 per set and ranging in sizes from x-small to xxx large with 21 optional colors, these scrubs make a great gift for anyone in the medical field as well as anyone that just likes the comfort factor that comes with them. Now I am actually considering getting myself a set as well to sleep in or even just to sit at my computer and blog. Whatever your reason for purchasing scrubs, you will not go wrong by stopping in

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Start Your Own Business

In February of this year I decided I had worked too many years trying to make someone else rich and decided to start my own business. I spent the next 3 months almost starving as I tried to figure out what I was doing wrong, I had started a service related business that other companies in my area were turning a good profit at so what were they doing that was different than myself? One day as I was contemplating closing down, I received a call and instantly things clicked, I had been targeting too broad a range of potential clients while ignoring the one area that I could really make some money in. Since that day, I have watched my business expand by leaps and bounds. Over at EISAX you can read about over 100 service related businesses you can start. The odds are against new businesses but I am proof that if you stick with it and learn to recognize your strengths, weaknesses, and opportunity when it knocks, the world is yours. You are only limited by your own mind.

Improve Your Credit Score

The Better Credit Blog is a must read for anyone wanting to better understand FICO Scores and little things we as consumers can do to improve our credit ratings. It is a wealth of information that I wish I had ten years ago and am very thankful I have now. Most people fail to realize that each time someone runs a credit check on them, their FICO score is penalized points and that repeated checks over an extended period of time can actually hurt even the most stable of bill payers that never miss a payment. This blog is even awesome enough to offer advice on how and when to renegotiate credit limits and interest rates. I would urge you to read this blog whether you already have credit or even if you are just thinking of applying for credit in the future. Through the simple act of learning all that you can in advance, you are better preparing for your own financial future.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Caroline Middlebrook-A Blogging Success Story

This next blog I am reviewing is Caroline is a blogger that has taken to blogging like a duck to water. It seems as if one day she wasn't there at all and the next she was everyplace. Caroline has really embraced and mastered the art of drawing traffic to her blog and makes it all look easy. Caroline posts are very informative and over all a good read. I recommend her blog to anyone that seriously wants to see what a professional blog looks like.

25 Ways to Help Secure Your Financial Future

Money...that one word, five simple letters, is the difference between retiring to the Bahamas and working until the day you die. I myself have started looking at money more seriously as I grow older and wish I had the mindset at 18 as I do now at 37. At 18 money didn't matter, if I spent it all, I could always get more when the next weeks pay came. Now, I have started focusing on saving for my future which led me to stumble upon 25 Ways I Save Money. This post was full of great advice for anyone trying to save a few pennies and believe me those pennies start adding up fast. All that is left to do is bank the money saved and watch it grow.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007 - The Latest People Search Engine

I found Spock quite by accident , that is to say I stumbled upon it. For anyone that has not heard of before,it is not the latest Star Trek related web site. It is a people search engine. Spock is easy to use and overall a fun interesting concept. Like any other search bar, you simply have to type in the desired name you wish to search for and click on search. Spock will then show you any web sites, social networks, pictures, or blogs that it finds associated with the name you entered. When I was testing it I did not know what to type in at first so I simply went for a search on Jessica Alba, what I got for my time was no less than ten additional links pertaining to my search and forty pictures. This was getting to be fun.

Spock is not designed solely for the well known public figures though. Anyone over the age of 13 can sign up for a free membership. Another great thing about Spock is that users can search for a persons name or just search a 'tag' word. The tags can be added by the person or by other Spock members. Members are allowed to voice opinions and have some control over pictures and tags associated with a person through a voting system that Spock has implemented. Although it is not technically classified as a social network, it does also have a messaging system implemented as well and as a blogger I do see potential for using Spock as a networking tool just as many people would Facebook. I myself had much fun just doing random searches using tags and I am going to list a few of them below. I am sure everyone here can come up with some rather interesting ones as well and I would love to hear about any really good ones you find. - shows people arrested for drunk driving - shows people who are scientologist's

I feel confident that will be a huge success in the future and I urge everyone to stop in, join and search, whether you are searching for a particular person or for random tags to see what comes up, I believe you will be as impressed as I was.

Is Better Credit In Your Future?

At some time or another we all face the task of having a random ,often unseen,person pull our credit report in order to see if we qualify for something, whether it is a new car, a new home, or even a job. For some this can be a scary event. That is why it is imperative that everyone learn as much about credit and how it affects you in your day to day dealings with life. The Better Credit Blog talks of mistakes the admin has made and offers tips for readers on how to avoid making the same mistakes. I found it to be a very well written blog that can be useful to almost anyone. As humans we are prone to make mistakes, it is only through these mistakes that we learn so why not read this blog and try to learn from someone else's mistakes, thus allowing yourself an upper hand the next time you have to apply for credit?

The Road to Riches - 25 Rules to Enhance Your Journey

Everything Finance is a wonderful blog offering some really great financial advice. I just came across these 25 Rules that could aid anyone on the road to riches. I myself tend to view every financial decision made as just a habit. Good financial habits can lead to riches and bad financial habits lead to bankruptcy. Nobody can make decisions for you but I do believe that if you really want to seek financial freedom, you should at least check out what others are doing to get there and implement any of their ideas that work into your own life. Remember, as long as you pay yourself first, you will never be broke.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Niche Blogging Tips

Niche Blogging seems to be the way many bloggers are headed now, finding their niche, learning all they can about it,posting like crazy and hoping for a good enough PR to attract traffic and ultimately money to their site. At Blogger Camp niche blogging is discussed in detail in the post titled 21 Essential Posts about Niche Blogging. It may seem like a bit to read and maybe it is if you try to read it all in one day, however the advice given is very useful and if you seriously want to make money from a niche blog, I would suggest doing your homework which starts with these articles. These 21 posts are very informative and may mean the difference between having a blog with a decent PR and having a blog with no traffic. I, myself have bookmarked it so that I can break down the reading into a few days. However you decide to do it, I wish everyone luck in their respective niches.

Is Now A Good Time to Invest in Real Estate?

Anyone that has heard of Home Flipping knows how lucrative the money can be and that a certain amount of risk is involved. Some people say with todays housing market being the way it is, only a fool would attempt to flip a home right now. Over at Barnett Associates , the story is different. They tell how to lower the risks involved and how to avoid many of the mistakes made by other novice home flippers. While they can not eliminate all risk, reading their tips may be just enough to help anyone with home flipping in mind succeed.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Attract More RSS Subscribers

We all want readers and RSS subscriptions make it easy but how do we get someone to make the step to subscribe? Sometimes it is not the things we do, it is the things we don't do such as keeping our blog reader friendly. Using a good font helps but sometimes blog clutter still makes our blogs look more like a child's finger painting that a Picasso. Skelliewag offers some really great Tips to Unclutter Your Blog. Readers that are trying to grow a larger audience should read them before they add that next widget or pop-up.

Monetization Mistakes

Have you ever landed on a blog that was more ads than blog? This very issue was discussed on in the post titled How NOT to monetize Your Blog. It offers readers a few suggestions as to when they are carrying their attempts to make a little extra cash too far and chasing potential return traffic away. It is an interesting read and brings some very valid points to the table. If you haven't already done so, I would suggest reading it to see if you are guilty of over monetizing. This and more great posts can be found at

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Make Fast Cash Flipping Domains

Everyone has heard of flipping homes for a profit but how many of us have ever heard of Domain Flipping? I hadn't until recently. The object is to buy a domain name, pimp out your new domain , drive traffic there and when it is at it's peak, sell it for a profit. It's not a bad idea really and you stand to make a lot of fast cash if you can learn the trade secrets involved in making an unknown domain a must buy. For anyone interested in learnng more about this skill, head on over to Bloggings of a Domain Flipper and study the tips given there. If anyone has any really great success doing this, please drop me a comment as I would love to pick your brain for trade secrets.

Monday, November 19, 2007

I Speak English - part 2

I just read the last comment left and I feel really bad having to reiterrate what I just posted a few days ago...I SPEAK ENGLISH! The only thing worse than the whole comment being in something other than English was that the commentor (provedorcrescenet) decided to spam his link more than a half dozen times disguised as anchor text. This does not amuse me nor will it help his rankings as I will be deleting the comment. I'm not sure what was even said but I believe he was talking bad about my momma. Once again I will ask that comments be in English, if I am asked to review a site, please insure that it is in English as well. I'm not trying to be an ass, I just really do not have time to learn a new language or search for online translators so to the non-English speakers out there I am sorry but it sux to be you.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Check Into Cash

At getting a payday loan could not have been made any easier. There is never a need to face the uncertainties a credit check can bring and the process can even be performed online. In order to receive a cash advance, an interested party must simply write a check including a small fee for the loan and then on payday they have the option of going back and picking the check up in person rather than having it sent to their bank for processing thus insuring their ability to keep private business private. All that is required is a photo I.D, proof of income and a current bank statement and with over one thousand two hundred and fifty centers nationwide,there is bound to be one near you. This form of getting a short term loan is very useful in case of emergencies such as unexpected travel plans, car difficulties, or whatever problems may arise in your day to day life. If you choose to take care of this online, thats o.k. too and Cash Advance can have funds deposited into your account the next business day and should you change your mind about getting the loan, you have until close of that business day to rescind the payday loan. In todays world where the unexpected can have you developing a migraine headache in no time, it is nice to have this as an option to alleviate some of your worries.

Six Steps To Blogging Success

I was just over at Make$ Money$ reading about the easy six steps to blogging success and I just had to come here and post about it. This blog is well written and contains some very useful information . It may not be what we as bloggers want to hear but it is probably as close to the truth as it comes when it concerns blogging for money. Before you go quitting your day job, head on over and check it out.

Blog Reviews

First I would like to say Thank You to My Radical Blogs for providing me with a blog review. I felt strange at first requesting it but I also knew that it would never be fair for me to review my own blog, not because I would not be truthful, but because I would have been so much harder on my site than the review I was given. I found this reviewer to be completely honest and I must say that I respect that. So once again, Thanks.

Now on to my review of My Radical Blogs. Like me, reviews are given freely for those requesting them so I appreciate the many hours of reading blogs and the lack of recognition a reviewer can be subjected to after working hard to insure the blogosphere is informed of the new blogs out there.

I found the site layout to be very nice and easy to navigate . There were no hover over ads to distract the reader as there are on this site and that was a definite plus. After viewing the layout, I will most likely be removing those ads here as well in an attempt to emulate the professionalism I found at this site. It may seem strange for a blog reviewer to recommend another blog review site, however I do not view this review site as competition but rather as a peer that deserves recognition for a very well thought out blog and some very good posts.

It is with all sincerity that I recommend anyone seeking an honest blog review to check out My Radical Blogs.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Angel Investor Funding For Your Start-Up Business

I myself am a business owner. I can tell you from first hand experience how hard it was for me when I first started out. I boot strapped everything, often robbing Peter to pay Paul. Since the early days of making mistakes, and boy did I make some, I have gained a nice client base and business is going very well. Next Year I should be able to double if not triple my profits which in this, the first year alone, has made me more money than any job I have ever worked. Now I find a site dedicated to helping Start-Ups find funding for their dreams and has many posts that deal directly with issues that are faced by almost every Start-Up Company. This site is the Angel Investors Network and I personally feel that if I had discovered it prior to starting my own company I could have made twice as much money this year. If you are in any way contemplating starting your own business, whether it be internet based or something more tangible such as a service related industry, I urge you to spend the time to check them out.

Friday, November 16, 2007

I Speak English

I was recently asked to review a blog by a member of blog catalog and upon arriving at it, well I could not read a word. I'm not even sure exactly what language that is and while I am sure it may be a very nice blog. I can not and will not be able to recommend a blog to my readers if I can not read it. I speak English and English alone. I understand that many bloggers in many countries speak more than one language however I am not one of them and in the future, I would like to ask anyone that has a blog posted in another language (other than English) to refrain from even asking for a review as it will not be given.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Are You Doing All You Can To Promote Your Blog?

I was just checking out a post over at cheatppc and I came upon a post titled "99 Ways to Promote your blog" . This post was full of some very good ideas as well as a few that were socially unacceptable in most blog circles. I am not suggesting anyone pretend their blog is up for sale but I do suggest you check out the other great ideas of how and where to promote your blog. If you just use a few of these ideas , I am sure you will see some kind of traffic increase and for the monetized blogs out there , you may even manage to earn a little more money online. I know I will be checking out a few more of these ideas listed and hope to see some of you there. If this post has helped you, please leave a comment below.

Create Your Own Social Network

As bloggers we have all known the time that we put in at the social networks can directly affect our traffic. Whether it is FaceBook or MySpace, we all work hard to get our posts seen by as many people as possible. When I was visiting over at Noheat today I came across a post that tells of Ning, a site which allows you to Make Your Own MySpace like social networking site. I find this concept worth looking into further so I really appreciate the information provided by Noheat. Upon further trolling of this blog, I found one useful article after another. They are also giving away $20 in a comment contest, so if you're interested in making some cash, head on over and check them out...oh, and remember to leave them a comment for your chance to win the money. Back Agents Providing Huge Savings

At some time or another in our lives, we all dream of home ownership and whether you are on the buying end or the selling end of the transaction, it can get a little scary. How do you, as a buyer or seller know you are getting the best deal possible. How can you be sure that you are not over paying or selling for less than your home is worth. I have discovered an amazing site that is designed to help you save up to twenty thousand dollars on your next transaction no matter if you are the buyer or the seller. It is We all like to save money and think of all the great things that extra twenty thousand dollars could be used for. You could take a vacation, remodel your newly purchased home, buy new furniture, buy a car, or just bank it. Whatever you decide to use the money for is your business ,now don't you owe it to yourself to stop in and check out That is not the only incentive being offered at the site either. Check out how you can receive 3 months free gas and more from New auto dealers or how you can get 15-50% back off any project from Home Contractors. I wish I had know about this site myself prior to purchasing my home but since I didn't I figured I could at least pass on some great information to those of you that may be in the market for buying or selling your home.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Becoming Debt Free

I happened upon a really great blog being posted by Brian Lett. Brian is a cast member for the new reality television show "Average Joe to CEO" and his blog by the same name offers some really great financial advice on how to become debt free and how to stay debt free. Brian shows so much insight into the ways to make your financial future brighter that it is amazing. Visit Average Joe to Ceo and see what changes you can make to your own life by simply heeding the free advice Brian is offering.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

It's MoneyTime

I almost didn't know what to think of this next blog, MoneyMoose is a mixture of comedy and some smart money tips. It's stories range from Loan Sharks to a post about a company that will offer to offset the damage we do to our earth for a small donation. It is a very interesting read with the MoneyMoose spin added to the end for comedic relief. All in all, MoneyMoose is a nice blog. I would suggest reading it for the frugal living tips it offers. You are sure to find these all useful information, I know I did.

Best of the Web

I was asked to review this next site and was pleasantly surprised with what I found awaiting me. WEB MASH is a blog about blogs. The site owner not only gives you links to some very interesting blogs , you are also provided with a screen shot of the blog so you can actually see what it is before deciding to click your way on over. With a complete array of various topics the blogs posted can fall into, it pretty much has something for everyone. I would like to thank WEB MASH as well for posting ProBlogReviews and I will do that by adding WEBMASH to my blogroll. I would like to add that although I have not been blogging for a million years like some other bloggers out, this is the first time I have seen a blog about blogs such as this. I like it's uniqueness and wish it every success.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

So You Want To Make Money Online

We have all seen countless sites promising us that by simply buying an Ebook from them, we can earn more money in a month than we could working all year in our dead end job. While money can be made online and several people are doing it , the majority of us will only dream of the day we can work from home. I myself use affiliate marketing, ads, and online surveys to bring in a little extra cash. All in all, I would say the surveys I do actually work best for me. Still in my quest to learn more, I have come across Lessons In Marketing and I have to say I was impressed. The advice posted on the site seems good and it isn't promising readers the world overnight. I would recommend anyone wanting to earn money online read this blog and set realistic goals. If anyone out there is really making thousands a day online, they would not share that information in an Ebook.

Payday Loans

For this post, instead of reviewing a blog, I will be reviewing a service that is available to almost anyone with a job. It is Payday loans. A Payday loan is a short term loan taken out to tide someone over until their next check comes. It can be very helpful to anyone that finds themselves in a bind due to an accident, an unplanned bill, a health problem, vehicle problems and the such. These loans can be for as low as one hundred dollars or as high as fifteen hundred, there is no credit check involved and a person requesting a Payday Loan will generally have their answer in anyplace from a few seconds to a few minutes. Visiting can be just what the doctor ordered if you find your self in need of some quick cash. Payday Loans can really help you to turn a bad situation around to not even being an issue. Perhaps you, the reader don't immediately need a loan, I would however suggest bookmarking this Payday Loans for the future, you never know when life may take an unexpected bad turn and your needs may change. For that matter do your friends and family a favor and email them the link so that they too can be prepared for the worst. I will now resume my postings of free blog reviews for interested bloggers.

Sexy Blogs and Naked Ladies

Let's face it , SEX SELLS. With that said, I bring you the wonderful world of Sexy Blog Reviews and if you are under 21 please skip clicking on the supplied link. This site seeks out the sexiest of all blogs and writes reviews on them, often conducting interviews with the site owner and some of these can get pretty intense. Blogs are rated between 0 and 5 orgasms. Some adult content in the form of ads as well as pics and story line is present so once again I will caution my readers under 21 to not click the supplied link . As an adult and a male, I find this site very entertaining, all of us guys love Porn and although not hardcore, this is far from G Rated material leaning more towards the G Spot.

Social Bookmarking

Thanks to EnTech, I have just learned of a site named which allows me to submit my posts to 32 Social Bookmarking sites at one time. Just submit the normal information such as url like normal and then type a Captcha for each site you choose to submit to. EnTech also has a pretty unique eye chart for those wanting to test their eyesight. I will be returning to this site to see what other great finds await me there in the future.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Product Sourcing ABC's

For all the people that are interested in finding a wholesaler to provide drop shipping for their growing Ecommerce site, I have found Product Sourcing ABC's. It is a very informative site dealing with all the information you will need from tips on places to find a true wholesaler to the questions you should ask a wholesaler before setting up an account. This site is a wealth of good information that anyone doing Ecommerce today should read. Knowledge is power so before you rush out and send your money to just any run of the mill middleman posing as a wholesaler, I urge you to check out Product Sourcing ABC's.

Thirty Day Challenge

I know many of you have heard of the Thirty Day Challenge but for those that haven't I will explain what I know about it. It is designed to teach the beginner how to set up a niche targeted site and learn to make money from it in under thirty days. The ultimate goal of the challenge is to earn at least ten dollars from your site within the first month. It teaches those with the willingness to learn, how to use tools such as WordTracker to help identify lucrative niches and sites such as FaceBook and StumbleUpon to network. After all, getting traffic to your site is half the battle. I plan on spending a little more time researching The Thirty Day Challenge but all in all it sounds like a very good way to learn to make money online. I would love to hear comments from any readers that have taken the challenge and succeeded at making money online.

Sexy Women In Bikinis

I just came across Bikini World and I have to say that I fell in love with this blog. I will warn readers that it contains some adult pictures of some very sexy women in various states of undress but being the red blooded American male that I am, that is what caught my attention. I was in awe at the beauty of these women. I know my female readers will now think of me as just another pig but I owed it to the male readers to review this blog, as a matter of fact, screw my review, if your male, go check out Bikini World now. You won't need me to tell you how awesome it is.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Success Vs Failure

After reading this next blog, Bloggers, I realized that failure is a necessary evil. Failure lets us know when we have succeeded . Some of the Richest and most influential people in our history started their careers as failures only to bounce back and prove everyone wrong. These people range from Bill Gates to Michael Jordan to Abraham Lincoln. I found this blog to be interesting and a must read for anyone that has ever tried and failed. Someone once said that it doesn't matter that you get knocked down, the only thing that matters is how fast you get back up. I would have to agree and if failing helps me to become better at what I do until I am someday recognized as easily as these famous failures I say "bring it on" to life. I will take my hits and rise every time. I may never get known for blogging but I will get known for something, of that I am sure. Anyone with a never surrender attitude will enjoy reading about the 16 Most Inspiring Famous Failures, I know I did.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


There are many places to download your torrents from but this next site, Web of Knowledge, is dedicated to providing you the reader with what could very well be one of the most complete list of links ever comprised of torrent sites. I have book marked it and I plan to check out as many of these torrent sites as possible as soon as possible. I already heard of many of the sites but most of the links are new to me. I would grow another hand just so I could give this blog a third thumbs up.

Monday, November 5, 2007


Alright guys, you know the way this works. Post a comment here for your free blog review. As always it will include a link back to your blog and best of all, it's 100% Free.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Freeware for Almost Anything You Need Done

Over at freeware genius, you can find almost any application for anything you need to do on your computer and the best part is , everything listed (with the exception of Windows) is freeware. Think of the money that you can save by using programs like Open Office instead of MS Office or AVG as your anti-virus program instead of Nortons. This site has links for all of the freeware downloads they recommend as well as pics of the applications and very nice descriptions of what the program is designed to do and what paid for program it replaces. I have added them to my bookmarks and recommend anyone wishing to reinstall Windows and outfit their system with all freeware programs to give them a visit as well.

Friday, November 2, 2007

John Cow Ripped Off

I was just reading over at JohnCow.Com and he is really mad. It seems there is a blogger out there promoting fake contests of items he never intends to give away. So far this blogger has held fake contests for a Wii , a PS3, and an Iphone. I would be very glad to give this fraudster a bad review but he is unworthy of his web address ever being mentioned much less as anchor text. I would however ask all of my readers to go read where John Cow initially announced winning a PS3 from the site, and then boycott that blog.


Many people have pondered the idea of starting an online store and having their merchandise dropshipped. In theory it works great and once the site is set up, there is nothing more to do other than watch the money roll in. Thats when you start hearing about how theory does not imitate real life, I myself gave up on this idea due to my inability to find a reliable, trustworthy, legit dropshipper that could get me a product to sell at wholesale price. This next blog, Drop Ship Digest deals with answering questions for people that are truly interested in dropshipping. It discusses all the Pros and Cons of dropshipping and is a very good read for anyone thinking of online success.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Starting Your Own Business

I recently stumbled upon and I wish I had this much knowledge so readily available to me eight months ago when I started my own business. I spent the first three months struggling to turn any kind of profit, quite simply because I had done absolutely no prior planning of my business. I had no idea who my target was so I blindly targeted anyone that would listen, thus costing me way more money than I ever needed to spend. It was only a combination of blind luck and a sudden realization of what I was doing wrong that led me to success. I can now say that in the last 5 months, I have earned more money than I ever have in any one year. Business is booming and the only thing bothering me as I approach the end of my first year in business is how much further I could have gone through proper planning. I will be sure to subscribe to the RSS feed from and read everything I can. I firmly believe that as when I start my next company (why own one business when two will increase earnings? ) I will be better prepared.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Exotic Lands

I have had the pleasure and misfortune of visiting countries outside of the U.S. and this next blog really caught my eye. It is written about Life in Thailand and the blog owner has some very nice pictures for the reader to better understand what it is he is describing. Although, I have never visited Thailand, it reminds me very much of living in Panama and meeting everyone from the urbanized locals of Panama City to the more caught in the past somewhere distant relatives of the Native Americans. Foreign cultures can be a shock to our system at first but as an observer, I find it both intriguing to watch and a great relief to leave when it is time to return to civilization. Anyone wishing the adventure without the hardships can check out more about Thailand at ThaiDave.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


This next blog on the chopping block is cruelmistress. It is an interesting read even though it does not seem to focus on any one niche. At first glance it appears to be dedicated to Xbox games but looks can be deceiving. The posts are about everything from the blog owners personal life to Xbox games to some pretty funny interpretations of Northern drivers when they visit the Southern State of Florida. All in all, it is a blog that is well written even if strays at times from the niche you first expect from the tagline.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Free Blog Reviews

Once again, I am asking anyone that wants their blog reviewed by this site to please post a comment here in this post. I have several more on my list to get to and then I will be starting on anyone that requests their free blog review by commenting below.

Everything Blackberry

I have seen a few blogs that have targeted the Blackberry but now I have found bbgeeks, where you can read reviews of not only the different models of Blackberrys but also of the providers reviews as well as the Hosted exchange reviews. This blog is Blackberry to the next level and I feel as if it will force some of the other Blackberry blogs to either step up to the plate or to find another niche to target as the bar has been clearly raised on the way a Blackberry blog should look. bbgeeks has all the information anyone considering their next Blackberry should research prior to making the purchase.

Manipulating Photoshop

Lets face it, ProBlogReviews is not graphics intensive. That is due mostly to my lack of knowledge using such programs as Photoshop, Gimp, and the like. I did visit a blog that has potential tohelp anyone become better at manipulating Photoshop. It is Graphic-Identity, This blog is full of tutorials and tips for anyone with the need to learn and while I still have a certain fear of Photoshop, I do know where to turn if I ever need to learn it. I would recommend this blog to anyone that is into Graphic Design, whether it be for web sites, T-shirt printing, or just as a way to enhance their jpgs.

Thursday, October 18, 2007


I recently posted a blog review of mom2my6pack and I really enjoyed her blog. It has changed some since that review. It has added a caricature of Dawn and her family that is amazing in detail. Now, I have the privilege of posting a review for the very blog written by the artist that drew that caricature. Rick Green is the artists name and Organized Doodles is his blog. Rick has an awesome talent in his drawings and his blog is amazingly well written. If the words don't capture your attention , the caricatures will. I feel honored to have been given the chance to review his work.

Blog Consulting

If you are new to blogging or even if you're not so new, at one time or another, you have come across the idea of monetizing your blog. This is where Egonitron comes in, offering great posts on various subjects to help you post a better blog, Egon is super informative and maintains a page rank of 6 with Google according to my SeoQuake extension for Firefox. Egon is now offering a new Blog Consulting Service as well. For a small fee Egon will help bloggers that are truly interested in being professional obtain that status. Whether you are trying to install a plug in or just need someone that can show you the money, Egon can help.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Win Money

This next blog I am going to review is just AWESOME. There is no other word to describe Contestu. I was amazed by all the online contests I had never heard of but want to enter. Contestu is dedicated to informing the blogging community of all the newest contests that are giving away cash and prizes so no matter if your goal is to win an IPod Touch or to win $500, you owe it to yourself to drop in and check Contestu out. Now that everyone has been informed, I must go, there is money to be won.

Work From Home

I will be honest, I have fallen behind schedule on posting reviews as many more people have started to request them. I will find time to eventually get to everyone and I am going straight down the list as they come in so if you don't see your review today, just keep checking back. It is coming. When I first saw the name of this next blog I thought oh no, not another Work From Home blog, but after visiting the site I understand that I was being pre-judgemental . The blog is well written and covers areas I have not seen mentioned on any other work from home blog. It even goes into details about AdBrites new full page ad for the internet. This blog is a welcome break from all the copycat blogs that simply say put up a website and cover it with ads. I will be visiting it again, hope to see you there.

Niche Finding Tool

I review a lot of blogs, some good some bad and what I tend to notice about the bad ones are they have no originality when it came time to pick their niche. This new niche finding tool is awesome, it will help you locate a niche that is not the same as everyone else. Lets face it, if there are fifty gazillion blogs all telling us how to make money on the internet, why would we need one more? The more sites there are similar to yours, the more competition you have and that leads to less money for you. As a blog reviewer I would love to see a greater variety of blogs come my way as well. I encourage anyone that has been having trouble finding their perfect niche to check out the niche finding tool.

Monday, October 15, 2007

What Makes A Habit?

In his blog, Karol Krizka has a lot of interesting things to say about Habits and the way they can be useful such as in good study habits or not so useful if your habit is procrastination. He discusses how good habits are nothing more than willpower being exercised over a given amount of time until it becomes almost second nature to do what it is you need to do and less likely to put that off due to the "any excuse will work" monster that hides inside us all waiting for a chance to make us form bad habits versus good. To read more about building habits, I encourage you to visit his blog.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Advice for Bloggers

I came across a great blog loaded with good advice for bloggers. At TechnoMoney there seems to be an abundance of information that even the most experienced of bloggers may forget from time to time. The site is well laid out with easy to follow links to the posts that every blogger should read and study if they want to effectively blog for money. If you stop by TechnoMoney for no other reason than to read the Best of the 'Sphere , do it for that alone as it is great information to remember as you build your blog. It is a blog well worth subscribing to.

Review a Friend

I want to try something new here. For the rest of October I will allow my readers to submit reviews of blogs they find interesting to me. I will post any reviews I receive but I do ask that you do not use this as away to review your own blog. If the review you write for someone else is deemed any good (and I am the judge) I will make sure I review your blog at the same time I post the review you have written.

To submit a written review of someones blog, email it to me at problogreviews@gmail(dot)com.

Please be sure to give specifics as to the blogs url as well as your own url so that I can find them.

Start A Home Business

If you have ever wondered about how to start and run a home business, read this review. Lisa Page covers everything in her blog from Ebay Auctions to making money through taking Treasure Trooper surveys. Lisa can also help you out with Finding a Wholesaler that sales Bulk. Her site is very informative and she tells it like it is. As a member myself, I can fully back up the praise she gives to Treasure Trooper as being an honest and easy way to earn between $100 and $400 a month. I look forward to trying out more of the ways Lisa talks about in her blog. If you are a SAHM, a teenager, or a college student. I would strongly recommend subscribing to The Home Drop Ship Guide.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Requesting a Free Blog Review

Please request your free blog review by commenting here.

Thank You, ProBlogReviews

Young Entrepreneur

I have been a member of Young Entrepreneur for a pretty good amount of time now and finally decided to post a review of their blog. Lets face it, we all want to make money and this site is dedicated to the people that would rather build a business than to work for someone else. The Young Entrepreneur Blog talks of success stories in order to show how anyone with the drive and determination can make their dreams come true. Young Entrepreneur also has a forum where you can discuss business ideas whether it's drop shipping or how to market yourself to the public. I would highly suggest anyone that considers themselves to be an Entrepreneur(whether young or old) to drop in and either ask for or offer advice from like minded individuals.

The Acne Blog

While Stumbling sites earlier I came upon The Acne Blog and I just knew I had to review it. The very thought of a blog dedicated to acne shocked me, think about it, we bloggers live in a world where every other blog is set up as a way to teach us how to make money online. I applaud the blog owner for not going that route and for blazing his own path. Reading a few of the posts, I wish I had this information when I was a pimply faced teen. This blog covers every aspect from eating better to ways to increase self esteem for acne sufferers. I suggest anyone that has acne take a few minutes and check out The Acne Blog.


The next blog I am reviewing is not for the easily offended. Adlerism contains it's share of bad language humorously thrown into the most offbeat of topics. While it is not a blog that will be enjoyed by everyone(too many uptight people in the world) it is well written and I was able to get a laugh from it. Who wouldn't love to read about The Coveted One Night Stand? This is definitely a blog that would be enjoyed and understood most by college age males. I look forward to reading more Adlerism as it is updated.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Free Blog Templates

The next blog up for review offers free blog templates for your site. I know I am always up for free stuff, I guess you would call free my favorite flavor. There are several nice template designs available for free download and if you're looking for something a little more customized, you can contact the owner of Lemonade Designs and request she make you something special. I applaud her in her efforts to offer something more than another ad infested blog to the blogging community. Maybe you won't find any template there to satisfy your personal wants or needs but it never hurts to stop in and check out her work, who knows, you may walk away with just the design you are looking for and at the price, it can't be beat.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Something New

I really enjoy when I go to a blog for the first time and see something new and unexpected to read. This is really exciting when it is an article on a way to make money online that I haven't heard of before. PPC Advertising really caught my attention with their latest post that told me of how I can earn money online simply by helping others to name their web site domain. It is something I will look into as it seems easy enough and if it doesn't pan out then it's no big deal either as PPC Advertising has many other interesting articles for me to read and enjoy. Everyone should take time to read the post titled I'm a Millionaire as it deals with email scams that we have all seen and yet people still fall for. I give this blog two thumbs up for a job well done.

Thursday, September 20, 2007


I have finally managed to prove to the powers that be that I am not a spam bot and they have unlocked my blog. Reviews will commence on Monday. Thanks go out to everyone that waited patiently.

Monday, September 10, 2007

New Policy For Requesting A Blog Review

I have decided that since half the people that request a review from this site will not even so much as stop in to say Thanks after the review is given, all future reviews are given only to requesting sites that add ProBlogReviews to their Blogroll. If you request a review of your blog , I will view your Blogroll and only after seeing a link to this blog will I spend my time reviewing yours. This rant was not intended for everyone as many of you have manners enough to at least Thank me for my time and also does not apply to sites I have reviewed that did not request a review. If I have offended anyone, well this is the internet and you will soon get over it.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Dawn's Revenge

I first heard of Dawn when I Stumbled Upon an article from Ebay and how she was auctioning Pokemon cards in an attempt to regain money spent on them when one of her children snuck them unseen into her grocery cart. As a parent of some sneaky curtain climbers myself, I immediately liked this action. By the time I had finished reading Dawn's auction and discovered she had a blog,I already knew she had that writing style that can take the most hair pulling things children do and make us laugh to tears the whole time thanking whatever powers that be that there are other parents with children as funny as our own. I used to think it was just my children that was trying to see how fast they could get the men with the little white jacket that has arms that fasten in the back, to come haul me away to the padded room for my own safety,now I know it's more of a kid conspiracy against us adults. It is only through the stories about little victories such as Dawn's that give me the tenacity to face these little heathens day in and day out. Many of Dawn's readers have suggested she should write a book and I would agree, I would buy it as fast as the people that stood in lines to get the last Harry Potter. I encourage everyone that has kids or someday wants kids to rush over to Mom2My6Pack and read about some of Dawn's adventures with children, her husband, and life in general. You should pack a lunch though because her writing style and flow of words will leave you spellbound, you will lose track of time...but you will come away feeling refreshed and a little happier.

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Make Money Online

I know we all would like to know how to make money online so I visited to see if they could shed some light on this subject. What I found there were some well written articles on everything from John Chows latest contest giveaway to an article on How to Optimize Your Site for Google. I walked away with not only more knowledge in that area but also more knowledge on some of FaceBooks and Apples latest decisions. I obtained a Free Myspace Friend Adder as well. All in All I found the site to be more unique than any of the previous make money online blogs I have visited in that every article was not solely based on that niche and I wasn't being bombarded with more ads than posts. This site is worth your time to look into so run right over there , read some good information, and remember to tell them I sent you.

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Thursday, September 6, 2007


All pregnant women know what cravings are and all fathers know as well, they are what will make our wives wake us up at 3:00 a.m. and tell us to promptly go out,find a store that sells marshmallows,chocolate syrup,pickles,and hot sauce because if they don't get it you won't be getting anymore sleep this night. Mrs.MandyPoo is a female that is blogging through her pregnancy and doing a really great job at it. I just finished reading her latest post about when the cravings suddenly go away and what she once liked couldn't appear more wrong to her now. It was both insightful and comical to read as this is the first I have ever heard of the cravings ending. Mrs MandyPoo is expecting her first child on December 2nd of this year and then I expect her blog to fade away due to lack of sleep. Until then I plan on reading her every post and wish her the most perfect baby a woman could have, ten fingers, ten toes, and healthy as can be.

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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Web Design

This next site I want to inform my readers about is really a great asset to web developers. It provides you with free web development tools that many of us may not have ever heard of. Want to make some really nice looking CSS buttons for that site you have been working on?Maybe you might be more interested in where you can download over 8,000 free fonts.

Whatever it is you are looking for as a web developer, I highly urge you check out webappers , you just may find a free program listed that will do the work for you. This site is also full of pictures to help the reader see what the site owner is describing. I have subscribed to the RSS feed and I suggest anyone that spends any time developing do the same.

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Monday, September 3, 2007

Unspoken Casualties

Sister Soldier is a blog written by R.B.Stuart, a freelance journalist, in which she describes her sisters return from Iraq with cancer that has a high probability of being caused by drinking water and eating food that has been contaminated with depleted uranium waste. Depleted Uranium is being used in United States bombs and has been since Desert Storm as a way for us to dispose of radioactive waste. Sister Soldier speaks for the troops that are too scared of retaliation or too sick to speak for themselves. She also backs up her posts with facts that have yet to be disputed by the U.S. Government. This is a great read for anyone going to Iraq or that knows someone over there.

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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Another Make Money Online Blog

Lets face it, their everywhere and most are almost photo copy clones of one another. I did not find this to be the case when I visited . I found some really interesting articles on ways I had not yet seen on ways to make money online, such as how to find profitable keywords for your business and how to improve your online sales for the e-commerce people in our midst. I recommend anyone that is looking for some creative ways to make money online to view this site.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Free Blog Reviews

Hey Guys, as always post a comment here to request your Free Blog Review

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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Something For Everyone

After taking a week off I have returned to provide more free reviews, The site of the day is and I have to say it has something for everyone. If you are interested in getting more traffic to your site, can show you the way. If you are more interested in Free Online Dating,and I know some of you must be or the market for such sites wouldn't be so big, can help you there as well. As I stated, this blog has something for everyone and I found it to be well written. I myself found the article on The Healthy Way To Lose Weight more than a little to my liking (not that I would ever admit to being overweight, after all this is the internet where we can all look like Adonis if we choose). I will be adding this blog to my BlogRoll for future references.

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Saturday, August 18, 2007

At The Movies

There are many reasons people go to the movies, relaxation,excitement, just the need to get away from the stress of real life. People will pay the price of a ticket, a soda and a large tub of popcorn, and often times leave feeling refreshed and uttering their favorite lines from the movie, who can ever forget "I'll be back" from Terminator. Over at the blog of the day the focus is on The Greatest Movie Deaths, so if you didn't already see Vin Diesel kill a man with a teacup in Chronicles of Riddick, I urge you to stop in and check out this site. If you check out the site enough and have the stomach for it, you can view some older posts called Decapitation Week.This site is a must view for anyone that likes the death scenes of a movie the most and the site admin even takes requests.

Friday, August 17, 2007

The Secret

If you haven't stumbled upon the words "The Secret" before or heard the words "Law of Attraction" then you will now. Law of attraction is the simple belief that the universe is made up of energy and that you can attract good energy or bad energy into your life through your thoughts and deeds.In some societies it is known as karma. People that believe it often credit it to their successes or failures. People that don't believe in it often don't due to the fact that they have not yet learned how to focus their thoughts they send out into the universe to give them what they want. Jeanie Marshall posted on her blog about empowerment and even links the reader in her post from August 10 to an online course on how to use The Law of Attraction to all of it's potential. Jeanie also posts about Empowering Online and Offline Networking, and even if you think you understand networking, it is a great read that may just change your views on how you approach it and lead you to building a better network. Jeanie provides an excellent blog for those looking for improvement in their lives and I highly recommend checking it out.

Thursday, August 16, 2007


My sincerest of apologies, I have been ill and have not reviewed in 2 days...Reviews are coming later this afternoon.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Internet Networking

We as bloggers are attention hogs(most of us anyway). We want the traffic, we want the comments, we want the blogging community as a whole to acknowledge our very existence and that is where internet networking comes in. We join forums,chat rooms,Facebook,Myspace and other sites where we can get together and discuss things.We visit other blogs and comment in hopes that the reader will get curious and check out our blog.Still there is such a thing as Netiquette, a set boundary of invisible rules we are expected to adhere to so as not to offend. I just read an interesting article titled "Social Networking - Do You Practice Netiquette? " over at INFOTIX that helps bloggers just starting out to learn the most basic of rules. It covers chat room ettiquette as well as the do's and don'ts of emailing. I would recommend the blogging community as a whole to read this article prior to practicing any type of internet networking. Remember, a site may grow slow without some form of networking but it will surely die even faster if word of mouth decides you don't practice netiquette. For more great articles on varying topics , visit INFOTIX.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Teachers Lead the Way

For almost everything you or I know how to do, someone had to teach us, Whether it be tying your shoelaces or driving a car, there was someone there to lead the way. This next review is about a blog written by a school teacher. Kristi Stiles is a woman that speaks freely of growing up in a broken home and how some of her teachers helped her along the way. Kristi comes across as a genuine caring teacher that believes her success depends on how well she helps her students adjust to the world they will one day move into as adults. I know that it is often easier for a teacher to just label a student as a bad apple and lose interest in teaching, this is where teachers such as Kristi stand head and shoulders above the rest,working longer hours at no additional pay, to insure that every child gets an education. I applaud Kristi Stiles for her efforts and wish more teachers cared as much. Here's to you Kristi!

For the Reader or Writer in You

I was asked to review this next site and really had no idea what to expect from it until i went to the link. There I found what is named by the author as a Journal. I was instantly drawn into his style of writing. It was almost pure poetry without rhyme. Evan Altes does a superb job of putting pen to paper or in this case words to post.His use of the human vocabulary to convey an image is breathtaking to say the least. Evan also has a photo documentary titled Evan Explores Mexico that shows he is also an accomplished photographer. I believe Evan to be extremely talented and expect nothing but the best in his future.

Friday, August 10, 2007

John Cow Contest

“Over at they must have the coolest web hosting provider in the pasture. These guys are having a cowpetition and are giving away a $500 prize! Here’s your chance to win a Playstation3,or an Xbox360, a Nintendo Wii, an iPhone .. you name it, they’ll pay it! Don’t miss out and check out their mad cow blog!”

I encourage every blogger to MOOVE on over there and see what the cows are up to now. As we all know, hasn't been on the scene long and they have already taken the blogging community by storm, they are an inspiration to all copy cow blogs of the future and they do it with style. While you're over there checking out their contest be sure to subscribe to their RSS feed, I wouldn't want anyone to miss out on anything these marketing geniuses have to post.

I wish the cows nothing but continued success.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007


So, you think your job is hard huh? Is your boss always on your case about something so petty it's like he stays up at night thinking of new ways to torture you? You should head on over to the Disgruntled Workforce and file a complaint. Maybe you don't want to file a complaint at all but would rather check out what other people are saying about their jobs. Maybe you would like to watch a really good video about a disgruntled employee having a Bad Day at the Office. There's something for everyone that has ever had a job on this site and if you can check it out without laughing, I will personally give you a free blog review. Oh, I give those already? In that case I will give you a free blog review and a second at half price. Seriously people, check out this site, maybe writing down what an arse your boss is will relieve enough of your stress when you post it for the world to read that you can make it through the rest of this week without going postal. I myself found it highly entertaining and will return to read more.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

How To Get Your Free Blog Review

Anyone wanting a free blog review needs to only post a comment with the blog url on this site and I will review your blog as soon as possible for free. The review will provide you with a free linkback to your blog and also for a relevant article from your blog. I ask nothing in return other than that you spread the word to all your blogger friends that this site is here and ready to provide the same service for them.

Mixed Martial Arts

Who doesn't like to see a good fight? The blog of the day is just that, a collection of Mixed Martial Arts Videos. I'm not going to pretend to know much about the sport but I do know what a great fight video looks like and Mixed Martial Arts has some of the best. If your squeamish you may want to avoid this site but if you can get into ultimate fighting and don't mind a little blood, this is a must see blog. My personal favorite video of the site was of the 8 year old MMA fighter, the kid has skills and when he is older may end up being one of the greatest if his skills now are any indication of his potential. That video alone is worth checking the whole site out.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Personal Development

I think at one time or another , everyone encounters someone that is just so negative that they are a pain to be around. When you get that really great idea that will make your life happier, healthier, wealthier, these negative people will be the first to step up to the plate and tell you why your idea sucks. They will do all they can to hold you down because they themselves don't have the courage to lift themselves up. I just finished reading a related article titled "Attack of the chatter monkey"
It discusses the law of attraction and how we obtain what we focus on, so by focusing on the ramblings of negative people we obtain nothing but negative in our lives. I myself am a firm believer in the law of attraction so I could write for an hour on this subject, however I will get back to what this blog is about, Reviews. From Where You Are, To Where You Want To Be is a personal development blog that helps people deal with evolving, and in some way we all evolve every day. This blog helps you pick the path of your evolution. It provides the reader with the sources to choose how they want their lives to be, instead of the reader having family,friends, and society as a whole choose for them. People say every day "I wish I could do such and such", this site helps those that really want to do something and not just talk about it succeed. I recommend this blog to anyone with a dream or a goal.


Now, that topic grabs your attention, huh? I don't think I know of anyone in the world that couldn't use a few extra dollars in their pocket.Take for example, Bill Gates, with all of his Billions, Microsoft keeps cranking out new products for the masses. Do they do it because they like us, NO! They do it because money is good, more money is better. I just came across a blog that has something for everyone when it concerns money, visit Sabrina's Money Matters. It has everything from A to Z when it comes to money, Sabrina can help you with everything from Saving money at home to topics such as how to Make money online . If you are in any way interested in saving money, earning money, investing money or even just contests and free stuff, you owe it to yourself to visit Sabrina's Money Matters for all your Personal Budgeting.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Page Rank and You

Does Page Rank confuse you? As a blogger I know Page Rank can be very important, especially when it comes time to monetize. What? You didn't think all these ads on this site were accidents, did you? Back to the discussion at hand, want to learn how to increase page rank? Visit SEO Optimization, it is a blog filled with a wealth of information pertaining to the subject. Just today I was wondering about when Google would be doing updates on Page Rank when I came across The PageRank is finally dancing and it shed some light onto what was going on in that area. SEO Optimization also deals with subjects such as how to use different sources when monetizing your blog and points you to those sources through links. As I said , this blog has a wealth of information for anyone that wants to learn. I suggest anyone interested in monetizing their blog check it out.

Dave's Photo Blog

For all the photography buffs out there I have found Dave's Photo Blog to be very refreshing. Dave is an amazing photographer and a really great blogger as well, capturing the readers attention through both pictures and words. When I first came upon Dave's Blog, I saw this really great photo of a single drop of water as it reached what I will call splash point. I knew instantly that photo would become my desktop wallpaper.Whether you're interested in taking photos yourself or just viewing some really nice pictures or even just reading a really good blog story, you should stop in Dave's Photo Blog and check it out.

Saturday, August 4, 2007


I am going to start this review by telling what has led me to this blog. I was looking at the ads on this site for blackberry and I wanted to learn more about the product before buying. I learned long ago that anything you seek can be found on the internet so I set out to learn all I could about the Blackberry. In this search I arrived at The BlackBerry Blog. It contained a wealth of information that I never would have known to even look for. It talks of codes, reviews of individual Blackberry products, and tutorials for those that just want a guide. The BlackBerry Blog even has an article on using the Blackberry to track where it is like a GPS device and the author suggests a very good use for it. I will continue to read and learn more from this site and when I am ready I can make a well informed decision.

Computer Blog

Thats right ladies and gentlemen, a blog does not have to pertain to making money online to get reviewed here, I also review niche blogs and I found a nice little Computer Blog . I think that it probably has something for everyone, whether they are running Windows, Linux, BEOS or any of the variations of the above Operating Systems. I am currently sampling the Safari web browser that this blog recommended to me and so far I would have to say it is top notch seeing that it is an Apple program running in a Windows XP environment. To learn more about this check out William Computer Blog . I for one will be bookmarking this site for future references.

Steve Pavlina

I came across another well written blog that will teach you all the rules on How to make money from your blog . Steve Pavlina went from nothing to making $1000 a day as a full time blogger and has some really great advice for anyone interested in doing the same. Although Steve is fast to point out that most people can not monetize their site well enough to obtain financial freedom, he does show the reader how it is possible for a "smart person" to do it. The article I read was a little long (7300 words) but well worth the read and I feel as if I may have just learned a thing or two. I would recommend Steve Pavlina as a must read for anyone serious about making money from blogging.

Simon's Money Notes

As I was reading Simon's tips on how to attract traffic , whether it be to an offline business or an online blog, it occurred to me that Simon knows exactly what he is talking about. Having recently(in the last 7 months) opened my own business, I faced the exact same problem Simon addresses of how to get my business name known in the community. At first, I made some fliers, passed them out and waited for the phone to ring. Business was going to be a breeze and I would soon have people banging down my door to get to the service I was providing, or so I thought. I WAS WRONG! Later I decided that if business wasn't going to come to me , I would go to it. I knocked on literally thousands of doors, I heard every way the words "No" and "I'm not interested" could possibly be uttered. For every 100 times I heard "No", I would hear one "Yes". I adjusted and using many of the methods Simon talks about I can proudly state that seven months later, my business is thriving. I am still not rich but I am still working for myself. Anyone interested in opening any kind of business should subscribe to Simon's Money Notes. I wish I had seven months ago.

Friday, August 3, 2007

John Chow Dot Com

Who in the blogging community hasn't heard of John Chow ? John Chow is a self (and community) claimed Dot Com Mogul, he is the man that has been there done that and has the money coming in monthly to prove it. When John Chow embarked on using anchor text of make money online to his advantage in the search engines, Google retaliated by removing his site from his page one listing. John has not allowed this to phase him a bit however as he still makes more than $12,000 a month from his site. John stresses the importance of not putting all your eggs in Google's basket by monetizing your site through a variety of ways, from affiliates to doing site reviews. John is an inspiration to anyone that ever wanted to blog for a living, his posts are professional and he interacts well with bloggers that comment on his site. John Chow was recently copied by a satire site calling themselves John Cow, and who can blame them, if you want to be top dog, you sometimes have to act like top dog. John offers a free Ebook from his site and it is a must read for anyone serious about blogging for a living. To learn more visit

Tyler Cruz

I was researching blogs to review when I came upon Tyler Cruz, Tyler has an excellent site for anyone interested in monetizing their blog. Tyler appears to be an up and coming internet entrepreneur with a page rank of PR5 and over 700 subscribers to his RSS feed. He offers many great ideas for both the part time blogger and the internet pros. I would highly recommend his blog to anyone that is interested in blogging for money. Tyler Cruz has learned the ins and outs of internet marketing and is very comfortable blogging about SEO related issues as well as How and When to Back Up Your System Data. There are a few really good bloggers that can make money from their site, men like John Chow and Darren Rouse, They know how to work SEO in their favor and they make in one month what most bloggers can not achieve in a year. Tyler Cruz has studied their methods and learned to make their systems work to his advantage, he has obtained the knowledge and shares it freely to anyone that is willing to listen and put in the time. Tyler Cruz is well on his way to being a name that will be spoken in one blogging forum after another.I will be subscribing to his RSS feed.

Free Blog Reviews

The purpose of this blog will be to review other blogs in the blogosphere. At the immediate time I have no plans to charge any money for these reviews. That may change in the future, however for now , all you need to do for your FREE BLOG REVIEW is give me a comment so I can find your blog. I would also like to ask for anyone interested in a link exchange to comment as well.