Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Exotic Lands

I have had the pleasure and misfortune of visiting countries outside of the U.S. and this next blog really caught my eye. It is written about Life in Thailand and the blog owner has some very nice pictures for the reader to better understand what it is he is describing. Although, I have never visited Thailand, it reminds me very much of living in Panama and meeting everyone from the urbanized locals of Panama City to the more caught in the past somewhere distant relatives of the Native Americans. Foreign cultures can be a shock to our system at first but as an observer, I find it both intriguing to watch and a great relief to leave when it is time to return to civilization. Anyone wishing the adventure without the hardships can check out more about Thailand at ThaiDave.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


This next blog on the chopping block is cruelmistress. It is an interesting read even though it does not seem to focus on any one niche. At first glance it appears to be dedicated to Xbox games but looks can be deceiving. The posts are about everything from the blog owners personal life to Xbox games to some pretty funny interpretations of Northern drivers when they visit the Southern State of Florida. All in all, it is a blog that is well written even if strays at times from the niche you first expect from the tagline.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Free Blog Reviews

Once again, I am asking anyone that wants their blog reviewed by this site to please post a comment here in this post. I have several more on my list to get to and then I will be starting on anyone that requests their free blog review by commenting below.

Everything Blackberry

I have seen a few blogs that have targeted the Blackberry but now I have found bbgeeks, where you can read reviews of not only the different models of Blackberrys but also of the providers reviews as well as the Hosted exchange reviews. This blog is Blackberry to the next level and I feel as if it will force some of the other Blackberry blogs to either step up to the plate or to find another niche to target as the bar has been clearly raised on the way a Blackberry blog should look. bbgeeks has all the information anyone considering their next Blackberry should research prior to making the purchase.

Manipulating Photoshop

Lets face it, ProBlogReviews is not graphics intensive. That is due mostly to my lack of knowledge using such programs as Photoshop, Gimp, and the like. I did visit a blog that has potential tohelp anyone become better at manipulating Photoshop. It is Graphic-Identity, This blog is full of tutorials and tips for anyone with the need to learn and while I still have a certain fear of Photoshop, I do know where to turn if I ever need to learn it. I would recommend this blog to anyone that is into Graphic Design, whether it be for web sites, T-shirt printing, or just as a way to enhance their jpgs.

Thursday, October 18, 2007


I recently posted a blog review of mom2my6pack and I really enjoyed her blog. It has changed some since that review. It has added a caricature of Dawn and her family that is amazing in detail. Now, I have the privilege of posting a review for the very blog written by the artist that drew that caricature. Rick Green is the artists name and Organized Doodles is his blog. Rick has an awesome talent in his drawings and his blog is amazingly well written. If the words don't capture your attention , the caricatures will. I feel honored to have been given the chance to review his work.

Blog Consulting

If you are new to blogging or even if you're not so new, at one time or another, you have come across the idea of monetizing your blog. This is where Egonitron comes in, offering great posts on various subjects to help you post a better blog, Egon is super informative and maintains a page rank of 6 with Google according to my SeoQuake extension for Firefox. Egon is now offering a new Blog Consulting Service as well. For a small fee Egon will help bloggers that are truly interested in being professional obtain that status. Whether you are trying to install a plug in or just need someone that can show you the money, Egon can help.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Win Money

This next blog I am going to review is just AWESOME. There is no other word to describe Contestu. I was amazed by all the online contests I had never heard of but want to enter. Contestu is dedicated to informing the blogging community of all the newest contests that are giving away cash and prizes so no matter if your goal is to win an IPod Touch or to win $500, you owe it to yourself to drop in and check Contestu out. Now that everyone has been informed, I must go, there is money to be won.

Work From Home

I will be honest, I have fallen behind schedule on posting reviews as many more people have started to request them. I will find time to eventually get to everyone and I am going straight down the list as they come in so if you don't see your review today, just keep checking back. It is coming. When I first saw the name of this next blog I thought oh no, not another Work From Home blog, but after visiting the site I understand that I was being pre-judgemental . The blog is well written and covers areas I have not seen mentioned on any other work from home blog. It even goes into details about AdBrites new full page ad for the internet. This blog is a welcome break from all the copycat blogs that simply say put up a website and cover it with ads. I will be visiting it again, hope to see you there.

Niche Finding Tool

I review a lot of blogs, some good some bad and what I tend to notice about the bad ones are they have no originality when it came time to pick their niche. This new niche finding tool is awesome, it will help you locate a niche that is not the same as everyone else. Lets face it, if there are fifty gazillion blogs all telling us how to make money on the internet, why would we need one more? The more sites there are similar to yours, the more competition you have and that leads to less money for you. As a blog reviewer I would love to see a greater variety of blogs come my way as well. I encourage anyone that has been having trouble finding their perfect niche to check out the niche finding tool.

Monday, October 15, 2007

What Makes A Habit?

In his blog, Karol Krizka has a lot of interesting things to say about Habits and the way they can be useful such as in good study habits or not so useful if your habit is procrastination. He discusses how good habits are nothing more than willpower being exercised over a given amount of time until it becomes almost second nature to do what it is you need to do and less likely to put that off due to the "any excuse will work" monster that hides inside us all waiting for a chance to make us form bad habits versus good. To read more about building habits, I encourage you to visit his blog.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Advice for Bloggers

I came across a great blog loaded with good advice for bloggers. At TechnoMoney there seems to be an abundance of information that even the most experienced of bloggers may forget from time to time. The site is well laid out with easy to follow links to the posts that every blogger should read and study if they want to effectively blog for money. If you stop by TechnoMoney for no other reason than to read the Best of the 'Sphere , do it for that alone as it is great information to remember as you build your blog. It is a blog well worth subscribing to.

Review a Friend

I want to try something new here. For the rest of October I will allow my readers to submit reviews of blogs they find interesting to me. I will post any reviews I receive but I do ask that you do not use this as away to review your own blog. If the review you write for someone else is deemed any good (and I am the judge) I will make sure I review your blog at the same time I post the review you have written.

To submit a written review of someones blog, email it to me at problogreviews@gmail(dot)com.

Please be sure to give specifics as to the blogs url as well as your own url so that I can find them.

Start A Home Business

If you have ever wondered about how to start and run a home business, read this review. Lisa Page covers everything in her blog from Ebay Auctions to making money through taking Treasure Trooper surveys. Lisa can also help you out with Finding a Wholesaler that sales Bulk. Her site is very informative and she tells it like it is. As a member myself, I can fully back up the praise she gives to Treasure Trooper as being an honest and easy way to earn between $100 and $400 a month. I look forward to trying out more of the ways Lisa talks about in her blog. If you are a SAHM, a teenager, or a college student. I would strongly recommend subscribing to The Home Drop Ship Guide.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Requesting a Free Blog Review

Please request your free blog review by commenting here.

Thank You, ProBlogReviews

Young Entrepreneur

I have been a member of Young Entrepreneur for a pretty good amount of time now and finally decided to post a review of their blog. Lets face it, we all want to make money and this site is dedicated to the people that would rather build a business than to work for someone else. The Young Entrepreneur Blog talks of success stories in order to show how anyone with the drive and determination can make their dreams come true. Young Entrepreneur also has a forum where you can discuss business ideas whether it's drop shipping or how to market yourself to the public. I would highly suggest anyone that considers themselves to be an Entrepreneur(whether young or old) to drop in and either ask for or offer advice from like minded individuals.

The Acne Blog

While Stumbling sites earlier I came upon The Acne Blog and I just knew I had to review it. The very thought of a blog dedicated to acne shocked me, think about it, we bloggers live in a world where every other blog is set up as a way to teach us how to make money online. I applaud the blog owner for not going that route and for blazing his own path. Reading a few of the posts, I wish I had this information when I was a pimply faced teen. This blog covers every aspect from eating better to ways to increase self esteem for acne sufferers. I suggest anyone that has acne take a few minutes and check out The Acne Blog.


The next blog I am reviewing is not for the easily offended. Adlerism contains it's share of bad language humorously thrown into the most offbeat of topics. While it is not a blog that will be enjoyed by everyone(too many uptight people in the world) it is well written and I was able to get a laugh from it. Who wouldn't love to read about The Coveted One Night Stand? This is definitely a blog that would be enjoyed and understood most by college age males. I look forward to reading more Adlerism as it is updated.