Thursday, October 18, 2007


I recently posted a blog review of mom2my6pack and I really enjoyed her blog. It has changed some since that review. It has added a caricature of Dawn and her family that is amazing in detail. Now, I have the privilege of posting a review for the very blog written by the artist that drew that caricature. Rick Green is the artists name and Organized Doodles is his blog. Rick has an awesome talent in his drawings and his blog is amazingly well written. If the words don't capture your attention , the caricatures will. I feel honored to have been given the chance to review his work.


Rick said...

Hey, my very first review! (Actually, that's not true - my wife sometimes reviews the way I make the bed.) Still, I was a bit nervous reading it. Thank you "Pro Blog" for the kind remarks. Visit in again often.


Joe said...

I'm so glad that Rick is finally getting his work out there! He is an amazing artist and has tremendous talent. I was also wondering what it takes to get a post on Pro Blog Reviews? I see that you have a pretty loyal fan base and I am going to put up a link so that my blog friends can check this site out too. Thank You.