Tuesday, April 29, 2008

OK : Now I'm Just Hungry

As I was looking for a blog to review tonight I decided to check out some of the blog requests I have been getting, and trust me, if you have submitted a request and I have not gotten to you yet, I will. Anyway, I jumped over to Let's Keep Cookin' and was delighted to find more than one recipe that I just have to try out. This blog is neat in appearance and loads well in both firefox and IE browsers, it has a lot of pics of the prepared foods so you know what they should look like when done. All in all, I have to give this blog my approval and recommendation. Now, I am off to find something to eat since I obviously can not cook anything that even looks half as good as whats pictured in this blog.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Clickbooth and You

For the first time tonight, I heard of and felt the need to share everything I could about this great site with my readers in the blogosphere. Joining the Clickbooth Affiliate Network is as easy and as smart a decision any blogger could ever make concerning how to monetize their blog. The whole process is so easy it actually takes just a few moments. Clickbooth prides itself in taking online marketing to a level above the competition and helps both the advertiser as well as the publisher see increased earnings. Advertisers are also promised an increase in quality traffic and less hit and run bounced traffic as seen with some of the more well known affiliate marketers out. Publishers are better matched for the services they promote as well so there is an increase of not only traffic being sent from their sites to the advertisers, but that traffic is more likely to purchase the product or service being promoted. The Clickbooth Affiliate Network seems to be a better all around solution in online advertising for both the advertiser as well as the publisher. Publishers are even offered a special referral program where they can earn additional money simply by getting other users to join the program. All in all, I would say Clickbooth looks rather good and worth checking into by anyone wishing to monetize their site.

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How To Get Your Free Blog Reviews

Any reader that wishes a free blog review need only post a request for one in the comments section of my most recent post. I would like to say that it may take a few weeks to see your review posted based on not only how many replies there are but also on my ability to blog more some days than others. I do own a small business that occupies a large portion of my time. I will not review any site that is not written in English nor will I review any site that posts adult content.

Something for the Law Enforcement Bloggers

I just came across 5.11 gear and was just amazed at the gear that is available online for the law enforcement persons. Half this gear looks like it is straight out of a Hollywood Swat movie. I imagine that there are also a lot of military members that would find this site extremely useful as well. I wish I had half of this gear when I served in the Marines.

Small Business Information

Over at Small Business Brief I have read many interesting posts by their community members. This is a site any business owner should check out, there is useful information there for those with brick and mortar stores as well as those that deal only online. I have bookmarked it for myself and highly recommend it.

Quality Work Boots

If you work as hard as I do ( my business deals with construction), you find out just how good your work boots are. This is the one area where I will be the first to say that you pay for what you get and when it comes to durability as well as comfort, you just can't be frugal and expect quality. There are some really great work boots over at Work Boot USA. Check them out before you buy your next pair.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

From Game Reviews to Downloads

I am really impressed with this next blog, GameSMS has something for every gamer out there. From game reviews to actual downloads, this blog has gone above and beyond in entertaining. It is professional in appearance and has all the bells and whistles attached. I have bookmarked it and will be checking back often as new games are released. If you are a gamer, whether console or PC, you should check out GameSMS .

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My $50 Cash Giveaway

Instead of a site review, I want to take this post and direct readers to the contest I am holding on my other blog, Entrepreneur Life. I will be giving away $50 to the winner via paypal and want to insure that as many readers as possible enter. While there have been a few entries already, the contest does continue up to noon on May 19th so everyone has plenty of time to get their entries in. I look forward to reading your entries and even if you don't happen to be the lucky winner, I may decide to review your site anyway so head on over and get your entry in. You have nothing to lose and $50 to gain.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Business Ideas

I just Stumbled Upon a rather interesting blog for want to be entrepreneurs. It is the Free Idea Bank and it lists many many money making ideas. Some are rather useful while others are borderline crazy but all in all it is a good read. Many of these ideas make sense yet some are so off the wall they will leave you scratching your head in amazement that anyone would ever attempt to try them. I encourage anyone with time on their hands or a lot of capital to invest to go check it out.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Movie Reviews

Are you trying to decide if you should spend your hard earned money on any of the latest movies to hit the screen? If so you should check out SizzlingPopcorn first. This blog is very nice and handles the movie review niche great. Readers can get a point of view that is not being paid for by Hollywood and then decide if a movie is really worth the money, not to mention the time. The blog is even separated into the different genres so you won't have to trudge through a lot of horror reviews if all you really want to find is that new comedy. My personal opinion is this blog was well thought out and designed even better.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Mother's Day Approaching

I'm sure we all know that mother’s day is approaching fast, at least those of us with a calendar do and I want to take a few minutes to encourage every blogger that reads this to really put some thought into it this year. I myself have plans to take my mother out to her favorite restaurant and let her order the biggest steak on the menu. This is after all the woman that gave birth to me, changed me, fed me, made sure I grew up knowing right from wrong and went to bed on time. This is also the woman that endured countless sleepless nights when I was a U.S. Marine tasked with invading Panama and freeing Kuwaitt. My mother is the only person that to this day can say whatever she wants to me and not get any back talk. I'm sure most of us feel the same so why not spend some time really making this mother's day special for the only mother you will ever have? is having a "Celebrate Mom For Who She Is Contest" and I urge you all to check it out. Whether you live next door to your mother or many states away, is a great way to show mom how much she means to you. It doesn't even have to be Mother's Day to show mom you care about her.

Thinking Outside the Box

I was just reading an interesting post on Zen Problog about thinking outside the box and how hard it actually is to achieve new ideas that are actually considered outside the box. He discusses how most ideas are simply built upon someone else's previous idea and I would have to agree for the most part. We all borrow ideas from time to time from another person and add a new twist to it to make it our own. The post is really very good reading and I encourage you to go check it out.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

What Martha Stewart Is Up To Now

We all remember Martha Stewart from her wide line of products that kept K-Mart afloat for so many years. We even remember her from her television appearances on her own show and we all know that when it comes to decorating your home, almost nobody does it better. She can have your bathroom color coordinated faster than you can say faux finish. So what has Mrs. Stewart been up to lately? You can bet it's not sitting on her butt waiting for something to happen, she has been out and about and making things happen. This was all brought to the forefront of my knowledge when I saw martha stewart flowers . These beautiful flower and plant arrangements can be found exclusively at and are every bit as nice as any pillow case she has ever designed. If you are looking to spruce up your own home for Spring and just don't want to spend hours in the garden trying to grow and then later hours more trying to arrange them, why not go with an expert that has proven herself time and time again? I know where I would be shopping if I were in the market for a nice flower arrangement. Do You?

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Monday, April 7, 2008

The Secret Meets a New Earth

I'm quite sure most of us have heard of "The Secret". I have even blogged about it before but for those that have not heard of it, it is really quite simple. Based on the belief that the universe and all matter in it are nothing more than energy, good and bad, you get back what you put out. Negative energy begets negative energy so bad energy brings bad things into your life. Good energy brings about good things, sounds a lot like Karma. There is also another philosophy known as "A New Earth." It deals more with losing ones ego and realizing the world does not revolve around your self. One of these philosophies is supposed to lead us to material happiness the other to spiritual happiness. Now there is a bridging of these two philosophies known as The Sedona Method. I have not ordered their 4 courses but do know that you can get all 4 for the price of one right now. You can also receive a Free DVD and CD that explains how The Sedona Method is the bridge between The Secret and the Law of Attraction . If these two theories prove to be true, you can now learn to have everything except for an ego. That sounds almost to good to be true but think of the possibilities if it is.

Retirement and You

I was just checking out, a site dedicated to helping you prepare for your future. This site has many useful tips on retirement and lets face it, some day, whether we are 22 now or 52, we will all be retired. The time to start planning for it is yesterday. Either that or start looking for the fountain of youth. I think everyone, men and women alike, should check out this blog.

Custom Visa Gift Cards for Your Company

We have all seen the visa gift card that has some corporate logo emblazoned on it and it the past, only very large corporations were allowed the honor of custom gift cards. That , as I said, is all in the past. Now any business can design their own custom visa gift card for their friends and employees to use. How great is that?

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Now That's Funny, I Don't Care Who You Are !

I just spent the last half hour reading the writings over at Predator Press and I swear this has to be one of the funniest blogs I have read in a long time. My annoying wife just kept staring at me as I actually fell out my chair from laughing. I think she may be under the impression her plan to drive me crazy is actually working at this point. I don't want to give away what is so funny about this blog, that would be almost as bad as telling the punch line to a joke before a comedian finished it or like that guy in the movie theater that has to sit behind you and announce to his date whats about to happen before each part. Just do me a favor and go read it, then return here and tell me it was funny so I know for a fact it was and my wifes evil plotting to drive me crazy isn't the real reason I can't quit laughing.

Friday, April 4, 2008

My Wife Annoys Me

I normally don't read relationship advice blogs but over at It Might Be Love, the posts are really very interesting and have more than a little great advice flowing out of them. For instance, I have always viewed my wife's calling me to come kill a spider as some sort of bizarre fascination she has with annoying me, I'm still not sure she isn't plotting on me, but I have learned how the simple act of killing that spider can make me a hero in her eyes, even if for only a moment. I think I will be reading more of these posts so that I can make my next wife happier, if I survive the one I have now. Seriously people, this blog is good, go check it out.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Entrecard Advice for Getting More Drops

As I have recently started testing Entrecard on my other blog, I was glad to find some very helpful tips for using it correctly over at ulupongdotcom. This blog is a must read for all entrecard users. The site looks very nice and I like the templates color scheme. The posts all seem informative in some aspect for new bloggers. I will be bookmarking this site as a place for me to check back often as the posts are very well structured and well written.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Another Great Review Site!

Last night I came across a really great site for anyone looking to read reviews of blogs and other sites. It is Pro-Blog Reviews and it is awesome. Dwayne, the site admin, is very good at what he does, his site looks professional and is in tune with the blogosphere. It was strange at first finding a site with such a similar URL however Dwayne and I have both enjoyed a good laugh about it and there is no animosity between us. I am in fact glad that Dwayne is the person with that site as I really enjoy reading his posts. I would be the first to admit, I like his site template better than my own as well. I wish him nothing but continued success and judging from what I have seen so far, that should be no problem for him. Want good reading? Go Visit his blog now!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I Guess I Should Be Flattered ?

I was bouncing around looking for the next site to review when I came upon this. To say I was shocked would have been under stating the obvious. Should I be flattered ? I calmly left a comment for the owner, nothing impolite. In fact I actually wished him the best of luck in the niche. As I post this I am still kind of in shock. I would like to ask my readers how they would handle this situation.