Friday, April 11, 2008

Thinking Outside the Box

I was just reading an interesting post on Zen Problog about thinking outside the box and how hard it actually is to achieve new ideas that are actually considered outside the box. He discusses how most ideas are simply built upon someone else's previous idea and I would have to agree for the most part. We all borrow ideas from time to time from another person and add a new twist to it to make it our own. The post is really very good reading and I encourage you to go check it out.


RICHARD said...

Thinking outside the box is subject that has been around for quite a while now. I do agree with you that we do make use of someone's else idea and building on it to make it our own. We've all be conditioned to think in certain ways in the past that may no be congruent with our current reality. This will necessitate a thinking outside the box, that is looking beyond and outside your norm and find new thought pattern that will be applicable to your present realities.


Thinking inside the box was really great. But today my membership ended.I have to say "bye" to you all.In fact I wasn't ready, but unfortunately i don't like to use Credit Cards and couldn't support your community.

Anners said...

Thanks! Always a good reminder to come up with totally unique ideas!