Sunday, March 30, 2008

Hawaiian Shirts and Apparel

Summer is approaching fast and if you live near the beach like I do then you know there is a lot of fun to be had in the sand. From beach volleyball to surfing to just taking a boat ride with that special woman in your life and maybe a midnight stroll along the beach just holding hands. offers a full line of clothing that is Hawaiian themed for these special times. For the men they offer Hawaiian shirts and for the women they have Hawaiian sarongs. Their inventory also includes a wide variety of Hawaiian dresses, muumuu, leis and fabrics. All of the items are available for purchase online at really good prices, and all come in a large variety of sizes and patterns. They even have plus sized items for anyone that has had a hard time finding the item they have been wanting but couldn't find elsewhere. Wholesale prices are offered for anyone that may be buying for a large group party, luau, or event. Yes, Summer is approaching fast and just think, with a little click on the link I have provided, you can have that special Hawaiian shirt or sarong ordered, delivered, and ready for wear your first day back at the beach. I'm sure you can find something for yourself as well as that special man or woman in your life.

Entecard Users - You Drop, I Follow

My next post is not really a review as much as a request. Any Entrecard users that visit my other blog, Entrepreneur Life, and drop their card will get a drop in return. You Drop and I Follow and if I really like your blog while I am there, I may just decide to give you a free blog review at the same time.

Random Reading

I just came across a rather interesting blog that had some really nice posts, well written and good enough to hold my interest for more than just a few minutes. I would recommend any bloggers just looking for some random reading to stop by and check it out. I know I enjoyed my stay there and I'm sure you will too. Happy Blogging Everyone and remember I may visit your site next.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Loan Services

Since the real estate market has begun to suffer in almost all U.S. cities,it has become very common to see page after page of foreclosures listed in the local newspaper. I'm not really sure how this has all transformed into the financial escapade that it has but I do believe many of these people could probably qualify for refinancing of their mortgages. This is not a solution for all and may not be a viable long term solution for many however it would be looking into for me if I were facing losing my home. is a good site for checking out if you are looking to refinance your mortgage. There are many reasons for homeowners to consider using this service, some use it to save money and in many cases are able to drop their monthly payments to a more affordable number, others use it as a way to pay for necessary repairs to their home, and still others use this site for their debt consolidation services. Whatever the reason you need a loan for, check them out and see if they can help.

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Debt Reduction

I was just checking out Debt Reduction Formula as one of my own goals is to become debt free. I know I share this same goal with many in the blogosphere so I wanted to pass along a site that was worthy. You won't find someone that is already debt free there telling you about how much their saving now and how life is so much better, instead you will find someone as deep in debt as the rest of us and maybe even a little deeper and you will be able to track his progress as you try to eliminate debt from your own life. This blog is very nice, visit it.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Ways To Earn Money Online

I think the goal of almost every blogger is to earn some money doing what they do. This leads us to plaster our blogs with affiliate ads, to allow Google to place more ads as we hope that we earn more than a few pennies each day, then there are the annoying Kontera links that always just bugged me, I tend to leave those sites as fast as my little browser will carry me. We have Pay Per Post and ReviewMe. There is InBox Dollars and Treasure Trooper and thats just scratching the surface. Out of all the possible ways to earn cash online I would say that Pay Per Post, ReviewMe, and Treasure Trooper are among my favorite and the ones that bring me the most money each month. If there are any that are better I haven't found them yet but would welcome advice from some of you that have been around the blogosphere longer. If you post a comment giving me a referral link and I join I will be sure to sign up under your link but please only do so if you are actually making money from the site you're promoting.

Explore a Co-Op Education at Kettering University

I don't know how many of you have ever heard of Kettering University but I did tonight, actually it was through Kettering Stickman Videos that I heard of them at all. After watching several of these videos on YouTube I decided to learn more about this Kettering University and their Co-Op education program. I was not disappointed and have even called my nephew up to pass the word on to him so that he would consider getting his degree in mechanical engineering from there instead of that school he was considering out West, I will not name it as this post is not in any way an endorsement for them. Kettering University is ranked among US News Best Colleges, and US News and World Report has ranked Kettering University as "the #1 University in the nation for Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering" in it's "Americas Best College Guide for 2008". Kettering University is the home of Stickman as I mentioned before and of all the Stickman videos I liked them all however "School Daze Episode 1" was pretty good at explaining more about what to expect from Kettering. Check out the video yourself and if you or anyone you know is graduating this year, it may be worth passing the link on to them. Maybe you will be the reason they actually earned money while getting their degree instead of going deep in debt doing it.

Financial Advice For Living Debt Free

I just finished checking out the blog where I found some very nice posts that fit not only students facing financial burdens but also good advice for anyone trying to live debt free. This blog is full of great posts and I found myself hopping from one to the next as I was taking in all this information. It is now one of the blogs I subscribe to in RSS. If your one of the many people in need of some good financial advice, you don't even have to be a student, drop in and check it out.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Drug Addiction and It's Treatment

I was watching some show on television last night about intervention and how these young people, addicted to drugs and alcohol, are sometimes in and out of drug treatment facilities . It eventually reaches a point where family and friends provide an intervention as they see it as a final attempt at saving the addicts life. It is sad to see anyone, especially young people, making such self destructive choices in life as friends and family can do nothing more than sit back and watch. What is even sadder is the number of times these people find themselves inside of drug treatment facilities only to be released and relapse back into their self destructive lifestyles. There is hope though, it is a Drug Rehab facility located in North Palm Beach, Florida and specializing in holistic treatment of addicts, not just drug addicts either. They are set up to treat alcoholics, sex addicts, gambling addicts, eating disorders, compulsive disorders that are harmful, as well as just about every known drug addiction. Care has a high success rate in breaking the addiction to the point of not relapsing and they even offer family treatment so that those affected most by the addicts behavior can have a chance at returning their lives to the point of pre-addiction. If you are an addict or know someone going through an addiction, I urge you to visit the link I provided and see what Care can do for you or them today.

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Live Debt Free

The latest blog to capture my attention is Discover Debt Freedom and it is an excellent place to look when seeking ideas on how to live a more frugal life now so that you don't have to later. Offering some really good tips on how to avoid student loans and how to better manage your finances, this is really a blog everyone can pull a little wisdom from.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


After Google decided to punish me for having sponsored posts on this site, I was at first worried.That worry has now completely turned into indifference as I began to focus on Real Rank. I had not even known of Real Rank prior to the Google smack down but after several bloggers commented to me that it was a more fair system of ranking blogs throughout the blogosphere I decided it was time for me to focus my energies on finding out any and all information I could on it. I became increasingly curious as to what my own Real Rank was and how I could improve it and even how I stood up against the likes of bloggers such as John Chow and Darren Rowse.

Today I want to discuss IZEARanks and how it can help you monitor your blog rank. It is extremely easy to use and only requires installing a simple code that allows tracking of your blogs traffic. Through this I have learned that my Real Rank average for the week is 5,643 and my Real Rank average for today is 2,008. Next I wanted to see how I stood up to the greats so I checked on Darren Rowse first and was unable to find any information in the database for his blog so I decided maybe he was a little too famous. As I proceeded to check out IZEARanks more, I found that it can also tell you how many page views and unique visitors your site has gotten in terms of the week, the month,the last three months, the last six months, and even the last year so that you can more accurately track the strong periods of your blog. You can even find some other rather interesting blogs at the site to check out which is always important to me as this very site is built around the discovery of new and interesting reading in the blogosphere.

I would encourage everyone that has ever considered Google's Page Ranking system as more than a little biased to check out IZEARanks .

Friday, March 21, 2008

Flipping Homes For Profit

I came across fliprent today and was immediately drawn to it, as a watcher of Flip This House, I was glad to finally see someone blogging about what it's like to actually be doing that. I mean we all can sit back and watch what is shown on T.V. but that still leaves questions that are unanswered and for all we really know the whole thing could be scripted. I'm not sure I would want to ever attempt to flip a home for a profit based on what I saw on T.V. so it's really nice to be able to read posts and have the ability to comment or ask a question. This blog has some great pics of the work in progress and I will be subscribing to it's RSS feed as this truly interests me.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

I'm Still Here

This has been my first chance to breath all week due to the fact that I do own a business and it seems as if it has overtaken my very existence this week. Free Blog Reviews will commence over the weekend. I have not and will not abandon this blog and I assure my readers that I will be looking for a few good blogs to review very soon.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Uses For GPS Keep Expanding

My next post concerns GPS Tracking and many of it's possibilities and uses in todays high tech society. GPS stands for Global Positioning System and is used to determine precise location of a person, a vehicle, or any other object it is attached to. It is accurate to within 2.5 meters anywhere in the world and is used by people such as the military to plot courses of maneuvering troops to finding downed aircraft to helping Navy ships navigate in the open seas. Other civilian companies such as Lojack may team with car rental companies or automobile dealers to monitor the whereabouts of a vehicle that may be stolen. A company known as LandAirSea produces GPS and software that is compatible with Google Earth to help facilitate such tracking. The GPS tracking device itself is very small and is receiving signals constantly from 24 Department of Defense satellites in constant orbit around the Earth. GPS is even used in cell phones so that police may track a person that dials for help. Companies such as OnStar use it to be able to send emergency help to a driver after an accident and now even teenagers driving habits are being monitored by cautious parents. Able to tell driving location, driving speed, and time at a specific location, parents no longer have to worry about where their children are or that they are driving responsibly. The future may hold even more uses for this amazing device and if it does LandAirSea will be surely at the forefront of utilizing such technology.

The Secret

Many people have heard of The Secret and I myself have seen evidence of it at work. This next blog tries to better help you utilize The Secret of Unlimited Prosperity. The posts are both informative and interesting to anyone that wants to try out the laws of attraction for themselves. Is there enough sufficient evidence to prove beyond doubt that this works? I'll leave that to each of you as individuals to answer but as for myself, I believe it to the point of refusing to hold a conversation with someone I believe to be having negative thoughts. Maybe I'm overly cautious but it seems to be working as I have seen my business double in size and my financial status grow by leaps and bounds. It could just be coincidence however I am not taking chances. If you want to learn more, check out the blog for yourself.

Destroy Debt

Bloggers that want to get their financial life in order should check out Destroy Debt. I myself found it through a random Stumble as I find many of the blogs I review and was impressed with the quality of information provided in the posts. I will be subscribing to the RSS feed as I don't want to miss even a single post coming from this site. This blog is well designed and really worth checking out.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Best Online Casino

Alright, this next site is for all my European female readers that enjoy a good Online Casino Gambling experience. Pink Lady Casino is an online casino that is set up specifically for females as should be evident from not only the name but the landing page as well. I showed this site to my wife and she almost knocked me out of my computer chair in an effort to see more. It has been designed with flash to allow free play to females that would like to practice or just play for fun. The only thing my wife really hated which was no fault of the Pink Lady Casino was that regulations do not permit them to accept women from the United States or Canada at this time, although I'm sure that in some deep demented way I was extremely happy about that fact as I know my wife would have confiscated not only my chair but also my computer for an extended time each day. New games are being released for download monthly from this site. A list of upcoming games can be found at and from the looks of this, it is almost enough to make any man jealous. This site is perfect for any European women interested in playing slots, video poker, or lottery games and thats just scratching the surface of what it has to offer in the way of gambling entertainment.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Google Punishes ProBlogReviews

Well, as many of you may already see, Google has laid the smack down on ProBlogReviews by reducing my PR to 0. I guess I have become the next victim of PayPerPost syndrome, not that I care. I do more free site reviews than I have ever done paid and if the big machine known as Google doesn't take that into account then it is what it is. I will not remove Google Adsense from my site as others in my situation have done because quite frankly, I saw this coming. I am not the first nor will I be the last to take a drop in PR. Never mind that my traffic has actually tripled this last 3 months, which by the way says more to me than PR ever will. Never Mind that my Alexa Rank has went from 6 million to 346,987 in the same time frame. I can let that all go because if I let a PR drop worry me one bit then Google will have won and that is something I refuse to allow.

The Hidden Beauty That is Israel

This next blog was very refreshing and pointed out a view of Israel that most Americans never see. We watch the news and we see fighting but few consider that amongst all this fighting is a country rich in history dating all the way back to Biblical days. Isragirl does an amazing job showing us the side of Israel we never get to see. I would urge anyone to read her posts and maybe learn a little more than what is shown on television about one of America's longest standing allies. While I never got to see Israel in person, I have had many Marine friends tell me of it's beauty, their words are backed up further by the pictures Isragirl has posted. This blog is worth a read to anyone that wants to see past the evening news.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Inline Skates

Whether you are into Snowboarding, Wake boarding, Inline Skates, or just plain surfing, let Modern Skate be your supplier of choice. They have many fine products for whatever your sport of choice is and the best name brands at amazing prices so before you rush out anyplace else to purchase some new K2 inline skates , check them out first. You may just find that the deal you get is better than if you had shopped at your local store. People living in Michigan can choose to either order online or visit one of their four locations. If you are located in one of the 48 Continental United States you are also offered free shipping on orders that total more than $49 and as long as you don't live in Michigan, you pay no sales tax. Don't take my word for it though, head on over and check out their merchandise and prices for yourself.

Importance of Your Landing Page

I just came in from work and clicked on my stumble button embedded in my browser and landed on, I glanced over it rather quickly like I will sometimes do when I land on a page for the first time before realizing, this was a blog I would actually take time to read. It is full of some good SEO advice and overall the site design is great. The posts are very well written and there is something on this blog for just about everyone. I knew within a few moments I would be reviewing it. That brings me to a question I was recently asked, "Do you review all blogs?" I would like to say that I do however that would be a lie, a blog has to catch my attention in the first few seconds or I, like many of you, will simply hit the back button and move on. I also do not review any blog that is not written in English, quite simply, even if I did speak Mandarin Chinese enough to do so, most of my readers would not and any review I gave would be of no use to them. If you aren't getting the traffic you would like, maybe you should ask a non biased person for their opinion of your landing page. You may find out that the black background with red text you thought looked so good, is turning others off.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Live Below Your Means

I would like to discuss thrifty living with my readers now as it can be a major contributor to becoming debt free forever. First, creating a spreadsheet that pinpoints where your money is going is important and once you know that you can begin to focus on ways to cut down on expenses, I like to call this debt strategy as you are essentially developing your system for how you plan to become debt free. Some ways you can save money include:

1. Cook a large meal and eat left overs several times during the week instead of eating out.
2. Keep your car tuned up and tire pressure checked as a way to save gas.
3. Take shorter showers
4. Turn off lights when you leave a room.
5. Adding a brick to the reservoir of your toilet displaces water and can save money in the long run.
6. Ride a bike to anyplace you can get to thats nearby instead of taking your car.
7. Pay off your credit cards and do not reuse them.
8. Carpool to work or take public transportation
9. Shop thrift stores or yard sales for deals
10. Buy generic brands when you grocery shop.

There are ten ways to live a more thrifty lifestyle off the top of my head. What other ways can you think of?

New Texas Hold-Em Tips and Tricks Site Launches

This one is for all you Poker players out there. Texas Hold-Em Tips and Tricks is officially live and judging from what I have seen so far, I would say this site is going places. I myself am not a big poker player as I prefer to not risk my money, however if I were going to I would approach it as I do everything else in my life and learn all I could about it prior to sitting down and placing my first chip in the pot. This site is where I would go to research everything from when to hold-em to when to fold-em and even how to deal. The overall site design is excellent and easy to navigate and the forums seem to be filling up with knowledgeable people to answer your questions. I have seen a few other sites like it but none that caught my interest from start to finish. Now all you Poker players head on over and see if you can improve your game through a little research.

Animal Cruelty

The only time most of us even think of animal cruelty is when we see some celebrity sports star arrested for illegal dog fighting but animal cruelty does not begin or end there. Paws4Life is a blog that focuses on bringing animal cruelty to light in hopes of helping the public become more aware. This is an ever growing problem that, as early as last year, even reached into the ranks of PETA when a few of their workers went to a shelter and adopted a lot of animals only to kill them and dump their bodies in a dumpster down the street. I myself am not some die hard save the animals type person, I do eat meat every meal, however I would not go out of my way to intentionally harm a dog or kitten, and I dislike cats. Still, just because I would not own one does not mean I don't recognize their right to life. This blog is worth looking at, especially for all the animal lovers.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

My New Blog

I have finally started a new blog but I will not be reviewing it as I would be quite biased in my opinion. Anyone interested in checking it out can find it at Entrepreneur Life. I welcome any and all comments.

Craziest Internet Marketing Contest Offers $5,348 in Cash and Prizes

While viewing Winning The Web, I came across another great contest for everyone . It is being described as the Craziest Internet Marketing Contest and boasts $5,348 in cash and prizes. To me, this seems to be a no brainer, you can't win what you don't enter so why not head on over there and enter for your chance to win one of the many prizes being awarded. Good Luck to all and remember I do accept tips should you be lucky enough to grab some quick cash.

Enter To Win a Nintendo Wii !

I just came across something special I just had to talk about. Charter is auctioning off High Speed internet for life with the opening bid starting at only $10. There is also no reserve so this deal could be a major money saver for the lucky bidder. Complete auction rules and details can be found at .As if that wasn't already enough to make anyone want to participate, you can also Click Here for a Chance to Win a Nintendo® Wii™! The Wii package being given away includes not only the console, but also a Wii stand, a remote controller, a nunchuk controller, a sensor bar, AC adapter, a Wii AV cable and five different sports related games for your new system. The five games are boxing, baseball, tennis , golf, and bowling. All in all that sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me. For anyone that has children it could be ideal as a birthday present or maybe something to bribe them into getting good grades, it could also be used as a prize in your very own blog related contest, or the winner could simply send it to me and I'm sure I could find a use for it. Whatever else you decide to do today, take a few minutes to enter this contest, someone has to win so why not You?

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Creating Wealth

I just happened across the Wealth Creation Blog and have to say I was impressed with both the template and the quality of the posts. The site is extremely likable and I will be subscribing through RSS feed as I really feel as if the site admin has delivered a great blog full of useful posts to anyone that looks towards future goals instead of trying to keep up with the Jones' . Here's a little advice for those people, The Jones' are broke and in debt ! It is of no importance if you live in a $500,000 home if you are always one paycheck away from living on the streets. The time for creating wealth is now. This blog will give you some great advice as to how to reprogram your thinking to allow you a more stable future, follow my lead and subscribe, then follow the site admins advice and start working your way towards a better future, free from debt.

Are You Getting the Best Deal on Your Insurance?

Before I started my business I had to do a lot of research. I had to research the competition, prospective clients, tax laws, prices of various products and tools I would be needing, rates other similar companies were charging,Commercial Insurance, and whether or not it was even possible to turn a profit based on the over all monthly costs for running it. While I learned it was possible I also learned I would still have to keep initial costs low or I could find myself joining the ranks of small businesses that die during their first year of operation. I started to do this by deciding I would not only be the company owner but until work picked up, I would also act as a laborer thus cutting payroll down by one worker. Next I used the internet to locate and buy my tools and products at the best prices possible. I learned tax laws so I could do my own accounting but my biggest money saver was when I shopped for insurance rates. I started comparing rates for the business at first and when I actually saw how much money I could save by not going with the same company I was currently using for my car insurance, I decided to revise my search to include all my insurance needs. Before I was done, I had successfully cut the operating cost for not only my business but for my household as well. My advice is to visit the link I have provided in this post and see if you're getting the best deal on your insurance needs.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Home Inspections Prior to Purchase...Are They Necessary?

There are times to save money and times when it is worth what you pay to get expert advice. One of these times is before purchasing a new home. A home inspection can help you identify many issues that you can later use as bargaining chips during price negotiations as well as stop you from spending too much money on something that turns out to be a money pit. is a great place to read about why you should invest in letting a professional do your home inspection as well as many other money saving ideas. This site is as good as they come and I urge the blogosphere to give it a visit.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

All About Mortgages

Readers that may be interested in getting a Mortgage Quote online should visit the link I have just provided you. It contains a whole treasure trove of posted articles concerning different types of mortgages as well as current lending habits of banks and investors. I personally never knew there were so many different kinds of mortgages and as I am not currently a homeowner I do see reason for me to be studying them all so that when the time comes for my first home purchase, I will be able to enter a discussion with my mortgage broker with at least half knowledge as to what he is talking about once he starts throwing out the big words. It would be completely asinine on my part to enter into such a huge decision without preparing myself first. I do not want to end up in foreclosure as so many people today are finding themselves. What used to be one page in the local paper dedicated to foreclosures has now turned into a complete section that makes the world news section look small in comparison. The news claims it is a buyers market and while that may be true, I still feel any buyer should do their homework when it comes to applying for and getting a mortgage. In the end, its your money on the line and you have only yourself to blame if you allow yourself to walk blindly into any situation when information to help you is so readily available.

Overworked And Underpaid

My brother and his girlfriend recently decided to open a bar / restaurant in our city and somehow it has landed in my lap to handle everything from finding the location to hiring contractors for the pre-opening renovation to ordering everything from the neon bar signs to Quality Bar Stools. I am even expected to help with the hiring process by pre-screening candidates. While I did manage to find them a great deal on bar stools from , complete with free shipping if they order more than $500 worth, I still have so much to do it's starting to make my head swim a little. What I really liked most about this site though was the quality and variety of bar stools being offered. I can order them made from wood, metal, or aluminum and I can get them available for indoor or outdoor use depending on their final building layout. Now if I can just find the perfect location I can begin to look for qualified workers and then I can negotiate my fee for handling all of the above, I figure I should at least be able to get a few bar stools given to me for my basement sports room, either that or a pool table. No seriously, I will be joining them in ownership as a silent partner with 10% ownership in the bar so as long as they make money, I make money thus making all my hard work worthwhile.

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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Win $300

I just came across a great contest that is really easy to enter and wanted to share it with all my readers. Brand Noise is giving away $300 . Anyone with texting abilities can enter by simply texting the word beer to 247365 and answering just ten questions in a survey. That sounds pretty easy, huh? This is some kind of light beer promotion. I myself do not drink now but there was a time when I would partake on a daily basis. My favorite light beer was Bud Light even though my all time favorite beer was Corona. Corona , a slice of lime, and a few good friends was all I used to need to have a really great time. Over the years things began to change, I guess some people might say I grew up but I contribute more of my being alcohol free to the fact that I actually turned legal drinking age when I was stationed in Saudi Arabia during Desert Storm, there is nothing in this world to prove Gods sense of humor like becoming legal in a dry country. This contest will be going on until Midnight on March 14th and you can look at the official rules by visiting the link I have provided above. For all that enter I would just like to say Good Luck and if you happen to win, don't spend all $300 on beer.

Everyone Deserves a Review

Just when you thought my posts had gotten boring, I have come across a blog unlike any I have ever read before and that alone warrants a review. First I would like to say that while I may not agree with the actions taken by another person 100% of the time, I do support their right to make such choices as long as it doesn't hurt anyone. I do not believe it is my place to ever judge anyone. Now, for those of you looking for a blog that really stands out as different, look no further than Longing to be a Woman and read about Kathryn, a (wo)man that spends his (her) time dressing and wanting to live as the opposite gender from which he was born. The blog template is simple in design, laid out nicely and the posts, while not my cup of tea, are well written. I am sure that there may be other bloggers out there going through similar situations and thats what this review is about, I will never discriminate when doing a review and I will always try to judge people on the way they treat me as a person versus what society believes to be right. If everyone could just look past petty differences, the world might even be a better place.

Dedicated Web Hosting

ServerPronto is a dedicated web host that is well worth looking into for any experienced web masters that finds themselves in need of an affordable and reliable hosting service. Established in the early days of 1999, ServerPronto has become a web masters dream offering dedicated hosting services with prices starting at just $29.95 per month. Thats not to say it is for everyone, it is clearly designed for the more experienced, amatures such as myself should stick with either a free site or seek shared hosting that may cater to helping us set up our sites. ServerPronto offers hosting with either Windows or Linux based servers and a variety of packages that suit the needs of almost any experienced web masters. Customer support is available 24 / 7 through phone, email, and live chat with a professional group of workers ready to answer even the most complicated of questions around the clock. ServerPronto has been described as being one of the best dedicated web hosts in the business and from what I have read about them already, they seem to be the full package at the best value. As for me, I will be sticking with my free site for now, however if I were to be running an e-store or even a game server, I believe fully that I would do two things, the first would be to hire an expert web master to assist me, the second would be to sign up for dedicated hosting through

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