Friday, March 14, 2008

Uses For GPS Keep Expanding

My next post concerns GPS Tracking and many of it's possibilities and uses in todays high tech society. GPS stands for Global Positioning System and is used to determine precise location of a person, a vehicle, or any other object it is attached to. It is accurate to within 2.5 meters anywhere in the world and is used by people such as the military to plot courses of maneuvering troops to finding downed aircraft to helping Navy ships navigate in the open seas. Other civilian companies such as Lojack may team with car rental companies or automobile dealers to monitor the whereabouts of a vehicle that may be stolen. A company known as LandAirSea produces GPS and software that is compatible with Google Earth to help facilitate such tracking. The GPS tracking device itself is very small and is receiving signals constantly from 24 Department of Defense satellites in constant orbit around the Earth. GPS is even used in cell phones so that police may track a person that dials for help. Companies such as OnStar use it to be able to send emergency help to a driver after an accident and now even teenagers driving habits are being monitored by cautious parents. Able to tell driving location, driving speed, and time at a specific location, parents no longer have to worry about where their children are or that they are driving responsibly. The future may hold even more uses for this amazing device and if it does LandAirSea will be surely at the forefront of utilizing such technology.

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