Saturday, March 8, 2008

Are You Getting the Best Deal on Your Insurance?

Before I started my business I had to do a lot of research. I had to research the competition, prospective clients, tax laws, prices of various products and tools I would be needing, rates other similar companies were charging,Commercial Insurance, and whether or not it was even possible to turn a profit based on the over all monthly costs for running it. While I learned it was possible I also learned I would still have to keep initial costs low or I could find myself joining the ranks of small businesses that die during their first year of operation. I started to do this by deciding I would not only be the company owner but until work picked up, I would also act as a laborer thus cutting payroll down by one worker. Next I used the internet to locate and buy my tools and products at the best prices possible. I learned tax laws so I could do my own accounting but my biggest money saver was when I shopped for insurance rates. I started comparing rates for the business at first and when I actually saw how much money I could save by not going with the same company I was currently using for my car insurance, I decided to revise my search to include all my insurance needs. Before I was done, I had successfully cut the operating cost for not only my business but for my household as well. My advice is to visit the link I have provided in this post and see if you're getting the best deal on your insurance needs.

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pizzatherapy said...

I guess you just proved that to save money you need to do your research.
So it does indeed make sense to shop around for the best deal
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