Monday, March 10, 2008

Animal Cruelty

The only time most of us even think of animal cruelty is when we see some celebrity sports star arrested for illegal dog fighting but animal cruelty does not begin or end there. Paws4Life is a blog that focuses on bringing animal cruelty to light in hopes of helping the public become more aware. This is an ever growing problem that, as early as last year, even reached into the ranks of PETA when a few of their workers went to a shelter and adopted a lot of animals only to kill them and dump their bodies in a dumpster down the street. I myself am not some die hard save the animals type person, I do eat meat every meal, however I would not go out of my way to intentionally harm a dog or kitten, and I dislike cats. Still, just because I would not own one does not mean I don't recognize their right to life. This blog is worth looking at, especially for all the animal lovers.

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PetMono said...

Paws 4 Life is a great blog! Happy you reviewed.