Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Importance of Your Landing Page

I just came in from work and clicked on my stumble button embedded in my browser and landed on, I glanced over it rather quickly like I will sometimes do when I land on a page for the first time before realizing, this was a blog I would actually take time to read. It is full of some good SEO advice and overall the site design is great. The posts are very well written and there is something on this blog for just about everyone. I knew within a few moments I would be reviewing it. That brings me to a question I was recently asked, "Do you review all blogs?" I would like to say that I do however that would be a lie, a blog has to catch my attention in the first few seconds or I, like many of you, will simply hit the back button and move on. I also do not review any blog that is not written in English, quite simply, even if I did speak Mandarin Chinese enough to do so, most of my readers would not and any review I gave would be of no use to them. If you aren't getting the traffic you would like, maybe you should ask a non biased person for their opinion of your landing page. You may find out that the black background with red text you thought looked so good, is turning others off.


Ty Hurd said...


Just wanted to take a moment to stop by to say hi, and thanks for the complimentary review - it's really appreciated (and I'm flattered ;-)!

Take care and feel free to stop by my blog anytime.

Thanks again,


Ed said...


Stop by my blog and let me know what you think!
Grace and Peace,

Helen Ginger said...

What also works is someone you know recommending a blog. I clicked through to Ty's based on your post.