Thursday, March 27, 2008

Ways To Earn Money Online

I think the goal of almost every blogger is to earn some money doing what they do. This leads us to plaster our blogs with affiliate ads, to allow Google to place more ads as we hope that we earn more than a few pennies each day, then there are the annoying Kontera links that always just bugged me, I tend to leave those sites as fast as my little browser will carry me. We have Pay Per Post and ReviewMe. There is InBox Dollars and Treasure Trooper and thats just scratching the surface. Out of all the possible ways to earn cash online I would say that Pay Per Post, ReviewMe, and Treasure Trooper are among my favorite and the ones that bring me the most money each month. If there are any that are better I haven't found them yet but would welcome advice from some of you that have been around the blogosphere longer. If you post a comment giving me a referral link and I join I will be sure to sign up under your link but please only do so if you are actually making money from the site you're promoting.


Eric Go said...

Great list on ways to earn money online.

However it is so sad to say that wordpress doesn't allow this stuff.


Serena said...

Hello, I have indeed earned from these sites that pays. All paid me above ($100 till date) Please do let me know if you are signing up under me. Thanks a lot.

If you have a blog in your own domain, there is another site which is good. I will give you the link if you want it.

All the best.