Wednesday, June 25, 2008


This one is for all the Gamers out there that are tired of reading very biased and obviously paid for game reviews. You all know the ones I'm talking about, the game pulls a near perfect score, you rush out to buy it, and only after spending your hard earned money do you discover the game just sucks. At All Your Base Game Reviews you can be assured you are getting the straight scoop from a fellow gamer. Thats who should be giving game reviews anyway, the average gamer is so much more qualified to do the job than someone working for a corporation engaged in exchanging review points for a higher score. This blog even has a forums for it's users to join and discuss their favorite games for the various consoles. I have personally been watching for this site to go live and now that it has I would encourage all truly hardcore Gamers to run, don't walk, on over and sign up for your free forum account. Help this community grow and send a message to all the paid for game review sites that enough is enough and with games costing what they do nowadays, it's time to be honest or lose traffic. Want a certain game reviewed before you rush out and buy it? Contact AYB and request it, I am sure the site admin will do all in his power to oblige.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Do Politicians Lie?

Although I try to avoid talking politics, I have been asked to review . This blog is very well written and offers insight into a lot of issues that my readers may want to check out. I admit that I read a few of the posts and actually learned some things I would have never heard about watching the news so I have to say that it holds value as a place to learn more. I do not take sides in politics myself as I view most politicians as liars that will say and do whatever it takes to line their own pockets and damn what the people want. To me , there is absolutely no difference between a Democrat, a Republican, or an Independent other than what issues they have chosen to lie about. Still many of these issues in the posts I read were things that affect us daily so I would recommend reading this blog even if the powers that be will still continue to do as they wish.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Computer Memory and Accessories

I just wanted to stop in and mention a great site for anyone that is interested in keeping their computers running smoothly. At you can buy new memory to speed up your system allowing multi-tasking to be less of a hassle. They also offer a nice variety of computer accessories such as USB drives, sound cards, monitors, and software so before you run out and pay more elsewhere, stop in and see if they have what you need at a lower price.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Law of Attraction - Does It Work?

I am often looking into business oriented blogs due to myself being a small business owner. Today I found Home Business and Personal Development and I must say I really like the message it is sending out to it's readers, and that is that you control your destiny. People may scoff at the ideas presented in "The Secret" however I don't, I have seen firsthand what learning to think positive can do for you. I have learned to set goals and how to project what I want into becoming a reality. I have learned how not to let negative thoughts control my universe but instead to use positive thoughts to provide a better life for myself and a better future for my children. I control my destiny. Check out this blog even if you have no plans of ever starting your own business, the simple things you can take away from it are amazing and once you learn to use them, you may find out just how simple it is to really make all your dreams come true.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Special Request To The Blogosphere

First of all, I'm not the type of person to try and push any religion on anyone. I have my beliefs, you have yours and I respect your right to hold a different belief than I do. Now, on to something I want you to do. As I was hopping around the blogosphere this Fathers Days, I came upon Security For Idiots and a post about a teacher named Eddie. Eddie has been in an accident that has left him in a comatose state. The site admin at SFI has asked everyone to keep Eddie in their thoughts and send him positive energy in hopes of him being able to recover. I know from reading many of your blogs that you are all decent people so I now want to ask of you the same thing, as you sit there reading this, take just a moment and send a prayer out to whatever God you choose to pray to that Eddie will make a full recovery for his family.

Thank You and Happy Fathers Days !

Saturday, June 14, 2008

New Reviews and Sexy Women

After what seems like forever I am back to review a few sites. I have been busy working and have to apologize for allowing this blog to become so ignored these last few weeks,I can't promise it won't happen again however I do promise to try to post at least a few new reviews a week. Anyway, tonights lucky site is Hot Asian Girls and was picked at random just because I knew my readers would like something sexy to look at. To be honest, although these women are sexy, they are really not my type at all and I do not mean that in any sort of racist way so please do not comment stupidly. I already have the perfect female in my life, she keeps me laughing and in check whenever I start acting like I should be sent to the moon until I regrow a brain. Still this site is not about me, it's about helping you, the reader find other blogs of interest to you so if you are into Hot Sexy Asian Women, go check them out.