Saturday, June 14, 2008

New Reviews and Sexy Women

After what seems like forever I am back to review a few sites. I have been busy working and have to apologize for allowing this blog to become so ignored these last few weeks,I can't promise it won't happen again however I do promise to try to post at least a few new reviews a week. Anyway, tonights lucky site is Hot Asian Girls and was picked at random just because I knew my readers would like something sexy to look at. To be honest, although these women are sexy, they are really not my type at all and I do not mean that in any sort of racist way so please do not comment stupidly. I already have the perfect female in my life, she keeps me laughing and in check whenever I start acting like I should be sent to the moon until I regrow a brain. Still this site is not about me, it's about helping you, the reader find other blogs of interest to you so if you are into Hot Sexy Asian Women, go check them out.


Meg said...

Glad you're posting again! Check out my site at ! Sorry, no sexy Asian women, though.

nick said...

love the idea of some random sexy asian babes, - nice pick.