Thursday, January 31, 2008

Teen Parents

While I DO NOT recommend anyone having children at a young age, reading the blog Parent Life really surprised me. Andy and Nikki are young parents to Ethan and just reading their posts makes a person realize that even though most young people are in no way, shape, or form ready for parenthood, here are two that actually have a chance at doing things right. Covering such topics as child safety seats and the dangers of smoking, this blog hardly seems to be written by teens. I wish them all the luck in the world raising Ethan but if their blog is any indication, I am sure they will do just fine.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tennis Wallpapers

Readers that are interested in tennis should go check out topSPINme where there are many tennis themed wallpapers available. I myself am not into tennis but I know some of my readers may be so if you are, this is a site that is worth a look.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Massage Chairs for the Sports Minded

Lately I have started having back pains, probably brought on by carrying a fully loaded pack so many years ago in the Marine Corps. I have tried Chiropractors without much success and since I am deathly afraid of needles I refuse to try acupuncture. A friend of mine recently bought one of those Massage Chairs and he swears by it.I have to admit I am considering buying one for myself. The chairs themselves are pretty sophisticated as they can give full body massages and you can even customize the areas to be massaged and at what intensity. My wife has a birthday approaching, I wonder if I could convince her that I am buying it as her present.

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Your Blogging and Affiliate Marketing Guide

This next blog, Atomic Blogging Secret, is self proclaimed as Your Blogging and Affiliate Marketing Guide. Whether it is or not I will eave for you the reader to decide. I found it to be full of informative posts on every topic from making money online to Google's recent Page Rank updates. All in all, I liked this blog however I did not agree with the overall template choice. The right side bars seemed a little cluttered and at first glance I think any reader would get confused by it.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Can Blogging Help Your Business Grow?

Being the owner of my own small business, I was glad to see the next blog on my list of reviews was Webs 4 Small Business. I found the layout to be nice and not cluttered. It offers a few posts on selling your products and even more on optimizing SEO and how search engines work. Still I dug deeper into the archives to discover some really well written posts on how to use blogging as a way of helping the small business owner. I myself look forward to reading more when my time is not as taken up as it has been this last week. I have been totally restructuring my company for 2008 starting with building my dream team as a way to improve company image and redirect marketing to a larger client base so that has left me little time for doing blog reviews. To everyone still waiting on their free blog review I offer my apologies and the knowledge that you are not forgotten.

Friday, January 25, 2008

LuMaxArt and the Gold Guy Dilemma

I want to start this next review by pointing out that I do not know a lot about LuMaxArt so my review of The Gold Guys Blog will be based more on site design than on content. The first thing I notice here is the template appears nice, uncluttered, and professional. There is not an overabundance of affiliate ads and the posts seem to be focused on the topic of free images of these Gold Guys. That in itself earns this blog praise as free is my favorite flavor. I will leave it to the people that understand the uses of these images to decide the real fate of this blog but from my point of view, it was interesting.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Web Hosting Choice

web hosting choice is a free guide designed to help both the beginner and advanced web site developers choose web hosting plans that both meet their desired needs and also their desired budget. Their advanced search option allows their users to handpick each and every choice when it comes to picking the hosting plan features they require. Anyone searching for a web hosting plan should stop in there first and see if they can help you pick a web host thats right for you.

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Collectible Action Figures

I grew up playing with Star Wars action figures (not dolls) and I spent my whole allowance every week to add to my collection. Years later as I was reading a magazine I found out that many of the same toys I once owned were now worth a lot of money. This next blog, Novelty Action Figures, really made me think about that day. Sure kids of today like the toys but now you will also find the die hard collectors trying to complete sets such as Spawn with full knowledge that in the right condition, these toys will only increase in value. Some may even be valued at thousands of dollars twenty years from now. This blog is very interesting to the collectors and the curious alike.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Mortgages brings us the "worlds largest mortgage community". With thousands of discussions and a host of experts available to answer any question you could dream up concerning mortgages, I would rank this site as top notch in professionalism. You can obtain mortgage quotes, find lenders, or use one of their mortgage calculators to calculate specifics to your needs. This site provides everything you could ever possibly need concerning mortgages in one place, how convenient is that? I would urge anyone to visit Mortgagefit with any questions they have concerning mortgages.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Relaxation Made Easy

The next blog to reach my attention is The Land of Spa and it is just that, a blog based on everything you could ever want to know about spas. This blog is well written with a simple design and although I am not a spa goer, I would recommend this blog as a read for anyone that is or anyone that is contemplating going to a spa. I understand that it can be a very relaxing experience and someday maybe I will go although I believe that will most likely be my wife going as I sit back and blog without interruption.In short, if you need to relax, visit the spa closest to you but first visit this blog so you know what to expect when you get there.

Hollywood Happenings

Devon Lohan is a very nice blog worth checking out. Whether you are interested in movie reviews, food reviews or just the latest scoop on whether The 2 Coreys will have a second season, you can find it here. Saying this blog is impressive would be an understatement. Don't believe me though, go check it out for yourselves.

Mutual Fund Investment

I just went over to the next blog I was asked to review and let me start by saying that this blog looks very professional and the posts seem to be a great source for information.Managing Personal Finance is a blog I would encourage people to read however at the same time, I am not a financial wizard and do not claim to be. While this blog does an excellent job explaining everything from Mutual Funds to Insurance Plans, I would also encourage my readers to seek more that one source of information prior to making any investment.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Educated Financial Decisions

Readers of this blog that are interested in saving money on their car, mortgage, credit line, student loans and insurance should visit the Finance Genius. I myself am checking them out now in their Auto Refinance category. If they can save me some money in this area I will most likely be returning in a few years to check into student loans when my daughter starts college. Then again, maybe if I let them help me in all my financial decisions, my daughter won't be needing that loan.

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Blog Your Way to a Better Body

I drove by the local Golds Gym earlier, notice I didn't say stopped in, and I noticed that the parking lot was half full. This same Gym had a completely full parking lot with people even parking on side streets on January 1st. Looks to me as if everyone's New Years Resolution to Get In Shape is starting to be broken. For the fitness minded readers out there that have not given up yet, I bring you the Sport Fitness Hut Blog.Each post here explains and demonstrates a different exercise you can do to help you get or stay in shape.The best part is many of these can be done from the comfort of your own home so if you are also on a mission to save money, you will have no expensive Gym fees each month. I myself am on a mission to get Blogging classified as an official sport, maybe even take it to the Olympics.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

It's All in the Wording

Have you ever tried to give directions to someone that did not speak your native language? It is the equivalant of ordering food in a restaurant where the menu is not in your language. The next blog I am reviewing is What Goes Under the Sun and deals largely with translation. After reading several of the posts I was impressed, both with the writing skills of the author but also with the time and dedication it takes to learn a second language fluently. Many times over the years I have found myself wishing I spoke another language fluently. As a former U.S.Marine, that participated in the invasion of Panama as well as Kuwaitt. I learned all the required foreign words such as "baje sus armas"(drop your weapons) and "Alto o desparro"(halt or I will shoot). When I got out of the Marine Corps, my job exposed me to many Russian and Polish workers that taught me simple phrases in their respective languages, and being American, what I have to say next may shock some of you that have never left the States, every polish joke you have ever heard is a lie. In three years I had the chance to work with about 200 Polish people and I have yet to meet one that did not speak at least 3 languages fluently. We use the word Polock as an insult, they use it to describe themselves also, only they use it with pride. It is the same word used in two different contexts. I would highly recommend What Goes Under the Sun to anyone, you may never want or have to speak cantonese, but the posts are still well worth the read.

Monday, January 14, 2008

S.E.C. Football

Growing up in Alabama, I learned very early that football was a sport to be taken seriously. Every year watching the Iron Bowl was just about as good as it gets. Being from Tuscaloosa(home of the Crimson Tide) didn't exactly do me any good though. I always rooted for Auburn. WAR EAGLES! baby. This next blog deals with football but not just any football, SEC Football, where you eat sleep and live football, there are no greater fans of the sport anyplace in the world. Well now I guess we blog football too and true to the spirit of the sport, it is done with class and extreme pride. Just visiting this blog made me think of all the great teams and coaches that have been part of the SEC Football program over the years. With awesome posts and videos , this blog is done in a way that would make Paul "Bear"Bryant himself proud so for all you football lovers, yes even the ones that aren't in the SEC, go on over and check out what a great job Ethan, the secfootballblogger has done.

Oh and.....WAR EAGLES!!!!!!

We're All Stars

Shakespeare said and I quote "All the world's a stage,and all the men and women merely players". As I read these words I know they hold true today even more than in the days of Shakespeare. Today, with the internet growing in leaps and bounds, it stands to reason that you no longer have to wait for your fifteen minutes of fame to come to you, you simply buy, rent, borrow, or steal a video camera and reach out and grab your fifteen, and if you do things correctly, you may be able to turn fifteen into more. The opportunity is there for each of us and now the opportunity, like the internet, is expanding. We're All Stars in our own minds, but Yawpbox is giving us a chance to show our talents, oddities, and creativeness off even more. Since the invention of reality t.v., the world had realized the market for normal people on film. With yawpbox's own Lex and Terry, any user generated video you upload has a chance of earning you a chance to be featured on their new show that will be comprised solely of user submitted content. My favorite all time user generated video would have to be of that crybaby guy screaming "Leave Brittney Alone!"That was just too funny for words really. If you want a chance for your video footage to be seen by large audiences, this is it. Join the Lex and Terry challenge by submitting your material in one of their chosen categories and find out how your material fares when put against other users. Users will also get the ability to add friends as well as vote on the material that is to be aired on the t.v. show so what are you waiting for? Check out the links I gave and enjoy your 15 minutes of fame.

Blog Commenting - Strategies for Increasing Your PR

I was just reading Blogging Tune and felt the need to share this site with my readers. It is nicely laid out with many great posts. The most recent of which deals with commenting on blogs. I know at one time or another we have all went to see what the most recent comment on our blog was and found something written that was so far off subject that we actually had to read it twice before deleting it. Some bloggers have actually disabled following just for this reason. Commenting can be a nice way to get a link back and more traffic to your blog, however it is time that many bloggers learned the right way and the wrong way to go about commenting other blogs. I urge all serious bloggers that want to understand more about how commenting can and will affect your PR and traffic to visit Blogging Tune and read what is written, then if you have something useful to add, leave a comment, if not, move on.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Increase Your Credit Score

If your like me then when you see a post about how to increase your credit score, you stop and read it. That is exactly what happened to me when I Stumbled Single Guy Money.This post was well written and actually broke down what percentage of your credit score was affected by what. I myself am working on increasing my credit score by paying extra on my credit card debt each month in addition to the minimum payment required. I use money from several other sources to do this, for example Google Adsense, PayPerPost, and my favorite is taking online surveys because it's easy money. A few hours a week clicking no, nets me an extra 50-60 dollars a month towards paying this debt down. What do you do to lower your debt?

Tales of the Paranormal

Encounters With the Unexplained is a fascinating blog to read if you are the least bit interested in paranormal events. It has some really decent videos to watch as well as great posts relating to everything paranormal from Seances to Crop Circles. I am neither a believer nor an unbeliever in most paranormal events, my belief is to await the evidence for or against and then base my judgment on which side has the stronger argument, however I did find this blog to be top notch in this niche.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Salon Grafix to the Rescue

I have learned a lot these last nine months about being in business. I learned first of all to lead from the front you should always be willing to do anything you ask one of your workers to do. Somehow a worker that notices his boss getting dirty right beside him will complain less about tasks he is asked to perform. This doesn't always help though when as a businessman I have to go to impromptu meetings with clients and if my hair is all dirty looking then it just doesn't look professional. On the job site, the ability to shampoo my hair does not come up often so I have started carrying dry shampoo from Salon Grafix with me in my vehicle. It is available with a color match system so it can be used by virtually anyone and you can purchase it in a nice convenient travel size as well. Now when I have to rush straight from the job site to a meeting I can do so with confidence thanks to Salon Grafix. Of course there are many reasons to use it...late for a date? Salon Grafix...washing your hair everyday leaving it frizzy and unmanageable? Salon Grafix. I believe once you try it for yourself and realize the possibilities , you too will carry a bottle of it in your vehicle so you can Clean on the Go!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Piracy Vs. Monopoly

Another good blog I just came across is Thondom Raughts. The posts are well written and one in particular caught my attention. It is "Piracy is Not Fair, Neither is Monopoly" and it gives an excellent argument for the use of open source operating systems such as the Linux communities. I myself dual boot between Windows XP and a lesser known Linux distro known as PCLinuxOS and as I become more used to Linux, I hope to move away from Windows completely.

Awesome Links to Check Out

The next blog for review is ,when I first arrived at this blog I liked the site design right off. As I started to check out the posts I realized that much like my own blog, it is providing the blogosphere with lots of free links to awesome sites. It is worth checking out and I am sure there is something there for everyone.

Lap Band Surgery

How many of you have ever dreamed of losing weight? If your like me, diets just don't work. Whether that is due to lack of self discipline or a slow metabolism it seems as if there is nothing that will help you lose weight. Now there is, lap band surgarland is a fully reversible surgery to help weight loss. Visit their site to get additional information , locate a surgeon, or sign up for a free seminar.

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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Basic Blogging Blunders- Try Not to Make Them

The next blog due a review is Blog Badly, it is rather humorous and can give you many ideas about what not to do when blogging if you plan on having readers. The sad part is if you look at as many blogs as I do, you will see these same mistakes again and again, it is like nobody cares that pop-ups is the quickest way to chase me away from what might actually be a decent blog were they not there to greet me. This blog is a must read for anyone that really wants to learn what not to do to attract a loyal audience. From the template to the content, I found Blog Badly to be a great site.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Sony Drops DRM

I was just reading the blog by Karol Krizka and learned that Sony will be dropping DRM protection on the songs they sell through their music service. It is about time, I for one do not pirate music however I feel as if when I legally purchase music, whether it is by the song or the whole CD, I have paid for the right to store a copy of that music on my computer for my own personal use or to listen to the songs on an Ipod. Sony is making a good call on this one and I believe it will show in their quarterly profits. For the full story, please visit the link above.

Rules for Financial Freedom

I was just reading 25 Revised Rules to Grow Rich By and just wanted to mention how much I liked the post. It has been awhile since I had stopped in at The Simple Dollar and for the life of me I have no idea how it has escaped review for so long. I have only good things to say about this blog, from the template itself to the professionalism of the posts, I thoroughly enjoy every time I stop in. If you have never checked it out you should do so post haste. I am sure you will find something there to grab your attention, just remember to pack a lunch because if you are like me, you're bound to be there awhile.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Red Tape

Have you ever wondered about where we get the saying "Red Tape" from? Not me, it never crossed my mind until I was scanning the Booklyn NY Lawyers Blog. There I found a post that actually told of it's origin and I have to admit, it was a very insightful read. I guess it's true that you learn something new every day. He also has an interesting post on Blogger Defamation that is well written and will give your mind something to ponder. I look forward to reading future posts from this blog.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Decorate all year with LED Christmas lights

Christmas may have come and gone but that is no reason to pack away those LED string lights. With a little imagination you may still find many uses for those Christmas lights. Costing less than fifty dollars to operate two thousand of these lights year round, pure white lights or the warm white lights are a very affordable way to light the area around your deck or illuminate the walkway to your home. These lights can be used both indoors and outdoors and the possible uses are only limited to the human imagination. Who said Christmas lights were still only for Christmas? Think outside the box, you could be surprised with the uses you can invent. I welcome any readers to post a comment telling me what other uses they have thought of for these lights.

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Hardcore Real Estate-Own a Piece of the Moon

I was just over at Blackholes and astrostuff which by the way is a very good blog for anyone interested in outer space or astronomy to check out, and I happened upon a post dealing with the purchase of Moon property. How great is that? Can you imagine a day when the moon is colonized and you actually own your very own piece of it? Back to my review...I liked this blog for it's awesome photos of celestial events and it's overall knowledge on outer space. The author does a great job of holding your interest and it is worth the read. Go check it out.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Varicose Vein Information Website

My next review is an important one for people that suffer from varicose veins. Even if you yourself do not have them, perhaps you can pass this information on to a friend or relative that does. Over at varicose veins you can read about the different types of varicose veins and varicose vein treatment.You can gain a lot of knowledge on the available treatments that can be performed and you can also locate a doctor to perform these treatments in your state with minimal effort. Their directory of doctors is free to use and they can be contacted through email or by calling toll free numbers that can be found in their profiles. If you have or know someone that has varicose veins, please pass this information on to them.

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Interior Decoraters

This next blog I am going to review deals with Textile and Decor. It is full of great posts for anyone wishing to beautify their homes. I especially enjoyed the one on window treatments as I spent this past Summer hanging all new valances in my own home for my wife. I don't mind doing stuff like that as it gives me a chance to be creative and to earn brownie points at the same time. This blog is well written with some great ideas for both the novice and expert decorators.

Celebrity Watchers

Over at Taylor's Entertainment News the blog focuses on celebrities. Readers there can catch up on what is going on in the lives of their favorite celebrities simply by clicking on the alphabetized link of the stars name. I found this blog to be well laid out and easy to use and as far as niche blogging goes I believe this blog could be a real winner. I would recommend this blog to anyone that wants to know what the latest and greatest in the entertainment field are doing.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Skateboards and skateboarding

Although I myself am not a Skateboarder, my son is so I asked his help in reviewing this next site. He generally stays away from the blogging scene but when I mentioned Skateboards he was all over it. At there appears to be something to make every skateboarder happy as I soon found out when my son started showing me all of the items he must have. I watched as my sons eyes lit up with envy for each category link as they opened in a new window. I learned what grip tape was as well as trucks and watched as my son designed his own skateboard which I too thought was a very cool feature. I myself was more interested in the helmets and pads which are priced very good and a lot cheaper than a hospital bill when that 720 just doesn't work out quite right. My son simply loved the site and made me bookmark it for future purchases. He even emailed all of his skater friends the link so that they too could revel in the glory of a skateboarder site done right. None of them may grow up to be the next Tony Hawk but it won't be for lack of trying. All in all, I found the site to be professional with great prices and lots of choices, everything from trucks to clothes to the boards themselves. I would recommend this site to skaters and parents of skaters.

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Eating Healthy

With America leading the world in obesity,I believe we can all lear a few lessons from Health Matters Blog. Full of interesting posts that can really be useful to anyone that is wanting to diet or just eat healthier. I watched a show on television just last night where McDonald's calorie count was exposed and with the Big Mac Combo Meal pushing more than 1000 calories, I think it is about time more people focused on what they are putting into their bodies. This blog addresses many of those issues and is well worth the read.

The Art of the Scam

I was reading the Con Man's Blog just now and found it to be very informative as far as scams and how they work. Jack Payne, the author, has written 55 books and sold over 1.1 million copies and does an excellent job in his posts describing how various scams work in the con man's world. It is a very interesting read that may someday save you or someone you know from falling victim to such techniques. I highly recommend it.


Today is my wifes birthday so I knew as soon as I awoke I had better make today a day for her to brag about at work tomorrow. I have been ignoring her little hints about her approaching birthday all last week and it almost had me sleeping on the couch a few nights as I faked confusion when asking her "Did I do something wrong?" only to hear her reply, "If you don't know, I'm not gonna tell you!" Little did she know I had secretly made reservations at a nice restaurant and had been online ordering Roses to be delivered to her. I bought her a dozen red roses from and I have to say that I got a really good price seeing that Roses are not even growing this time of year where I live. Just seeing her reaction, you would have thought I had hung the moon. We just got back from the restaurant where believe it or not, even with reservations we ended up having to wait two hours to be seated and through this all, my wife just acted calm as can be. When I tried to apologize for her birthday being screwed up by the long wait, she simply leaned in and kissed me and told me the Roses more than made up for it, and to think I almost bought her a new dishwasher. Guys, remember, for the special girl in your life, flowers are always a good idea.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Discount Inkjet Cartridges

I noticed tonight as I was printing out end of the year invoices that I was running low on ink and since I did not feel like driving so close to when many of the New Years parties are ending I figured I would just order online. Getting the best deal when I'm shopping is almost an obsession of mine. I refuse to spend one penny more than I have to if I can find a product cheaper elsewhere. My research led me to and some really great prices, up to 80% cheaper than I would have to pay in my local store. The site was also able to provide me with a good trouble shooting guide for printers in general so I may not have to call tech support the next time my printer acts up. After all that, the site even provided me with a list of available discounts and coupons so that I could save even more on an already discounted price. This site has earned my business and respect.

cheap Canon printer cartridges

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For anyone that has ever thought of setting up an internet shopping site or E-commerce as it is so often referred to as,the problem of where to obtain the merchandise sold on your site comes up. Being a businessman in the real world has taught me to do my research before spending the first dime on any business related venture so as 2008 arrived I was checking out the possibilities of opening my own E-commerce site. There is money I work for in my service related business and there is untapped into money I hope to gain through internet selling as a way of creating passive income. If I can create a healthy balance of the two with minimal extra work being added to my already busy schedule,I could perhaps double or even triple my net worth in 2008. That is where LightInTheBox comes in at. They are a worldwide wholesaler offering more than one hundred thousand products for a want to be web entrepreneur to choose from when setting up their site. Products range from MP3 players to Cell Phones to Toys and everything in between including clothing.They offer low minimum orders as well as drop shipping on the products and are definitely worth looking into more, by myself and any other future E-Commerce moguls. Visit their site and check them out.