Sunday, January 27, 2008

Can Blogging Help Your Business Grow?

Being the owner of my own small business, I was glad to see the next blog on my list of reviews was Webs 4 Small Business. I found the layout to be nice and not cluttered. It offers a few posts on selling your products and even more on optimizing SEO and how search engines work. Still I dug deeper into the archives to discover some really well written posts on how to use blogging as a way of helping the small business owner. I myself look forward to reading more when my time is not as taken up as it has been this last week. I have been totally restructuring my company for 2008 starting with building my dream team as a way to improve company image and redirect marketing to a larger client base so that has left me little time for doing blog reviews. To everyone still waiting on their free blog review I offer my apologies and the knowledge that you are not forgotten.


LaTease Rikard said...

great info. thanks for sharing

JayPeeFreely said...

What, you don't have 48 hours in your "day" to do everything people want you to do??? :)

I hopefully can promote some written ideas I have via my blog, but honestly, I am hamstrung by a few things:
1) I do it at the library
2) Not a code expert
3) Have my own love-hate with the medium

Good advice on your blog.

Rachel said...

thanks for the share! would love to be part of the contest=)