Monday, January 14, 2008

Blog Commenting - Strategies for Increasing Your PR

I was just reading Blogging Tune and felt the need to share this site with my readers. It is nicely laid out with many great posts. The most recent of which deals with commenting on blogs. I know at one time or another we have all went to see what the most recent comment on our blog was and found something written that was so far off subject that we actually had to read it twice before deleting it. Some bloggers have actually disabled following just for this reason. Commenting can be a nice way to get a link back and more traffic to your blog, however it is time that many bloggers learned the right way and the wrong way to go about commenting other blogs. I urge all serious bloggers that want to understand more about how commenting can and will affect your PR and traffic to visit Blogging Tune and read what is written, then if you have something useful to add, leave a comment, if not, move on.


blue234 said...

Wow. Disabling your comments or not paying attention defeats the entire point of a blog. Web 2.0 is all about interaction.

As far as the right way and the wrong way to leave a comment....I'm not quite sure what you mean. If you are referring to spam, I can understand. I am up to my eyeballs in spam every day.

A comment is just that...a comment. Simple and to the point.

SF said...

Important point that just can't be stressed enough, we all want to increase site visits...leaving a relevant comment takes about as much time as leaving a link to a why not do both, add a little juice to your link...

viqifrench said...

I'll have the go read those rules. But first, a comment!

NICE blog. ;-)


Hye said...

I will read that post and see how blog commenting works. Thanks for sharing this important information :D

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Robin Plan said...

The self promoting comment will not get people to your site or blog. Leave sensible comments that are helpful to other readers. Leave it up to the readers to decide if they want to visit your site.
Seth Godin's blog is always top rated and has no comments section.
Read why:
Why I don't have comments

The number of comments I get doesn't mean anything if they are just a marketing ploy.

I'll be back to visit this blog.

Barbra said...

I learned something today...thank you.

Jack Payne said...

I get a fair number of comments on my blog, many of which are disjointed, totally disconnected to the subject, and out-of-place. I love 'em all, though, and run everything except the most blatant spam.