Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Free Blog Templates

The next blog up for review offers free blog templates for your site. I know I am always up for free stuff, I guess you would call free my favorite flavor. There are several nice template designs available for free download and if you're looking for something a little more customized, you can contact the owner of Lemonade Designs and request she make you something special. I applaud her in her efforts to offer something more than another ad infested blog to the blogging community. Maybe you won't find any template there to satisfy your personal wants or needs but it never hurts to stop in and check out her work, who knows, you may walk away with just the design you are looking for and at the price, it can't be beat.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Something New

I really enjoy when I go to a blog for the first time and see something new and unexpected to read. This is really exciting when it is an article on a way to make money online that I haven't heard of before. PPC Advertising really caught my attention with their latest post that told me of how I can earn money online simply by helping others to name their web site domain. It is something I will look into as it seems easy enough and if it doesn't pan out then it's no big deal either as PPC Advertising has many other interesting articles for me to read and enjoy. Everyone should take time to read the post titled I'm a Millionaire as it deals with email scams that we have all seen and yet people still fall for. I give this blog two thumbs up for a job well done.

Thursday, September 20, 2007


I have finally managed to prove to the powers that be that I am not a spam bot and they have unlocked my blog. Reviews will commence on Monday. Thanks go out to everyone that waited patiently.

Monday, September 10, 2007

New Policy For Requesting A Blog Review

I have decided that since half the people that request a review from this site will not even so much as stop in to say Thanks after the review is given, all future reviews are given only to requesting sites that add ProBlogReviews to their Blogroll. If you request a review of your blog , I will view your Blogroll and only after seeing a link to this blog will I spend my time reviewing yours. This rant was not intended for everyone as many of you have manners enough to at least Thank me for my time and also does not apply to sites I have reviewed that did not request a review. If I have offended anyone, well this is the internet and you will soon get over it.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Dawn's Revenge

I first heard of Dawn when I Stumbled Upon an article from Ebay and how she was auctioning Pokemon cards in an attempt to regain money spent on them when one of her children snuck them unseen into her grocery cart. As a parent of some sneaky curtain climbers myself, I immediately liked this action. By the time I had finished reading Dawn's auction and discovered she had a blog,I already knew she had that writing style that can take the most hair pulling things children do and make us laugh to tears the whole time thanking whatever powers that be that there are other parents with children as funny as our own. I used to think it was just my children that was trying to see how fast they could get the men with the little white jacket that has arms that fasten in the back, to come haul me away to the padded room for my own safety,now I know it's more of a kid conspiracy against us adults. It is only through the stories about little victories such as Dawn's that give me the tenacity to face these little heathens day in and day out. Many of Dawn's readers have suggested she should write a book and I would agree, I would buy it as fast as the people that stood in lines to get the last Harry Potter. I encourage everyone that has kids or someday wants kids to rush over to Mom2My6Pack and read about some of Dawn's adventures with children, her husband, and life in general. You should pack a lunch though because her writing style and flow of words will leave you spellbound, you will lose track of time...but you will come away feeling refreshed and a little happier.

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Make Money Online

I know we all would like to know how to make money online so I visited to see if they could shed some light on this subject. What I found there were some well written articles on everything from John Chows latest contest giveaway to an article on How to Optimize Your Site for Google. I walked away with not only more knowledge in that area but also more knowledge on some of FaceBooks and Apples latest decisions. I obtained a Free Myspace Friend Adder as well. All in All I found the site to be more unique than any of the previous make money online blogs I have visited in that every article was not solely based on that niche and I wasn't being bombarded with more ads than posts. This site is worth your time to look into so run right over there , read some good information, and remember to tell them I sent you.

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Thursday, September 6, 2007


All pregnant women know what cravings are and all fathers know as well, they are what will make our wives wake us up at 3:00 a.m. and tell us to promptly go out,find a store that sells marshmallows,chocolate syrup,pickles,and hot sauce because if they don't get it you won't be getting anymore sleep this night. Mrs.MandyPoo is a female that is blogging through her pregnancy and doing a really great job at it. I just finished reading her latest post about when the cravings suddenly go away and what she once liked couldn't appear more wrong to her now. It was both insightful and comical to read as this is the first I have ever heard of the cravings ending. Mrs MandyPoo is expecting her first child on December 2nd of this year and then I expect her blog to fade away due to lack of sleep. Until then I plan on reading her every post and wish her the most perfect baby a woman could have, ten fingers, ten toes, and healthy as can be.

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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Web Design

This next site I want to inform my readers about is really a great asset to web developers. It provides you with free web development tools that many of us may not have ever heard of. Want to make some really nice looking CSS buttons for that site you have been working on?Maybe you might be more interested in where you can download over 8,000 free fonts.

Whatever it is you are looking for as a web developer, I highly urge you check out webappers , you just may find a free program listed that will do the work for you. This site is also full of pictures to help the reader see what the site owner is describing. I have subscribed to the RSS feed and I suggest anyone that spends any time developing do the same.

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Monday, September 3, 2007

Unspoken Casualties

Sister Soldier is a blog written by R.B.Stuart, a freelance journalist, in which she describes her sisters return from Iraq with cancer that has a high probability of being caused by drinking water and eating food that has been contaminated with depleted uranium waste. Depleted Uranium is being used in United States bombs and has been since Desert Storm as a way for us to dispose of radioactive waste. Sister Soldier speaks for the troops that are too scared of retaliation or too sick to speak for themselves. She also backs up her posts with facts that have yet to be disputed by the U.S. Government. This is a great read for anyone going to Iraq or that knows someone over there.

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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Another Make Money Online Blog

Lets face it, their everywhere and most are almost photo copy clones of one another. I did not find this to be the case when I visited . I found some really interesting articles on ways I had not yet seen on ways to make money online, such as how to find profitable keywords for your business and how to improve your online sales for the e-commerce people in our midst. I recommend anyone that is looking for some creative ways to make money online to view this site.