Thursday, July 31, 2008

Another Great Blog

I just finished looking over Ready To Be Rich and once again I felt that this blog deserved to be broadcast to the blogosphere. I especially enjoyed reading the post about The Law of Attraction as I myself am a firm believer in it. That is a post that anyone in the world, blogger or not could learn from. I'm sure that many of my readers may say that its all a bunch of mumbo jumbo but I have seen what it can do and I will continue to believe in it. As for this blog, as a whole it is outstanding and has some really great posts to help you financially. Go check it out.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Photo Blog

True to my word, I have begun to pull sites from my Top Spots list on my other blog for reviewing. I felt it was a nice way to show some support for those that have supported me by donating. I will still be providing reviews to any blog or site that catches my attention however I will be beginning my search for such sites at the Top Spots list prior to starting a random stumble.

The first site pulled from my Top Spots list is rather simple in design, the posts over at Pix are pretty much wordless however what you will find there are some really awesome photographs and as they say "A picture is worth a thousand words." I found this level of photography outstanding of course I am the guy that has probably 20 pictures of my thumb for every 1 picture of my children.

I really did enjoy the latest photograph of the airplanes wing and found the colors to be amazing, I'm sure that we will continue to see some excellent shots being taken by the photographer and I look forward to checking them out. If photography is your thing you should too.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Make Money Online

I have once again reached over into the sidebar and grabbed a random blog from my list of recent visitors to review. is a really great blog to go check out. The layout is rather simple and the posts are excellent. The blog theme is of course making money online and the site admin does a great job of posting useful articles and videos to help any aspiring blogger learn a few new things about the subject. One thing I did find on this blog that impressed me was that if you click on the monetize tab, you get taken straight to a rather long list of links to sites that will pay you as an advertiser. Using this list, almost anyone should be able to find a way to turn a profit from their blog. Anyway, why not go over there now and check it out and remember to visit here often, yours could be the blog I visit next.

Monday, July 21, 2008

How Much Money Is Too Much Money?

Instead of posting a blog review, I wanted to direct readers to the answer to one of life's important questions. How Much Money Is Too Much Money? If you think the answer is a number beyond grasping, think again. It is actually a lot lower than you may realize. I urge my readers to read the post I have linked to so that you too will know the answer.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Checks In The Mail Syndrome

I am sick today so I decided since I don't feel well enough to be a productive member of society, I may as well blog. My newest review will be of the blog Lost In The Words which I found simply by looking over my recent visitors. The posts are all very well written and a pretty good way to pass the time, reading them that is. One post in particular caught my attention. It is How Long Is Too Long and discusses the times a business owner will run into that rare client that just doesn't seem to want to pay as agreed. I myself have been there with my own business and can relate fully to "the checks in the mail" syndrome. Go check this blog out and remember to visit here often, there is no telling when or who I will visit next.