Saturday, September 8, 2007

Dawn's Revenge

I first heard of Dawn when I Stumbled Upon an article from Ebay and how she was auctioning Pokemon cards in an attempt to regain money spent on them when one of her children snuck them unseen into her grocery cart. As a parent of some sneaky curtain climbers myself, I immediately liked this action. By the time I had finished reading Dawn's auction and discovered she had a blog,I already knew she had that writing style that can take the most hair pulling things children do and make us laugh to tears the whole time thanking whatever powers that be that there are other parents with children as funny as our own. I used to think it was just my children that was trying to see how fast they could get the men with the little white jacket that has arms that fasten in the back, to come haul me away to the padded room for my own safety,now I know it's more of a kid conspiracy against us adults. It is only through the stories about little victories such as Dawn's that give me the tenacity to face these little heathens day in and day out. Many of Dawn's readers have suggested she should write a book and I would agree, I would buy it as fast as the people that stood in lines to get the last Harry Potter. I encourage everyone that has kids or someday wants kids to rush over to Mom2My6Pack and read about some of Dawn's adventures with children, her husband, and life in general. You should pack a lunch though because her writing style and flow of words will leave you spellbound, you will lose track of time...but you will come away feeling refreshed and a little happier.

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Good for the Kids said...

I love Dawn! I advertise on her site, and I get TONS of traffic. Her writing is amazingly true-to-life.