Monday, September 10, 2007

New Policy For Requesting A Blog Review

I have decided that since half the people that request a review from this site will not even so much as stop in to say Thanks after the review is given, all future reviews are given only to requesting sites that add ProBlogReviews to their Blogroll. If you request a review of your blog , I will view your Blogroll and only after seeing a link to this blog will I spend my time reviewing yours. This rant was not intended for everyone as many of you have manners enough to at least Thank me for my time and also does not apply to sites I have reviewed that did not request a review. If I have offended anyone, well this is the internet and you will soon get over it.


lemonade said...

i'd love for you to review my blogs!

personal blog

designs blog

i've inserted ur link into the blogroll of my personal blog! hope to see a review! :)

Midwest said...

hi. i've read your policy and also posted a link to your blog on my blog roll. i would appreciate if you'd take a couple of minutes and review my blog:
thanks for reviewing my blog for free :) all the best, Tiberius a.k.a. Midwest from My PPC Advertising blog

Adlerosopher said...

I recently added 2 more blogs per your stipulation that my blog cannot be reviewed with only one post. I will most definitely throw your link in my blogroll. Thank you!

Adlerosopher said...

oh yeah, and my link is:

thanks again

Midwest said...

hi. i've just received your comment on my blog at,and i understand that you have some problems with your blog being rated as a spam blog and it is locked. i'll wait until google will fix this and i'll wait for your review. i'm sorry for you having this problem right now and i do understand that i have to be patient and wait for your review. thanks. have a nice day and i hope you'll get this problem solved fast. all the best.