Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Today is my wifes birthday so I knew as soon as I awoke I had better make today a day for her to brag about at work tomorrow. I have been ignoring her little hints about her approaching birthday all last week and it almost had me sleeping on the couch a few nights as I faked confusion when asking her "Did I do something wrong?" only to hear her reply, "If you don't know, I'm not gonna tell you!" Little did she know I had secretly made reservations at a nice restaurant and had been online ordering Roses to be delivered to her. I bought her a dozen red roses from and I have to say that I got a really good price seeing that Roses are not even growing this time of year where I live. Just seeing her reaction, you would have thought I had hung the moon. We just got back from the restaurant where believe it or not, even with reservations we ended up having to wait two hours to be seated and through this all, my wife just acted calm as can be. When I tried to apologize for her birthday being screwed up by the long wait, she simply leaned in and kissed me and told me the Roses more than made up for it, and to think I almost bought her a new dishwasher. Guys, remember, for the special girl in your life, flowers are always a good idea.

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