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For anyone that has ever thought of setting up an internet shopping site or E-commerce as it is so often referred to as,the problem of where to obtain the merchandise sold on your site comes up. Being a businessman in the real world has taught me to do my research before spending the first dime on any business related venture so as 2008 arrived I was checking out the possibilities of opening my own E-commerce site. There is money I work for in my service related business and there is untapped into money I hope to gain through internet selling as a way of creating passive income. If I can create a healthy balance of the two with minimal extra work being added to my already busy schedule,I could perhaps double or even triple my net worth in 2008. That is where LightInTheBox comes in at. They are a worldwide wholesaler offering more than one hundred thousand products for a want to be web entrepreneur to choose from when setting up their site. Products range from MP3 players to Cell Phones to Toys and everything in between including clothing.They offer low minimum orders as well as drop shipping on the products and are definitely worth looking into more, by myself and any other future E-Commerce moguls. Visit their site and check them out.


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建君 said...

Hi, a good article about E-commerce and online shopping. Also a nice website for wholesale, a big wholesaler i think, and have plenty products. keep going!

Anonymous said...

wholesaler? you must be kidding. You call buying a Playstation 3 for £377.00 wholesale? In the UK Playstation 3 retails at £299.00 and some places you could buy it brand new for £199.00.

They use the term wholesale as the word wholesale is a very common search term online when businesses are looking to buy products below retail price. And since their branded products are no different to most retail stores, they have no right using the term wholesale as I find this very misleading. are a bunch of middle men doing business as any other business. The wholesale price is what ever price they paid for the product before adding on their profit margin to sell to the general public and businesses. I would not recommend them for businesses looking to re-sale their products. If you want wholesale prices in order to make a good profit, then you well need to deal directly with the manufactures of these products who well be able to give you a wholesale price quote.

Anonymous said...

Hi,建君 and the Anonymous

Thank you very much for your comments and criticism. After reading your comments, we see our shortcomings and advantages. Regarding to the price, we are making every effort to deal with this problem. We plan to lower the price in the precondition of ensuring the quality. So please continue concerning us and feel free to browse our website. Any questions, please feel free to contact us at

Thanks for your guys comments! again.

Poor said...
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LITB said...

Firstly, thanks for your concern on

Then i saw your same post in other blog. But the problem is we have processed your refund. You do not need and do not worry about resigning yourself about losing your money. We are doing real businesses. We do not allow any dissatifactions happened in our customers. If there are some delay about the reply email, hereby i say sorry to you. We sincerely hope you will feel satified when you get the refund. Welcome you to visit our website. Good luck!

Poor said...

Yes refund has been made, and site has been redirected, you acted after 2 month and only after I have put some presure...

I have lost over 100$ of shipping, so if I understand you correctly I should be happy ?

Anyway thank-you for the refund, I have removed the comment from most site (when possible)domain are also redirected to your main site.


Anonymous said...

Do not use this company. I ordered a wii console. It came and wouldn't work. I've been a week now trying to get some sort of replacement or repair but nobody can be bothered to talk to me or whoever does talk to me says not to worry, someone will get back to me. Its disgraceful

Anonymous said...

never buy jerseys from this site. they ripped me off and now they wont give me a refund. they dont look anything like the picture that they show. the numbers look like their spray painted on the jersey. and they said it was a swingman which is sposed to be stitched. it cost me $70 and they want to give me a coupon of $5. they took like a month to ship the item too. this site is a rip off.

raven said...

It's funny. You all are saying that light in the box tells you not to worry. They told me the same thing! It must be the companies slogan. Don't worry if you don't have a dress ready for your wedding. "So don't worry. Just Waiting for it in patience." I've been trying to get ahold of them for a week to fix the error they made in a dress size for my wedding. I'm very disappointed with this company. They don't answer the phone, email, or the ticket center they claim will get back to you in 24hrs. Buyers beware.

Anonymous said...

I ordered 200 earbuds from this site for a business need. I was told I would have my product in 5-7days. We are on day 5 now and they have not even shipped. You cannot get through to speak to anyone. I have been trying for 3 days to speak to someone to confirm what courier they will use and the "US number" provided is a cell phone of someone located in San Francisco. The phone usually goes straigh to voicemail or is not answered when it is on. The voicemail is always full. "William" on the web chat told me the cell phone was dead so to try again later. They will not give me a China number. They said the delay was they had to check the products to make sure they were good before sending them or if I wanted them quicker they would just send me "unchecked" products and I would risk them not working. When you finally get through on the click to chat they tell you not to worry. Sounds familiar. "William" must have got tired of me because he sent a message saying he had a phone call and had to transfer my chat session. It has been an hour and no one has picked up the session. Funny that he is taking a phone call when I can't seem to even get a number to the China office.

Anonymous said...

I would tell everyone be aware of this kind of web sites such as "lightinthebox":

1) They claim serving the whole sell market but the prices are ALL retail. How do you make money with such high price?

2) They cannot guarantee the quality of the price because they are middle man in the purchase process.

3) They cannot guarantee the shipping days. How can you rely on them to run your business?

4) Bad, bad, bad customer support!

5) The problem is there but they have not changed much.

Forget about "lightinthebox": there is no light at the end of tunnel! It's really a rip off for customers around the world. Go to better sites who are indeed business friendly.

Anonymous said...

This shop provides devices with very bad quality.
The device I purchased stopped working after only 2 weeks of use.
I contacted their costumer service they refused my request to replace the product because it has been used for 2 weeks!
I would never buy from them again. And I’d rather spend a bit more to receive proper quality items and better customer service.
Be ware!

Anonymous007 said...

Lightinthebox are deceiptful and liars with poor customer service. They state FREE SHIPPING on bulk orders but they increase the price of each item for bulk orders by at least $10...they are misleading the customers by doing this. They have the WORST customer service I have ever encountered!! and I hope they go out of business as they are nothing but CON MEN!!

Amanda said...

Actually, I just received my wedding dress from lightinthebox today. It's exactly the size I requested, and perfectly tailored. The fabric is good quality and the workmanship on it is good, too. Furthermore, when I needed to stop an order before it was even processed, I received an immediate refund back to my credit card. Their service for me was excellent.

Lorri said...

Hi Amanda,
I'm looking to buy a dress to and would love to chat more about it in private. Would you mind sending me and email.

Anonymous said...

I am looking into starting a bridal shop and was considering purchasing my gowns and formal wear from light in the box? Has anyone else had any experience in ordering from this site?

KimmyCrackCorn said...

Hi Amanda, I'm in the same boat as Lorri and am looking to buy a wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses from lightinthebox and would like to get some helpful feedback from you. Please email me if you can. Lorri, if you have made any purchases from them, also please let me know. Thanks.

mrs2be said...

Lorri/Amanda. I am also looking to purchase my dress from lightinthebox. Could you email me and let me know ur views?

Bride to be said...

I have just come across this site and fallen in love with bridesmaid dresses - just a bit wary so any feedback good or bad would be really appreciated

Anonymous said...

hi there i am also in the process of planning a wedding and waa looking at the bridesmaid dresses on the site they look fab and great value for money any feedback would be greatly appreciated as looking at some of the previous feedback it doesnt sound to good...thanks

kortahaupt said...

Hi Amanda really sorry to bother you...but like the others I am thinking about getting my wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses from light in the box as well as it would save us so much money. However, after reading all these comments about how bad their quality is, I am scared to make the step. Would you please contact me to tell me a bit more about your experience with would really be appreciated! Any other experience regarding this would be great!

Anonymous said...

Hi, i am also looking to buy a wedding dress from light in the box - I have heard bad things about electrical goods and yersey but not wedding dresses. I have ordered 3 now. Fingers crossed!!

Anonymous said...

check this out for wedding dress comment light in the box

Wholesale Wholesaler said...

Great post - great site.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else made the step towards buying a wedding gown from this site? I have been wondering if this is a good deal as far as quality and service. I am wanting to buy one of their gowns, but not sure if I should go through with it. Just curious if anyone else has actually gone through with it, received their dress and what the out come was. Thanks!

KYLE said...


Anonymous said...

BEWARE!! don't be ripped off, I ordered a wedding dress and it came looking like it was from Goodwill. it was nothing like the picture. A friend of mine ordered one too and never recieved it or a dime back!! They always say don't worry so when they say that, you will know you are screwed!!

Anonymous said...

I was hoping that it was a good site but by the comments, I can tell that it is not legit. Consumer reports has done an investigation on the site and called it "erroneous and fraudulet".

Amanda said...

...Maybe I just got lucky...

Or maybe some folks are just UNlucky.

My dress is great.

Anonymous said...

I've searched for reviews about lightinthebox and there have been positive reviews about wedding apparel and other products, but there have also been plenty of negative reviews as well and we should take those into account too. If we're paying good money to a company that represents itself as reputable and ethical with pictures and descriptions of nice quality looking merchandise, it shouldn't be up to good luck whether we receive a good product or good service.

Anonymous said...

I've recently make a purchase from LightInTheBox. It's been 3 weeks now and I've not received my items. The customer services never return call and you will be lucky if you can get assistance for After-Sale support. If u try the pre-sale instant chat, you may get some response but they will never commit to delivery. Their model allows them to take your money up-front and only order bulk from mfg for economy of scale, and mislead consumer with 5-7 bussiness day delivery time. I don't recommend making use of this website even though the price may looks attractive. I'll report the purchase a fraudulent if they fail to ship by next week.

Date: 09-Oct-2008

Brooke said...

I made the mistake of falling in love with a wedding dress from lightinthebox. I ordered it and well I asked them if they would waite for my measurements. They said they would waite. Well I sent in my measurements and about a few weeks later I recieve that they made the dress in my first size. I found that funny because when I sent my measurements in they said they would make it according to my measurements. They won't make me a new dress and said they would take away 15 perecent if I asked for a refund. I do not recommend them at all.

Anonymous said...

junk site , i purchase something about 3 week ago and nothing . all the good reviews come from them, so dont trust . FAKE site .

Anonymous said...

Brooke, Did you receive a dress from them, if so, that sounds like you got a better deal than some women who never received anything and no money back! Was the dress a good quality even if it was in the wrong size, because then you could just go get some alterations on it to make it fit you.

Anonymous said...

Of course, women are falling in love with the wedding dresses and bridesmaids dresses on lightinthebox. The pictures are beautifully shot photos of designer and couture wedding dresses stolen from the designers websites. The dresses in the pictures look stylish and fashionable and beautiful because they're designed well, made of high quality fabric and material, and have good crafstmanship - that's why they cost 1000s of dollars when you buy the originals from bridal boutiques! The Lightinthebox dresses are knockoffs and copies based on pictures (not actual patterns) and whatever substitue cheaper quality fabric and materials the tailors/seamstresses/factory have at the time. That's why you're paying $100-200 for a dress. (Let's not even get into a debate about copyright infringement or trademark violations here.)

Granted, many of our clothes and wedding apparel come from China, but those clothes are based on some form of designs, patterns and materials as outlined by the clothing company contracting with the sewing factory. With Lightinthebox, you could get "lucky" if you get the right seamstress/tailor/sewing machine operator who knows how to sew and the non-bad fabric is available when your dress order comes in. Or "UNlucky" like Amanda says.

Anonymous said...

You all make me sick....
Just cheapos here whining....
If you want a flawless eletronic/dress or whatever pay a flawless price.
Just because you are buying on a website or ebay it doesnt mean you can have it cheaper than stores.
Top products will always cost top dollar! Remember that!

Leeanne said...


I ordered my bridesmaid dresses from here three weeks ago and recieved them today and they are amazing!
The colour and dress style is exactly what i ordered and my girls love them, we didnt ask for them too be tailored we just ordered the dress size that they wear and went one up and they are the way i DO NOT work for this company i am a travel agent from scotland..who is on a very tight budget for her wedding!
ta xx

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I purchased evening dress in august 1st but I havent recieved a dress or my moneyback. At first they responded that there is a delay and be patient. I called and first two times they picked up and assured me that I'm getting my dress just have patience. Now they dont even pick up the phone and I cant get anybody in live chat. How much patience do I have now? NONE! I want my MONEY BACK! Did anybody get there money back??? let me know
Another question if they are getting investigated what happens next?

Anonymous said...

I ordered my wedding dress from light in the box and was so excited about finding such a good deal. My fiance and I are paying for the wedding with no help from anyone financially, so we're trying to find deals at every corner! Then I start seeing these blogs about light in the box and start getting worried that I got ripped off. But, I just got my dress today. It took right under a month from the day I ordered it to the day I received it. It's great quality and it looks just like the picture. The only thing is, I think the train on it is a little longer than the pic, but that can be altered. They are a little bad about communication, though. Their pre-sale e-chats are great, but for post-sale questions you can only email them and wait for a response. They say they'll respond within 24 hours but it was more like 72 or more when I got my response. I also called them and got an answer. The woman had a kinda heavy chinese accent, so it was a little hard to understand her (plus I called on my cell in case it was international calling-didn't want to get charged!!). They never sent me an email to let me know my dress was shipped and to give me tracking info, but it got here!! So for any brides who are unsure about this company, I just want you to know that I have nothing bad to say about them!

susan said...


susan said...

oh poor

Wholesale Electronics said...

i ordered sumin from them on the 9th september, still nothing has arrived and they aint sent me any e-mails since paying, i went on the site today to check my order but its dissappeared?? the payment was all comfirmed, ive e-mailed them asking where its gone i just gotta wait for a reply, will let you know.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone paid with Paypal for their wedding dress? I know they protect you from fraud, non received items etc so just wondered if anyone has experiences bad problems but used paypal???

Anonymous said...

On the site it says you can use a credit card ONLY WITH paypal... Im worried about ordering my dress now. We're on such a tight budget I cant afford to be out almost 200 bucks! Theres so many mixed reviews that Im not sure... =/

Anyone with any suggestions please email me


princessali said...

i ordered 3 bridesmaids/flower girl dresses from lightinthebox about 3 weeks ago without reading any of these reviews,after reading them i started to panic and convinced myself that i would never recieve them so went online and spoke to them via there instant chat,they told me that the dresses had been packaged and where waiting to be shipped but i still was not convinced,a few days later i checked my account and it said my item had been shipped,i recieved them yesterday and could not believe how perfect they where,there perfectly tailored everything i wanted and more,my girls cannot wait to wear them!!

Anonymous said...

I also ordered from I ordered a PSP system. I specifically asked if this system was new via their live chat feature and I was told "Sure, Always..." Well needless to say that it was obviously an open box item whn it arrived. The instruction booklet inside was a cheap photocopy of the original. After writing approximately 7-8 e-mails requesting instructions on how to return the item I finally received a response. What a poor way to do business!! Beware of ordering anything from this site. They are lying theives!

Anonymous said...

hi guys,
I think im also that one lucky person, who is very pissed off on them. i ordered some jewelry, in the begining of November, thought - oh.. 1-3 days processing, 5-10 days shipment.. They would be by the end of the month :)) guess what? I'm still in processing.. for 20 days..
My really honest advice - don't waste your time.. Everything looks wow, maybe.. really realy maybe.. I'm just unlucky, but as I see much more such idiots on thie planet like I'm :)

guys, dont buy there, I will do my best to block this web site :)

Navysi said...

I am thinking of buying some stuff from this site. And I have noticed that they are paypal verified, so even it is replicas all over the website, I am sure the paypal will made refund from them if you not happy with the goods. Any suggestions or comments on this, please.


Anonymous said...

I have bought rc toys from them before and did receive a product that worked. It took a while, but was received. I am waiting for another order and it has been a while. I definately wouldnt order a wedding dress from them, are you crazy? If you dont like it or it dosnt fit you have no way of recourse, no matter what they say. Shipping / sourcing and testing can take a while, but if you surf the site you can find some cheap deals on things. The game stations are over priced, along with some of the other electronics.
good luck, and be carefull

Anonymous said...

I heard about lightinthebox a month ago and thought I'd try them out. So I decided to go with something small. A ring, for a costume for a play. Its been over a month, and I have not recieved any word of it being shipped. They said that they needed time to test the product. But a ring such as the one i ordered doesn't need to be tested. And it doesn't take over a month to ship. If it even shipped at all. If this site gets grades, I give them a F. Not even customer services helps its 'customers'

Anonymous said...

I have ordered a wedding dress with measurements from them in november and just recieved it a week ago, so it only took a month. I have nothing bad to say about this companpy. After reading everything here i was a little scared. But when i recieved the dress, everything was perfect. And I did use paypall. I had to pay a bit in shipping but once it was shipped it only took about three to four days.

When i purchased the dress i did have problems whith duplicate orders in my cart so i used the live chat and the rep. I believe was named GUGU, was wonderful help and deleted all the unwanted orders and walked me though the process. I am still a little nervous to buy anything else from them like electronics or something along that line, but after receiving my dress in perfect shape, i cant complain.

Anonymous said...

I have a very similar story to the person above me. I ordered 3 jersey tops and shorts from lightinthebox on Dec 7. I was stuck in the "processing" phase for a long time and I was really worried that I got scammed. On Dec 19, to my amazement, I received an email confirming that the items were shipped out. In addition, the items were said to be coming Monday, Dec 22. The shipment arrived at my door that day and I opened it right away. The jerseys were top quality and very detailed. For roughly $20 a jersey (top and shorts),including shipping, it was a steal.

My only complaint is that the sizes run too small. I commonly wear XL shirts and I tried to compensate Asia/US size discrepancies so I ordered XXXL, but they were still a little tight.

To everyone thinking about ordering clothes, dresses, and shoes from lightinthebox, buy with confidence! However, I wouldn't trust any knockoff electronics products. Good luck.

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...



January 29, 2008 10:57 PM

Anonymous said...

Hi All

I ordered somes good by LightInTheBox and the first orders couln't be delivered so they cancel my order and Paypal send me back my money.

My problem its now I buy something else on the 20th of december 08 and start to be worries on the 2sd of Jan 09, I send many mails, talking everyday to this stupid chat to Gugu, Young whatever persons... CSR's from this company always promess me something and to ship my goods and still nothing.

Today on the chat I asked to be refund and Young told me as he will transfer my chat to Gugu two hours and half after I'm still waiting.

I contacted my bank and Paypal and asked them to put this company under Fake/Scam Company...

Using WOT with Firefox and already send my comment about this company and they will start to investigate.

Having a friend working in China I ask him to contact Police on my Behalf to start furthermore investigations.

I suggest to all the peoples to stop using this company.

I already used others chineese
company but this one its the worst

ASO - Switzerland

Anonymous said...

My daughter ordered a dress from LightInTheBox and subsequently learned (1 week later) that it would take 27 days to arrive - she subsequently cancelled the order (due to event date) and received an acknowledgment from LightInTheBox CustomerService saying: Upon your requests, we have already canceled your order in our system.

This DOES NOT mean that they cancelled the order and will NOT issue a credit.

The item arrived (far to late for the event) and I've been unable to get an RMA and credit. They want 30% restock fee and the shipping fee (50% of the item).

Buyer beware, these folks don't operate with usual business practicies.

Anonymous said...

means that that is adrkness at the end of the tunnel when you order. My advise is DO NOT buy anything from these guys: I recently bough a phone from this guys, it came with a manual that is of no use. The guys do not know what operating system the phone uses and the manual does tell either. I have tried to contact them and no reply to my support requests sub,itted. Do not be decieved by their pre-sales responses. They do not know anything about the products they sell.

ken_nig123 said...

Do not do business with
You may be decieved by their quick response pre-sales but you ARE ON YOUR OWN post-sales.
I bought a hi-phone recently and they could not tell me what the operating system is after several contacts. They started to ignore my support requests. The problem is I have a phone but can not add games (it comes with only one game> there are so many unknown about this phone and the manual is pretty useless and it contain basic information about phone the phone. With hindsight, I should have paid the real price for "i-phone" instead of buying "hi-phone" from

Anonymous said...

Do not buy anything from them. I order two phones from them and pay extra for faster shipping. It has been two weeks and I haven't gotten them yet. I called them to cancel the order but no one pick up the phone. I email them and no respond back. I chat with them, and they just ignore them when I told them I don't like their service. I am disputing with my credit card to get a refund.

tivy said...

pay with paypal and when you7 dont recive your item. dspute i and get a full refund

unhappy buyer said...

never buy anything from this i bought a phone and it did not work, I paid $200 and when I returned it, they did not claim at the postoffice. it is sitting at postoffice in china. It has been 6 month. I am out $200; I can't believe their customer service, there is a language barrier, when you send email, in return they would say "dont worry"

Anonymous said...

All SAME ONE on with the LOWEST PRICE. You can also find other Cell Phones, MP3 and Media Players, Digital Camera and Camcorders, Clothing and Apparels, Toys and Hobbies, Car Accessories, Jewelries and so on.

PayPal and Credit Card accepted and it costs 3 to 5 days on shipping.

Email to: Tel: 1-650-488-7770

Anonymous said...

Looks like most of the issues are with electronics and canceled orders.... i just ordered my wedding dress and bridesmad dress and am hoping that i get what i ordered. I dont understand why people get something for 25% of the cost and expect something better than you can buy in a retail store. Common sense says that you get what you pay for. I am praying that my wedding dress fits and i am pretty confident!

Select said...

I ordered two HIPHONES and basically none of the advertised functions work. I have emailed 9x with no response. The local Chicago NBC affiliate is running a report based on my experience and exposing this site. I have let them know this so they can rectify the situation and still no response. It seems as if they don't care that 1 million people are going to know they don't stand behind their products.

Kesha Lynn said...

I had just bought a prom dress from "Lightinthebox" and it is a DOLL!!! i love it ans its good quality. bt one thing was that is is too big. WAY TOO BIG. bua i wasnt mad. I had went on a diet right after i ordered it!:) but all in all I was very happy! BIG UPS FROM SONMOREDAT IN DAINGERFIELD!!!!!! :) if you need to ask any questions just email me at

MJM said...

This is a VERY bad company. I ordered a bridesmaid dress ($150 with shipping...not exactly a phenomenal deal) and shortly thereafter the bride changed what dress she wanted. I used online chat to say I wanted to cancel my order and was told I just needed to email. I sent my email on a Friday and got no response. I told myself it was because it was the weekend. Then on tuesday evening (Weds morning China time) I got a message saying my item had shipped that day and a couple hours later a response to my cancellation request saying that they couldn't cancel because it had shipped. It took five more emails for them to finally tell me that clothing is non-refundable after it ships. They ignored my email--even after I had done online chat and been told to email--for FOUR DAYS just so they could say it had already shipped and they couldn't refund.

BTW, I used Google Checkout for my purchase, but I can't review them because they don't report the item as having arrived, only shipped so it doesn't trigger the review option.

mychinapal said...

Wholesale business is very demanding. The product quality level is middle-low in overall as it is no branded product, so it can not be a high margin business. The supplier side of lightinthebox is low quality in nature which means delievery problem quality problem happens all the time. Lightinthebox could not choose to keep "real" inventory to solve quality and delivery problems as Amazon do since it positioned itself as low price-low margin business. Difficult delemma!

Anonymous said...

Lightinthebox??? Totally rip-off company... WILL NOT REFUND YOUR MONEY!!!!!!! Their slogan "Not to worry"...

Anonymous said...

LightInTheBox is a total ripoff. They will not refund your money for their defective products! Buyer beware!

Inna said...

Buyer, beware! This is Chinese SCAM! The items are fake, therefore poor quality! You will not be able to return them and get a refund!
Scam, Scam, Scam!
Do not order!
I ordered a dress through ''. I got suspicious when I found out that the item would be shipped from China. When I finally received the dress after a 1 month wait, the dress turned out to be a very poor attempt to copy the dress on the picture, so it only vaguely resembled the dress I was hoping to get. There were multiple quality issues, like:
- threads sticking out everywhere;
- streaks and rugged edges on fabric;
- stains on fabric;
- a piece from back lock came off when I tried a dress on;
Also, though I provided the right measurements, the dress didn't fit me at all.
Needless to say I requested that the item will be returned and that I should get refunded. After a week of discussion with their representative, they denied my request, even though it complied fully with their return policy.
I suggest that you take this information into consideration!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I ordered a dress from this company to wear to my sisters wedding and I must admit I waited to the last minute but wrong dress has come three weeks b4 the wedding and no one ever answers the phone they have giving me a partial refund on a DRESS I DID NOT ORDER!!!!! All they ever e mail back is don't worry we have given you a discount. No one can ever answer the question of where is the dress that I ordered!!!!!

abelebd2 said...

I ordered a touch screen cell phone through them over 3 weeks ago (even though i paid 30 bucks to have it here in 3-5 buisness days) and UPS has informed me it is held up in customs. Tried calling their contact number and it doesnt work! Also tried e-mailing them and no reply! If you look around (you-tube etc.) you will see alot of people have had poor service with them!

KL said...

Do NOT order from this site. They have bad service and will ship you the wrong products. I ordered a dress and they shipped me the wrong dress. When i contacted them, they asked for a picture to be emailed to them. Afer I have emailed them. Their response was pretty much "oh it is indeed wrong. keep it anyway" WTF right!! I am not going to keep a dress that i did not order. I reported it to paypal and it took a long long while for me to get my refund! please stay away from this site!

Anonymous said...

Lightinthebox is the worst ever. I have being trying to contact the manager beacause I have a problem with the shippng address and it is imposible.
I don't recommend this site.
the costumer service is the worst
I want my money back.

Anonymous said...

i ordered a couple of football kits for my kids,that was over a month ago, i emailed LightInTheBox" and at first they didnt answer them, then i started to get angry,they told me it was on it's way,about 3 weeks and endless amount of hours trying to track a parcel that does'nt want to be found and about a dozen eamils later they still havent arrived,i went onto the live chat and got passed from pillar to post"BECAUSE THEY HAD OTHER CALL'S TO TAKE" in the end my kid's are dissapointed and i did'nt get a refund,i WOULD NOT RECOMEND ANYONE to shop at lightinthebox IT'S A SCAM

Jess said...

It can't get any better than this.

Christina said...

I bought a dress from 3 and a half weeks ago. I just received my item in the mail today. It is the ugliest dress I've ever seen. It looks nothing like the picture posted nor is it anything like Lightinthebox described. Its made from cheap material and I paid about 100 dollars. All the positive reviews people post obviously have no taste nor understand good quality clothing. For some reason I believe that most of the positive posts are fake. Avoid this site. Save yourself the trouble. I'm kicking myself for even trusting this site. Now I have to pay the shipping fee and a restocking fee. I basically threw away money.

Anonymous said...

it is not good sent me an i phone that didnt even work not even the charge i took it to the company that i have an they said i cant be fixed i just wasted 100$ they said i have warranty i dont think they'll ever give me my money back i think they'll just keep giving me broken ones to make me think it's not broken i recommend I've been with them for a year great i just wanted to try something new i should have known

Anonymous said...

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I purchase an MP4 from this company and it garbage, it doe not work and the service is terrible. I wrote four times last week because they were supposed to send a replacement and received no answer. They also cannot be reached by phone. So beware, sometimes when it looks too good to be true it is too good to be true

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Jen said...

i ordered from this company on the 7th, it is now the 23 and my order STILL HAS NOT SHIPPED!!! i have tried contacting them about getting my money back, and they keep pushing back my shipping date and tell me if they dont get it shipped by X date my money will be refunded!! IT STILL HAS NOT HAPPENED!!! on top of that i tried to get a phone number from this company to call them and THEY DO NOT contact their customers by phone....what the hell is that??? this is very suspicious to me. i finally got a hold of someone through the live service thing and was told my order was packaged on the 20th and 'going' to ship today or not holding my breath and im now out almost $500.00! i will NEVER order from this company again, nor will i EVER recommend them to anyone i know

Anonymous said...

I bought something on Feb. 15th. Still no shipped. They just say 'don't worry'. Never again with them, stay away from

Anonymous said...

i be waiting 6 months to return me my money for faulty mobile.......teriblel :angry: :angry:

Anonymous said...

Similar story here. The customer service is non-existant and it is just very unprofessional to work this way. You get zero results and plenty of excuses. still waiting for my dress to ship and prom is only two weeks away. oh, and I ordered the dress at the begining of March. Never use

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all of your reviews on lightinthebox.
I almost made a terrible mistake. I was going to purchase a wedding dress through lightinthebox, but because of all the reviews, I am so glad I did not.

Thank you again for sharing your comments.

Lisa Forbes said...

HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE. I read alot of bad reviews before making a purchase with Light In the Box last December but I thought the price was so good and so I irdered 3 MP3s for my kids for xmas. The product I received was cheap, horrible and one didn't even power up. So I had to rush around three days before xmas with $175 out of pocket for those cheap things trying to find something for my kids.
I followed their return policy and procedure and here I am 8 MONTHS LATER still getting the run around. This place is a SCAM and a RIPOFF! Beware!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

FACT: All of the reviews on their (Light in the Box's) website are good (even excellent).

With all of these complaints about LITB (on the Internet), you would think that there would be some negative reviews on their website. LITB must be screening customer reviews before posting them. Could they be creating a majority of the positive reviews on their website? I don't even think Amazon or Apple gets that many positive reviews for the products that they sell on their websites.

Makes you wonder about LITB. Very unethical? Very deceptive in their practices?

FACT: Positive comments (even negative comments) about LITB that have been made on this blog can be fraudulent (I doubt that most of the negative comments are fraudulent though).

Light in the Box does monitor and participates on websites like these. This is evident in other blogs. Light in the Box employees posting messages stating that they can help the dissatisfied blogger. A few days later, the blogger states that all of their problems have been solved.

Is this LITB's attempt to implement some sort of damage control and to leave some hope in the minds of new customers that the negative reviews are limited to a few customers.

If Light in the Box really wants to help its customers, they should provide a phone number. Why have their employees monitor websites like these. LITB knows that people will read these comments. Is it all an act to get your money?

I think so.

Anonymous said...

I just received my wedding dress from I ordered that one. I'm very happy with my purchase, it arrived today and was even more beautiful than the picture suggested. I had a custom size made and it fits perfectly, I won't even need to have it taken in for alterations which is more than I could say of any wedding gown shop like David's Bridal. I highly recommend giving them a try, my dress is beautiful and I absolutely love it, much better design and the same quality I'd have gotten from the dresses I tried on at bridal shops for a fraction of the cost.

Anonymous said...

I have placed one order with this company and it will be my last. I tried to do a return for an item I was not happy with and when they finally authorized the return I was told that I would have to ship the item back to them at my expense AND there would be a 15% restocking fee, "so think about it and let us know what you decide". I decide that they are a scam and I am letting everyone know about it. said...

Dear Customers,

On behalf of, I would like to apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced while shopping with us. We very much appreciate all your feedback and comments as we are constantly working on improving our products and service.

I invite all customers with unsettled issues or questions to please contact me at We will do our best to solve your problems and improve your shopping experience.



Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

This website is a joke don't buy from here they took my money-.-!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Lightinthebox is after your money,. They took mine and wont give it back :(

Shop Online Merchandise said...

I've came across them a few times. The only problem I seen were that they seemed to be overseas. I'm in the united states, so that just doesn't work for me. I need something that is quick. People want there stuff tomorrow, they do not like long delays in shipping times.

Gail McSpadden, CU-SOM, MS1 said...

SCAM SCAM SCAM!!! Do not buy anything from this store. I ordered a dress from this store only to receive a defective dress that is not in the correct color. They don't own the patterns which is obvious because the arm holes are not aligned and not big enough to fit over my slender frame. They will give you the run around when you ask for a return. Giving an address that they never receive mail at. If you value your money do not order anything from Light in the Box.

Anonymous said...

Do not use these theives! They processed my payment promptly, and the did't ship. I paid for 3-5 day shipping but never recieved the product. I contacted PayPal whothey got them to agree to full refund in 3-4 days. Been a week with no refund. I'verecontacted PayPal and hope they will get me my refund. Very poor company. Liars and theives. Pure rip-off!

LightInTheBox said...

Dear Customers,

On behalf of, I would like to apologize for whatever inconvenience you have experienced while shopping with us. We are continuously working on improving our products and service, so we very much value your feedback.

I would like to invite all customers with pending issues to please post your order number in your comments, this way we can investigate your case and contact you directly.

Otherwise, you can always contact our Customer Service team. They will do their best to offer the most suitable solution to your problem. You simply need to log into your account and submit a ticket.

Please follow this link to read more about how to contact Customer Service:

Our Customer Service team will promptly reply to your inquiry, and should you need more help, you can submit a reply to Customer Service under their answer to the ticket in question. Thank you for your patience.


Bert said...

Light in the Box (I thought) was a good & Cool place to buy, so I did! Got my product, was satisfied yet a bit disappointed in some things, so Posted a little negative comment, so what did they do!? They never posted it on their site. I'm not 100% mad with them, but will (IF EVER) think twice before ordering from them. how can you know what your buying if they remove every negative comment?! For THAT I'm mad!!!!!


Anonymous said...

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I ordered 3 dresses from there and all 3 needed to be altered. I gave them my correct size but they screwd it up!! I also had to pay $500 in tax and fees to allow it in the country..WTH!!! It would have been cheaper to buy it from a normal store!! My sister has ordered 2 dresses, its beens a month and a half and she still hasnt recieved anything yet! The icing on the cake, they send me a note saying " plesde go to our website and on to a couple thst they have posted links too and write a positive response, we will give you a free ipod for it" so that is why they only have positive reviews on there website. I posted a nrgative one and they took it down. They will rip you off!! Worse company to deal with!!!

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