Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Sony Drops DRM

I was just reading the blog by Karol Krizka and learned that Sony will be dropping DRM protection on the songs they sell through their music service. It is about time, I for one do not pirate music however I feel as if when I legally purchase music, whether it is by the song or the whole CD, I have paid for the right to store a copy of that music on my computer for my own personal use or to listen to the songs on an Ipod. Sony is making a good call on this one and I believe it will show in their quarterly profits. For the full story, please visit the link above.


Garg the Unzola said...

It is about time.
The industry should drop DRM from DVDs too. They admitted recently DRM is not about piracy at all, it is about region encoding so they can charge different prices for different regions. DRM has proved to be detremental to CD sales - Duh! You are increasing the value of CDs how? You are screwing consumers, then try to sue them when they don't want to buy your boobytrap product.

I do not pirate music either, but I will not buy anything with DRM on it I can't bypass.

Free Electronics Source said...

It's about time. Nice to know they finally did the right thing