Thursday, January 10, 2008

Piracy Vs. Monopoly

Another good blog I just came across is Thondom Raughts. The posts are well written and one in particular caught my attention. It is "Piracy is Not Fair, Neither is Monopoly" and it gives an excellent argument for the use of open source operating systems such as the Linux communities. I myself dual boot between Windows XP and a lesser known Linux distro known as PCLinuxOS and as I become more used to Linux, I hope to move away from Windows completely.


Garg the Unzola said...

Excellent article, thank you.
It confirmed my belief in Linux.

The Minking Than said...
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The Minking Than said...

Thanks for the review. Yesterday I attended a talk by the legendary RMS. You can read more about my review on the some of the opinions voiced by RMS during his talk on Free Software on Ethics and Practice. Even though I subscribe to the concepts behind FSF and GPL I have different opinions regarding some of the opinions of RMS. But yes I truly believe that Free Software will and should take care of our problems with software systems.