Monday, January 14, 2008

S.E.C. Football

Growing up in Alabama, I learned very early that football was a sport to be taken seriously. Every year watching the Iron Bowl was just about as good as it gets. Being from Tuscaloosa(home of the Crimson Tide) didn't exactly do me any good though. I always rooted for Auburn. WAR EAGLES! baby. This next blog deals with football but not just any football, SEC Football, where you eat sleep and live football, there are no greater fans of the sport anyplace in the world. Well now I guess we blog football too and true to the spirit of the sport, it is done with class and extreme pride. Just visiting this blog made me think of all the great teams and coaches that have been part of the SEC Football program over the years. With awesome posts and videos , this blog is done in a way that would make Paul "Bear"Bryant himself proud so for all you football lovers, yes even the ones that aren't in the SEC, go on over and check out what a great job Ethan, the secfootballblogger has done.

Oh and.....WAR EAGLES!!!!!!

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Ethan said...

Thank you very much. Your blog review is more than kind. I would hate to see what you would have written if you were from Ohio. lol just playing. Thank you very much for visiting and reviewing my blog. I will tell everyone that this is the place to get your blog reviewed.