Monday, January 14, 2008

We're All Stars

Shakespeare said and I quote "All the world's a stage,and all the men and women merely players". As I read these words I know they hold true today even more than in the days of Shakespeare. Today, with the internet growing in leaps and bounds, it stands to reason that you no longer have to wait for your fifteen minutes of fame to come to you, you simply buy, rent, borrow, or steal a video camera and reach out and grab your fifteen, and if you do things correctly, you may be able to turn fifteen into more. The opportunity is there for each of us and now the opportunity, like the internet, is expanding. We're All Stars in our own minds, but Yawpbox is giving us a chance to show our talents, oddities, and creativeness off even more. Since the invention of reality t.v., the world had realized the market for normal people on film. With yawpbox's own Lex and Terry, any user generated video you upload has a chance of earning you a chance to be featured on their new show that will be comprised solely of user submitted content. My favorite all time user generated video would have to be of that crybaby guy screaming "Leave Brittney Alone!"That was just too funny for words really. If you want a chance for your video footage to be seen by large audiences, this is it. Join the Lex and Terry challenge by submitting your material in one of their chosen categories and find out how your material fares when put against other users. Users will also get the ability to add friends as well as vote on the material that is to be aired on the t.v. show so what are you waiting for? Check out the links I gave and enjoy your 15 minutes of fame.


Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

Your posts are super!!! I love finding exciting places to surf to on the internet. :D


Treehouse Dwellers said...

Like how you review and move people around the net to discover things worthwhile. Liked also the post "reach out and grab your fifteen or more"...