Wednesday, June 25, 2008


This one is for all the Gamers out there that are tired of reading very biased and obviously paid for game reviews. You all know the ones I'm talking about, the game pulls a near perfect score, you rush out to buy it, and only after spending your hard earned money do you discover the game just sucks. At All Your Base Game Reviews you can be assured you are getting the straight scoop from a fellow gamer. Thats who should be giving game reviews anyway, the average gamer is so much more qualified to do the job than someone working for a corporation engaged in exchanging review points for a higher score. This blog even has a forums for it's users to join and discuss their favorite games for the various consoles. I have personally been watching for this site to go live and now that it has I would encourage all truly hardcore Gamers to run, don't walk, on over and sign up for your free forum account. Help this community grow and send a message to all the paid for game review sites that enough is enough and with games costing what they do nowadays, it's time to be honest or lose traffic. Want a certain game reviewed before you rush out and buy it? Contact AYB and request it, I am sure the site admin will do all in his power to oblige.


Joe said...

Thanks for the review and kind words.

Mr Jay said...

Also worth a look is NoFussReviews ( I find them very good also at honest reviews.

Anonymous said...

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Monkey Suit said...

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