Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Do Politicians Lie?

Although I try to avoid talking politics, I have been asked to review . This blog is very well written and offers insight into a lot of issues that my readers may want to check out. I admit that I read a few of the posts and actually learned some things I would have never heard about watching the news so I have to say that it holds value as a place to learn more. I do not take sides in politics myself as I view most politicians as liars that will say and do whatever it takes to line their own pockets and damn what the people want. To me , there is absolutely no difference between a Democrat, a Republican, or an Independent other than what issues they have chosen to lie about. Still many of these issues in the posts I read were things that affect us daily so I would recommend reading this blog even if the powers that be will still continue to do as they wish.

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