Tuesday, March 25, 2008


After Google decided to punish me for having sponsored posts on this site, I was at first worried.That worry has now completely turned into indifference as I began to focus on Real Rank. I had not even known of Real Rank prior to the Google smack down but after several bloggers commented to me that it was a more fair system of ranking blogs throughout the blogosphere I decided it was time for me to focus my energies on finding out any and all information I could on it. I became increasingly curious as to what my own Real Rank was and how I could improve it and even how I stood up against the likes of bloggers such as John Chow and Darren Rowse.

Today I want to discuss IZEARanks and how it can help you monitor your blog rank. It is extremely easy to use and only requires installing a simple code that allows tracking of your blogs traffic. Through this I have learned that my Real Rank average for the week is 5,643 and my Real Rank average for today is 2,008. Next I wanted to see how I stood up to the greats so I checked on Darren Rowse first and was unable to find any information in the database for his blog so I decided maybe he was a little too famous. As I proceeded to check out IZEARanks more, I found that it can also tell you how many page views and unique visitors your site has gotten in terms of the week, the month,the last three months, the last six months, and even the last year so that you can more accurately track the strong periods of your blog. You can even find some other rather interesting blogs at the site to check out which is always important to me as this very site is built around the discovery of new and interesting reading in the blogosphere.

I would encourage everyone that has ever considered Google's Page Ranking system as more than a little biased to check out IZEARanks .

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