Saturday, March 1, 2008

Everyone Deserves a Review

Just when you thought my posts had gotten boring, I have come across a blog unlike any I have ever read before and that alone warrants a review. First I would like to say that while I may not agree with the actions taken by another person 100% of the time, I do support their right to make such choices as long as it doesn't hurt anyone. I do not believe it is my place to ever judge anyone. Now, for those of you looking for a blog that really stands out as different, look no further than Longing to be a Woman and read about Kathryn, a (wo)man that spends his (her) time dressing and wanting to live as the opposite gender from which he was born. The blog template is simple in design, laid out nicely and the posts, while not my cup of tea, are well written. I am sure that there may be other bloggers out there going through similar situations and thats what this review is about, I will never discriminate when doing a review and I will always try to judge people on the way they treat me as a person versus what society believes to be right. If everyone could just look past petty differences, the world might even be a better place.

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Kathryn Cleve said...

Thanks for your kind review and your good attitude. Kathryn Cleve