Sunday, March 2, 2008

Overworked And Underpaid

My brother and his girlfriend recently decided to open a bar / restaurant in our city and somehow it has landed in my lap to handle everything from finding the location to hiring contractors for the pre-opening renovation to ordering everything from the neon bar signs to Quality Bar Stools. I am even expected to help with the hiring process by pre-screening candidates. While I did manage to find them a great deal on bar stools from , complete with free shipping if they order more than $500 worth, I still have so much to do it's starting to make my head swim a little. What I really liked most about this site though was the quality and variety of bar stools being offered. I can order them made from wood, metal, or aluminum and I can get them available for indoor or outdoor use depending on their final building layout. Now if I can just find the perfect location I can begin to look for qualified workers and then I can negotiate my fee for handling all of the above, I figure I should at least be able to get a few bar stools given to me for my basement sports room, either that or a pool table. No seriously, I will be joining them in ownership as a silent partner with 10% ownership in the bar so as long as they make money, I make money thus making all my hard work worthwhile.

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