Saturday, March 1, 2008

Win $300

I just came across a great contest that is really easy to enter and wanted to share it with all my readers. Brand Noise is giving away $300 . Anyone with texting abilities can enter by simply texting the word beer to 247365 and answering just ten questions in a survey. That sounds pretty easy, huh? This is some kind of light beer promotion. I myself do not drink now but there was a time when I would partake on a daily basis. My favorite light beer was Bud Light even though my all time favorite beer was Corona. Corona , a slice of lime, and a few good friends was all I used to need to have a really great time. Over the years things began to change, I guess some people might say I grew up but I contribute more of my being alcohol free to the fact that I actually turned legal drinking age when I was stationed in Saudi Arabia during Desert Storm, there is nothing in this world to prove Gods sense of humor like becoming legal in a dry country. This contest will be going on until Midnight on March 14th and you can look at the official rules by visiting the link I have provided above. For all that enter I would just like to say Good Luck and if you happen to win, don't spend all $300 on beer.

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