Sunday, March 9, 2008

Enter To Win a Nintendo Wii !

I just came across something special I just had to talk about. Charter is auctioning off High Speed internet for life with the opening bid starting at only $10. There is also no reserve so this deal could be a major money saver for the lucky bidder. Complete auction rules and details can be found at .As if that wasn't already enough to make anyone want to participate, you can also Click Here for a Chance to Win a Nintendo® Wii™! The Wii package being given away includes not only the console, but also a Wii stand, a remote controller, a nunchuk controller, a sensor bar, AC adapter, a Wii AV cable and five different sports related games for your new system. The five games are boxing, baseball, tennis , golf, and bowling. All in all that sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me. For anyone that has children it could be ideal as a birthday present or maybe something to bribe them into getting good grades, it could also be used as a prize in your very own blog related contest, or the winner could simply send it to me and I'm sure I could find a use for it. Whatever else you decide to do today, take a few minutes to enter this contest, someone has to win so why not You?


WebDiggin said...

Wow. For a second, I was really scared and envious at the same time. I know a lot of bloggers out there run contests for $20, $50 via paypal but to offer a Nintendo Wii! I was blown away. Then I realized it was a company offering the auction - which is still a great auction, but I didn't feel so bad. (I'm trying to run a contest in the next few weeks, so I'm doing my research.)

Neat idea for a website, by the way - blogging about blogs among other things.

Falkie2008 said...

I am puzzled...if I review a site that I am looking at, then I review the site and mention it.

I can't do a lot of stuff with paid items because my cut and paste buttons wont work.

why did you link your site to mine ?
In my experience, all of these win a free wii, mac, ipod, iphone sites are all ripoffs. don't believe me, call the ftc and ask them.