Saturday, April 26, 2008

Clickbooth and You

For the first time tonight, I heard of and felt the need to share everything I could about this great site with my readers in the blogosphere. Joining the Clickbooth Affiliate Network is as easy and as smart a decision any blogger could ever make concerning how to monetize their blog. The whole process is so easy it actually takes just a few moments. Clickbooth prides itself in taking online marketing to a level above the competition and helps both the advertiser as well as the publisher see increased earnings. Advertisers are also promised an increase in quality traffic and less hit and run bounced traffic as seen with some of the more well known affiliate marketers out. Publishers are better matched for the services they promote as well so there is an increase of not only traffic being sent from their sites to the advertisers, but that traffic is more likely to purchase the product or service being promoted. The Clickbooth Affiliate Network seems to be a better all around solution in online advertising for both the advertiser as well as the publisher. Publishers are even offered a special referral program where they can earn additional money simply by getting other users to join the program. All in all, I would say Clickbooth looks rather good and worth checking into by anyone wishing to monetize their site.

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