Sunday, August 12, 2007

Teachers Lead the Way

For almost everything you or I know how to do, someone had to teach us, Whether it be tying your shoelaces or driving a car, there was someone there to lead the way. This next review is about a blog written by a school teacher. Kristi Stiles is a woman that speaks freely of growing up in a broken home and how some of her teachers helped her along the way. Kristi comes across as a genuine caring teacher that believes her success depends on how well she helps her students adjust to the world they will one day move into as adults. I know that it is often easier for a teacher to just label a student as a bad apple and lose interest in teaching, this is where teachers such as Kristi stand head and shoulders above the rest,working longer hours at no additional pay, to insure that every child gets an education. I applaud Kristi Stiles for her efforts and wish more teachers cared as much. Here's to you Kristi!

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