Friday, August 17, 2007

The Secret

If you haven't stumbled upon the words "The Secret" before or heard the words "Law of Attraction" then you will now. Law of attraction is the simple belief that the universe is made up of energy and that you can attract good energy or bad energy into your life through your thoughts and deeds.In some societies it is known as karma. People that believe it often credit it to their successes or failures. People that don't believe in it often don't due to the fact that they have not yet learned how to focus their thoughts they send out into the universe to give them what they want. Jeanie Marshall posted on her blog about empowerment and even links the reader in her post from August 10 to an online course on how to use The Law of Attraction to all of it's potential. Jeanie also posts about Empowering Online and Offline Networking, and even if you think you understand networking, it is a great read that may just change your views on how you approach it and lead you to building a better network. Jeanie provides an excellent blog for those looking for improvement in their lives and I highly recommend checking it out.

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