Saturday, August 4, 2007

Simon's Money Notes

As I was reading Simon's tips on how to attract traffic , whether it be to an offline business or an online blog, it occurred to me that Simon knows exactly what he is talking about. Having recently(in the last 7 months) opened my own business, I faced the exact same problem Simon addresses of how to get my business name known in the community. At first, I made some fliers, passed them out and waited for the phone to ring. Business was going to be a breeze and I would soon have people banging down my door to get to the service I was providing, or so I thought. I WAS WRONG! Later I decided that if business wasn't going to come to me , I would go to it. I knocked on literally thousands of doors, I heard every way the words "No" and "I'm not interested" could possibly be uttered. For every 100 times I heard "No", I would hear one "Yes". I adjusted and using many of the methods Simon talks about I can proudly state that seven months later, my business is thriving. I am still not rich but I am still working for myself. Anyone interested in opening any kind of business should subscribe to Simon's Money Notes. I wish I had seven months ago.

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