Tuesday, August 7, 2007

How To Get Your Free Blog Review

Anyone wanting a free blog review needs to only post a comment with the blog url on this site and I will review your blog as soon as possible for free. The review will provide you with a free linkback to your blog and also for a relevant article from your blog. I ask nothing in return other than that you spread the word to all your blogger friends that this site is here and ready to provide the same service for them.


Mr. Disgruntled said...

Hey, I would love for you to review my blog!

It's at:

Pro Blog Reviews said...

just did, hope you enjoy it :-)

ealtes said...

Hey! I don't know how I stumbled upon this, but I thought I'd leave a message anyhow. I'd like to for you to review my blog, if you wish.

Mrs. Kristi Stiles said...

Would love a review!


Scrutabilis said...

i would also like to review my blog/
Here is the url:

Pro Blog Reviews said...

I have scheduled the last 3 commentors for reviews n the next 2 days....anyone else?

Professor Batty said...

... I've been looking for a good blog review service for a long time, best wishes and hope you have success in this venture!

Jeanie Marshall said...

I would love a review (and am appreciating this service).

I have two blogs. Please choose the one you like better and/or the one you think your readers would appreciate more.


Pro Blog Reviews said...

Jeanie, I will review one of your blogs on Tuesday, please check back then to see it.Thanks for stopping in.