Friday, August 3, 2007

Tyler Cruz

I was researching blogs to review when I came upon Tyler Cruz, Tyler has an excellent site for anyone interested in monetizing their blog. Tyler appears to be an up and coming internet entrepreneur with a page rank of PR5 and over 700 subscribers to his RSS feed. He offers many great ideas for both the part time blogger and the internet pros. I would highly recommend his blog to anyone that is interested in blogging for money. Tyler Cruz has learned the ins and outs of internet marketing and is very comfortable blogging about SEO related issues as well as How and When to Back Up Your System Data. There are a few really good bloggers that can make money from their site, men like John Chow and Darren Rouse, They know how to work SEO in their favor and they make in one month what most bloggers can not achieve in a year. Tyler Cruz has studied their methods and learned to make their systems work to his advantage, he has obtained the knowledge and shares it freely to anyone that is willing to listen and put in the time. Tyler Cruz is well on his way to being a name that will be spoken in one blogging forum after another.I will be subscribing to his RSS feed.

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