Sunday, August 5, 2007

Page Rank and You

Does Page Rank confuse you? As a blogger I know Page Rank can be very important, especially when it comes time to monetize. What? You didn't think all these ads on this site were accidents, did you? Back to the discussion at hand, want to learn how to increase page rank? Visit SEO Optimization, it is a blog filled with a wealth of information pertaining to the subject. Just today I was wondering about when Google would be doing updates on Page Rank when I came across The PageRank is finally dancing and it shed some light onto what was going on in that area. SEO Optimization also deals with subjects such as how to use different sources when monetizing your blog and points you to those sources through links. As I said , this blog has a wealth of information for anyone that wants to learn. I suggest anyone interested in monetizing their blog check it out.


Richard Pauley said...

You recently left a comment on my blog and would like to know if you would do a review of my site. Ill also do a link trade.

Pro Blog Reviews said...

Richard, thanks for stopping in, I have linked you and will review your site in the next few days.