Monday, August 13, 2007

Internet Networking

We as bloggers are attention hogs(most of us anyway). We want the traffic, we want the comments, we want the blogging community as a whole to acknowledge our very existence and that is where internet networking comes in. We join forums,chat rooms,Facebook,Myspace and other sites where we can get together and discuss things.We visit other blogs and comment in hopes that the reader will get curious and check out our blog.Still there is such a thing as Netiquette, a set boundary of invisible rules we are expected to adhere to so as not to offend. I just read an interesting article titled "Social Networking - Do You Practice Netiquette? " over at INFOTIX that helps bloggers just starting out to learn the most basic of rules. It covers chat room ettiquette as well as the do's and don'ts of emailing. I would recommend the blogging community as a whole to read this article prior to practicing any type of internet networking. Remember, a site may grow slow without some form of networking but it will surely die even faster if word of mouth decides you don't practice netiquette. For more great articles on varying topics , visit INFOTIX.


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