Friday, August 3, 2007

Free Blog Reviews

The purpose of this blog will be to review other blogs in the blogosphere. At the immediate time I have no plans to charge any money for these reviews. That may change in the future, however for now , all you need to do for your FREE BLOG REVIEW is give me a comment so I can find your blog. I would also like to ask for anyone interested in a link exchange to comment as well.


Simply Bananas said...

I would like to do a link exchange

asynch said...

i would like to have link exchange, i have added your link to both of my blog.

Thanks ^^

Pro Blog Reviews said...

Thanks asynch, you have been added

simon said...

Hi, I would like a review from you if possible, my details follow:
Anchor Text: Make Money with Simon

If you would like a link exchange, that would be nice also.


Pro Blog Reviews said...

I will be happy to give your site a review in the next few days and a link exchange right now, thanks for stopping in.

Dave Licence said...

Hi there,
fancy reviewing a photography blog from a keen amateur?

Pro Blog Reviews said...

I sure will, thanks for stopping in, look for your sites review on Sunday

Astrit said...

Thanks for passing by and asking for permission to review my blog, i just wanted to let you know that you don't even need a permission to do that (unless you are willing to copy an article). As far as it regards the anchor text, feel free to use anchors as SEO Optimization linking to the homepage, while for the categories use the same anchor as i have named the categories.

Thanks again, you got a really nice design.

home based business said...

Please review - a new blog on personal development and I am adding a link to
Thanks, Tom, TRCoach

Pro Blog Reviews said...

I will review your site with the next batch Mr. home based business :)

seo-kolkata said...

Hi, I am a SEO Consultant from India . Can you please review my SEO blog at ?


Madcrow said...

Aloha there.. I would love to get an honest review from you.. I am planning on making a link page on my blog and once I do I will link as well..

vladbuk said...

How about blogs network?

Anonymous said...

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Abhinav Sood said...

Will you review my blog please?

Inspirit Blog

ecommercewebmaster12 said...

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