Saturday, August 4, 2007


I am going to start this review by telling what has led me to this blog. I was looking at the ads on this site for blackberry and I wanted to learn more about the product before buying. I learned long ago that anything you seek can be found on the internet so I set out to learn all I could about the Blackberry. In this search I arrived at The BlackBerry Blog. It contained a wealth of information that I never would have known to even look for. It talks of codes, reviews of individual Blackberry products, and tutorials for those that just want a guide. The BlackBerry Blog even has an article on using the Blackberry to track where it is like a GPS device and the author suggests a very good use for it. I will continue to read and learn more from this site and when I am ready I can make a well informed decision.

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Kukuh said...

A Blackberry is what I dream to have it someday..your post give me a clue about this gadget..hope you will update it with some photos or screenshot next time..thanks..