Sunday, August 12, 2007

For the Reader or Writer in You

I was asked to review this next site and really had no idea what to expect from it until i went to the link. There I found what is named by the author as a Journal. I was instantly drawn into his style of writing. It was almost pure poetry without rhyme. Evan Altes does a superb job of putting pen to paper or in this case words to post.His use of the human vocabulary to convey an image is breathtaking to say the least. Evan also has a photo documentary titled Evan Explores Mexico that shows he is also an accomplished photographer. I believe Evan to be extremely talented and expect nothing but the best in his future.


ealtes said...

Thanks for the feedback! I don't get much traffic, as you may have noticed, and I appreciate the review.

Pro Blog Reviews said...

you can always try commenting on other blogs to increase traffic or joining a forum and taking part in discussions.

ealtes said...

I appreciate the advice, and very well may take it and do those things.

I never really made any effort before...the purpose of my website was to let my family know where I was in the world and what I saw there. Since I have come back to the states, more of my friends seem interested in reading it to see where I've been, so I've been getting a few more hits than normal.

Either way, maybe I'll do those things. I always like more comments.