Tuesday, November 13, 2007

It's MoneyTime

I almost didn't know what to think of this next blog, MoneyMoose is a mixture of comedy and some smart money tips. It's stories range from Loan Sharks to a post about a company that will offer to offset the damage we do to our earth for a small donation. It is a very interesting read with the MoneyMoose spin added to the end for comedic relief. All in all, MoneyMoose is a nice blog. I would suggest reading it for the frugal living tips it offers. You are sure to find these all useful information, I know I did.

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Jack Payne said...

You are oh, so right about my friend, Money Moose. I much enjoy his tirades tinged with a delightful humorous touch. It's like frosting on the cake, and is right up my alley as to preference in writing styles.