Sunday, November 18, 2007

Blog Reviews

First I would like to say Thank You to My Radical Blogs for providing me with a blog review. I felt strange at first requesting it but I also knew that it would never be fair for me to review my own blog, not because I would not be truthful, but because I would have been so much harder on my site than the review I was given. I found this reviewer to be completely honest and I must say that I respect that. So once again, Thanks.

Now on to my review of My Radical Blogs. Like me, reviews are given freely for those requesting them so I appreciate the many hours of reading blogs and the lack of recognition a reviewer can be subjected to after working hard to insure the blogosphere is informed of the new blogs out there.

I found the site layout to be very nice and easy to navigate . There were no hover over ads to distract the reader as there are on this site and that was a definite plus. After viewing the layout, I will most likely be removing those ads here as well in an attempt to emulate the professionalism I found at this site. It may seem strange for a blog reviewer to recommend another blog review site, however I do not view this review site as competition but rather as a peer that deserves recognition for a very well thought out blog and some very good posts.

It is with all sincerity that I recommend anyone seeking an honest blog review to check out My Radical Blogs.

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