Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Make Fast Cash Flipping Domains

Everyone has heard of flipping homes for a profit but how many of us have ever heard of Domain Flipping? I hadn't until recently. The object is to buy a domain name, pimp out your new domain , drive traffic there and when it is at it's peak, sell it for a profit. It's not a bad idea really and you stand to make a lot of fast cash if you can learn the trade secrets involved in making an unknown domain a must buy. For anyone interested in learnng more about this skill, head on over to Bloggings of a Domain Flipper and study the tips given there. If anyone has any really great success doing this, please drop me a comment as I would love to pick your brain for trade secrets.


Tony said...

Hi Johnny,
I think the problem with this lately is all the best domain names are taken.
I read an article a few weeks ago about a chinese guy who makes a living buying and selling domain names, he was a multi-millionaire and some of his latest buys were for as much as 300K, to me that's a ridiculous amount of money for a domain but hey, what do I know, if there is someone willing to pay that kind of money for your domain then your gonna sell it right? Right, if I had his email address I would have contacted him and asked him to make me an offer on my news blog domain,lol.


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