Thursday, November 1, 2007

Starting Your Own Business

I recently stumbled upon and I wish I had this much knowledge so readily available to me eight months ago when I started my own business. I spent the first three months struggling to turn any kind of profit, quite simply because I had done absolutely no prior planning of my business. I had no idea who my target was so I blindly targeted anyone that would listen, thus costing me way more money than I ever needed to spend. It was only a combination of blind luck and a sudden realization of what I was doing wrong that led me to success. I can now say that in the last 5 months, I have earned more money than I ever have in any one year. Business is booming and the only thing bothering me as I approach the end of my first year in business is how much further I could have gone through proper planning. I will be sure to subscribe to the RSS feed from and read everything I can. I firmly believe that as when I start my next company (why own one business when two will increase earnings? ) I will be better prepared.

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