Saturday, November 17, 2007

Angel Investor Funding For Your Start-Up Business

I myself am a business owner. I can tell you from first hand experience how hard it was for me when I first started out. I boot strapped everything, often robbing Peter to pay Paul. Since the early days of making mistakes, and boy did I make some, I have gained a nice client base and business is going very well. Next Year I should be able to double if not triple my profits which in this, the first year alone, has made me more money than any job I have ever worked. Now I find a site dedicated to helping Start-Ups find funding for their dreams and has many posts that deal directly with issues that are faced by almost every Start-Up Company. This site is the Angel Investors Network and I personally feel that if I had discovered it prior to starting my own company I could have made twice as much money this year. If you are in any way contemplating starting your own business, whether it be internet based or something more tangible such as a service related industry, I urge you to spend the time to check them out.

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