Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Best of the Web

I was asked to review this next site and was pleasantly surprised with what I found awaiting me. WEB MASH is a blog about blogs. The site owner not only gives you links to some very interesting blogs , you are also provided with a screen shot of the blog so you can actually see what it is before deciding to click your way on over. With a complete array of various topics the blogs posted can fall into, it pretty much has something for everyone. I would like to thank WEB MASH as well for posting ProBlogReviews and I will do that by adding WEBMASH to my blogroll. I would like to add that although I have not been blogging for a million years like some other bloggers out, this is the first time I have seen a blog about blogs such as this. I like it's uniqueness and wish it every success.

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David G said...

Hi, thanks for the review, the high praise and for adding me to your blog roll :) also, I just wanted to say that Web Mash isn't really a blog about blogs specifically, I've mentioned a lot of blogs there just recently, which is probably why you thought it was :P Other main subjects I blog are photos, videos and funnies, plus I cover some other subjects like news and tech stuff but less frequently.

FYI - Blog Catalog has had some kind of system problem and has lost a lot of the threads and comments from the past day or so, including the review thread you posted, hence me posting here instead of on the thread / in your shoutbox

Thanks again